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Tammy Rivera is a familiar (fresh) face but did you know that the beauty is the brains behind a skincare line?

B'ecarre by T Rivera

Source: Courtesy of Tammy Rivera / B’ecarre by T Rivera

The singer/actress/serial entrepreneur has launched B’ecarre by T Rivera which includes a weekly exfoliating wash, daily face wash, eye cream, and face cream that Rivera says will instill confidence as “every bare face deserves to glow.”

For Women’s History Month, BOSSIP chatted with Rivera about her luxurious yet effective skincare line that cleanses and conditions, without stripping skin of its essential moisture.

You’ve always had amazing skin, when did you realize that you wanted to start a skincare line?

I think I’ve always pretty much been heavily involved in skincare. I love skincare. I love different skincare products. I had a dresser full of them and one day I was like, “I want to create my own skincare line, something that caters to women like me so I can eliminate all of these products I’m using to make one product that works for me.” I just evenutally ended up doing it,.

Before you started your own skincare line, what was your skincare routine like?

One thing that I’ve always did, even before I even knew about skincare and eye creams and exfoliating, was moisturizing. I could not wash my face and just walk out in the world, your face gets so tight and dry. Moisturizer has always been my number one go-to. Then with my skincare, I started realizing that, okay it’s not just about moisturizers you also have to exfoliate and you’ve got to use eye cream, you have to use SPF 30 beause as I got older, I started realizing the elasticity of your skin changes. So that’s when I started and came up with a skincare routine for myself. And I used that same routine in creating my own line of products that was true to my regimen.

Let’s talk about the four steps in this line because I noticed that it’s very streamlined. What are the steps and what are the products?

We have the weekly exfoliator wash that you use once or twice a week and that’s just for getting the dead skin off and having energized skin with vitamin C, lemon and exfoliating jojoba beads. It gets that dead skin off and all the toxins out from every day. You know, being outside and people don’t understand how much [it affects your skin]. Even right now in pollen season, that stuff gets in your pores. It sits on your face and you’ve got to get that stuff off. So the weekly exfoliator is just for that, getting those toxins out of your face and exfoliating your skin.

Then you have the daily face cleansing wash which is like a gentle face cleanse that you can do every day, every night. It’s gentle. It’s soft. It cleanses and it doesn’t strip the face too much. So that’s your everyday face wash.

Then my favorite is your daily face cream. You put that on your face, it gives you that moisture, that glow. One thing I love about my skin cream is it gives you an actual glow. You just be shining afterwards.

You also have the eye cream that you put on. It helps with your puffiness, your dark circles, your fine lines. And I really didn’t start getting into eye creams until maybe two, three years ago. I was like, “I ain’t got no puffy eyes” but somebody told me that “You’re getting older and you’ve got to start preparing because that’s the thinnest skin on your face.” And I started noticing the difference when you actually used eye cream.

With all my products I use SPF 30 to preserve you from the sun and prevent sun damage and this [skincare line] is something that I was going very hard for. I did trial and error on myself and my daughter, on my mom and on my sisters, I really put the work in. I wasn’t going to put this on anyone’s face unless I put it on mine. And I live by it and I swear by it and I really use this product every day.

What do you say to some women who might be hesitant to be bare-faced despite your brand’s mission that “every bare face deserves to glow?” Should they feel confident in trying out this skincare line?

That’s the thing! That’s the reason why when I made my skin cream I was like, “I need something that gives you a glow”, that natural glow without having to use a tinted moisturizer or when you just want to go to the grocery store and you want to get that glow. You can get that without having to put on a face full of makeup.

I don’t wear makeup, I only wear makeup if I’m going out. I don’t wear makeup on social media on a regular basis. I have to be going somewhere or on a red carpet all day. Other than that, you catch me in the grocery store and I’m bare-faced with my skincare cream on. And I’m confident in it because of the way it makes my skin feel and look. I don’t mind wearing my face out.

You’ve done skincare and fashion, entrepreneurship wise what else is next for you?

Right now I’m working on writing a book, my autobiography. Me and my daughter are also in the talks of doing a podcast together, a mother-daughter podcast. I’m wanting to get to do more film and movies and I’m definitely looking into music. So everything and anything that God has willed me to do, I try my best just to go for it.

Speaking of which, I heard you have a BET acting role coming up. Is that true?

Yes, it’s a show called I Have a Story to Tell. It’s an anthro series where there’s every episode is different. Every episode is like a mini-movie and I’m in the first episode with Apryl Jones.  It’s on BET+ or Prime, check it out.

There was a Tweet that recently surfaced that said, “Tammy Rivera really did a thing with all these kisses.” When are you going to drop some new music for the fans?

Everyone keeps asking me and I keep on playing. I am [going to.] I’ve got so much music I just haven’t released and I just started just let go and let God and just release it. I’ve been really stumbling across it. I don’t know why and i have so much new music with Sean Garret, with Sean Penn. Music that I just haven’t released. I have so much music that just has not been released.

We’re looking forward to that and we’re looking forward to this skincare line.  Where can people purchase it?


You can go to Thecarebytrivera. You can also come inside my store in Atlanta. It’s 115 Piedmont Road. We sell them in stores and online as well.




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