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Fighting while Auntie Monica is performing on stage? BFFR! “I ain’t singing ‘Knuck If You Buck,’ baby, calm that s**t down!” she said.

Atlanta R&B Music Experience

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

The R&B songstress is currently on the R&B Experience Tour. During her stop in D.C., a fight broke out in the crowd while she was on stage performing “Why I Love You So Much.”

At first, the commotion in the crowd confused Monica. After she got a better look at what was going on, of course, she had to regulate. Not on her watch!

The singer, affectionately known as “Goonica,” stopped the band. She checked the crowd with a quickness, the way only Monica would.

“Wait a minute! I’m singing a love song. I ain’t singing ‘Knuck If You Buck’ baby, calm that s*** down! Somebody take her and get a drink on me! Take them and get a drink on me! Calm down,” she said, soothing the crowd.

“They f**king you up, baby? Me, too! Join the club. Take it on out of here,” she continued.

Security swiftly escorted out the people fighting. Once the crowd calmed down,  Monica transitioned into the next song, “So Gone,” to celebrate the exit of the fans from the venue.

Fans took to social media once the video hit the web. One user said, “monica funny af! they could’ve at least waited until she got to sing “down 4 my 🥷’s” like she normally do 😭 y’all fighting off love songs 😩.”

Another user commented, saying, “Wait who’s fighting at an R&B concert.”

Monica eventually took to social media to speak on the situation and said, “Fighting on Why I Love U is WILD! I was bewildered by this behavior during Why I Love U So Much 😂 D.C. was a blast though! Lol.”

You can catch Monica on your tv screens hosting VH1’s Celebrity True Crime Story.


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