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Time has released its #Time100, the annual list of 100 Most Influential People for 2023.

'TIME's' Most Influential People List of 2023 includes Michael B. Jordan, Doja Cat, Beyoncé, Angela Bassett and more.

Source: TIME 100 / TIME 100

The list includes the most prominent figures throughout different industries, including artists innovators and icons. The artists to make the list are some of the most famous entertainers in Hollywood right now, featuring names like Michael B. Jordan, Doja Cat, Zoe Saldaña, Angela Bassett, Beyoncé and Steve Lacy.

Along with their selection, each artist had a friend and/or collaborator write about why they made the list, offering some interesting insight into how their peers view them.

For Michael B. Jordan, his longtime business partner and friend Ryan Coogler gushed over just how talented and hard-working the actor and director is.

“With this year’s Creed III, he took on a new role—feature-film director—and handled it with aplomb. I knew he would…The world sees the press tours, the interviews and the edited behind-the-scenes footage, but I am deeply familiar with the reality,” Coogler wrote. “Marathon conversations with actors. Budget meetings when you realize cutting part of the story is the only way forward. Post­production hours when your own mistakes laugh at you from the footage. It’s like climbing a mountain summit through enemy territory with your heart exposed.”

“But I knew Mike had it in him,” he continued. “Because over that quarter-­century of work, nothing was given to him. Everything was earned. And I strongly believe that his best work is still to come.”

Tina Turner wrote about Angela Bassett, who portrayed her in the 1993 film, What’s Love Got to Do with It?
“Someone’s going to play me in What’s Love Got to Do with It? I was a little bit skeptical when work began on the 1993 film. First of all, who are they going to find to sing, dance, and act like me? Then, I looked up, saw Angela, and immediately started to smile,” Turner gushed. “Angela, the first time we met, you didn’t look, sound, or move like me—that came later after you worked so hard to make it happen. But even then, I could see that the young woman standing before me had strength, determination, and big, big dreams, just like me.”

Elvis director Baz Luhrmann spoke about Doja Cat, who contributed to the 2022 film’s soundtrack.

“I’ve worked with all kinds of artists, but with a certain few you connect on a deeper level. For me, Doja Cat is one of those artists,” Luhrmann wrote. “She’s at the top because she works to bring everything she does to the highest possible level….She can’t be boxed in. She’s a rapper, a singer, a performance artist—she’s the canvas on which she expresses a character or an idea.”

Honey Dijon, who worked with Beyoncé on Renaissance, spoke about the music icon.
“From R&B to house, gospel to techno, hip-hop to vogue, Beyoncé wove a tapestry of music on Renaissance that celebrated all facets of Black music, including the immense contributions of the Black gay and queer community,” Honey Dijon said. “Then she became the most-­decorated Grammy-winner ever. Beyoncé’s fearlessness, talent, beauty, and artistry will continue to influence and inspire Black female artists for millennia.”
You can see the full Time 100 list here.


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