MTV’s Pretty Stoned is dropping today at 8 pm EST just in time for the 4/20 holiday and we got a chance to join the cast on set for exclusive interviews!

MTV's Pretty Stoned

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Set in Atlanta, the comedy follows two dueling co-workers; one a total stoner with no commitment to her job and the other a type-A high-achiever focused on her career. The two women must join forces when they find themselves sky-high in a boatload of trouble after one of them disposes of $20,000 worth of pot from a drug Queen Pin and her henchwomen.


Jess Hilarious makes a cameo in the film and while her part might not be long, she makes a huge impact on set and in the film.

“My part is a cameo, I’m one of the goons to [the character] Tick Tock who’s my boss and I’m a henchman along with comedian Nabs who goes by Junebug in the film and he’s so funny,” Hilarious told BOSSIP.

“I’ve never played a character where I have to be submissive to somebody else. Tick Tock don’t play with us. She keeps her foot on our necks and we gotta be her servants the whole time.”


The comedienne recalled growing up and seeing many stoner films with a male cast and after reading the script for Pretty Stoned she fell in love with the new perspective and take on 420.

“When I first read the script I was like okay this is cool! I love that it’s like a female “21 Jumpstreet” or “Friday” movies. It’s a dope cast, we have a lot of fun and it’s FUNNY!” she added.

Hilarious also reflected to BOSSIP about her time working on set alongside P-Valley vet, Brandee Evans and fellow comedy connoisseur Pretty Vee.

“Oh my goodness, this is my first time ever doing a film with Brandee and I love it. She’s amazing and I always knew her but never got to work with her until now and it’s great. I love how she takes charge on set and she’s a bad mamma jamma!” said the comedienne.

“She knows what she wants and she’s the epitome of a hard working black woman. I really love her energy, what she brings to set and the film and she’s that big sister that’s going to correct you and help you to make you better. I love learning so it’s great!” she added.  “Vena [Pretty Vee] you know that’s my friend, my baby and she got the main role doing her thing so it’s just an amazing experience.”

In addition to chatting with the stars of the film, we had a chance to catch up with producer, Haweni Keskessa and she gave her perspective on why viewers should tune in to watch Pretty Stoned. 

“The first project we did with MTV was “How High Two” and it was so well received that we were on set one day for another MTV project and thinking about what made that film so well received and how can we recreate that same level of humor. The one thing that we felt was missing was the female element so this is just your typical stoner comedy but a ton of amazing female led which is what we need.”

“Stoner comedies have been around for quite some time and beyond the comedy of it, this brings a human story to it as well. The fact that “Pretty Stoned” has so many amazing female characters, with so many layers of the story to it drew me in immediately.”


The all-new original stoner comedy Pretty Stoned rolls up to MTV TONIGHT, April 19 at 8p ET!


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