R&B sensation Summer Walker claps back at fans who question her charisma and demeanor onstage.

2023 Strength Of A Woman Festival & Summit - Day 3 - Ms. Lauryn Hill & R&B Concert

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Fans of Summer Walker know she’s a chill, laid-back type of person who’s been very vocal about her struggle with social anxiety. If you’ve ever attended a concert by the “Girls Need Love” singer, then you know the most moving she’ll do is sway back and forth and side to side. Not too much, but then again, fans are there for her vocals, not her moves!

However, when Summer Walker took to Instagram to goof around with new boo Lil Meech, she showed off some of her crazy dance skills. fans quickly criticized the Atlanta native and questioned why she doesn’t bring that same energy to her performances.

One user from the @theshaderoom commented and said, “You do all this but then get on stage and stand.” Another commented, “Ima need you to do something close to this when you on that stage 😐.”

2023 Strength Of A Woman Festival & Summit - Day 3 - Ms. Lauryn Hill & R&B Concert

Source: Derek White / Getty

Not all users threw shade at the singer, many found joy in the post. They were elated to see Walker happy and comfortable in the presence of her new man. “Awww Summer found somebody she can be herself with 🥰🥰 Love that for her.”

“For y’all saying social anxiety. This is the definition right here. The way she will be on stage and how she is at home with her man will always be another level. Honestly if you not like this with yo man then you need a new one 😂😂❤️.”

After receiving much criticism and backlash, Summer took to Instagram to address the comments. She broke down why dancing so freely wouldn’t work with her style of music.

“I’m tired. If I came out on stage like this to this slow *ss music, they’d say it’s crack,” she wrote in her caption. “Like please.”

She went on to ask those hating “Are y’all catching my drift now? It’s not adding up right.”

Despite The Shady Comments, Summer Walker Focused On Happiness & Showing Love To Fans

After getting her thoughts off her chest, Summer found laughter in the situation and encouraged fans to upload videos of themselves busting their favorite moves to her slow jams online. She reposted several videos to her Instagram story and ended her Mother’s Day Weekend on stage at the Strength Of A Woman Festival in her hometown of Atlanta, GA.

Just a few weeks ago, Summer confirmed that Clear 2: Soft Life will be dropping on May 19th, and all of the music will be live. She revealed that these are her favorite type of projects to do more than albums.

“The first one was kinda sad, like all my music sad. But I’m in a different space, so this one is more happy!” Summer said.

With Summer Walker in a new space, happy, and coupled up, fans look forward to new music. Last week, Meech’s Instagram Story was filled with pics of him and Summer using funny IG filters, matching outfits and more while they were out and about. In another picture, Summer Walker could be seen wearing Lil Meech’s massive BMF chain while striking a silly pose.

2023 Strength Of A Woman Festival & Summit - Day 3 - Ms. Lauryn Hill & R&B Concert

Source: Derek White / Getty

Are you excited for Summer’s new music? Would you like to see her bust some new moves on stage while performing? Let us know below!


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