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An Ariel-exuding actress is gracing FOUR covers of a publication and speaking on starring in two high-profile remakes.

Halle Bailey x Glamour

Source: AB + DM / Glamour

Halle Bailey is gracing Glamour U.S., Mexico, Germany, and Spain and dishing on simultaneously landing roles in beloved classics, The Little Mermaid and The Color Purple.

According to the 23-year-old who spoke with writer Leah Faye Cooper, she got the call for the latter while still working “under the sea” as a Disney mermaid.


Bailey recalled self-taping her audition for a young Nettie —the younger sister of Celie—while filming The Little Mermaid in London. An excited Bailey said she learned that she landed the role shortly after filming wrapped and she gushed over the all-star cast.

“I’m working with legends who I’m such fans of, like Fantasia and Taraji P. Henson.” Likening the set to a family reunion, Bailey appreciated the respite of having a smaller role than in The Little Mermaid.

“Also, I got to be country and talk in my Georgia, Southern accent, which was fun for me.” Bailey went into the project with understandable nerves—“the first one is so iconic, you almost don’t want to touch something as precious as that, and the same with Mermaid,” she says*—*but is pleased with the outcome. “I think people will be really proud of the new version.”

Halle Bailey x Glamour

Source: AB + DM / Glamour

In addition to speaking on the film that will hit theaters on Christmas, Bailey spoke on her purpose and emphasized that she strives to be a better human on a daily basis.

“The awards and the accolades and the people complimenting, it’s all great, but what [am I] here for really? What am I doing to give it back to God? What am I doing actively to be a better person every single day?”

Halle Bailey x Glamour

Source: AB + DM / Glamour

Not only that, but she also emphasized the importance of keeping her personal life discreet, something that has to be hard considering the public’s vested interest in her relationship with DDG. The actress recently likened him to her Prince Charming despite public perception.


“It’s really funny how people look at you [as] still being this young girl, still being this innocent, untouchable thing. I appreciate that as I venture into adulthood, I’m able to make my own decisions. For my peace and my sanity, I have to keep that private.”


You can check out Halle Bailey’s full Glamour cover story HERE. 

Halle Bailey x Glamour

Source: AB + DM / Glamour

Writer: Leah Faye Cooper

Photographer: AB + DM

Fashion Editor: Justin Hamilton

Hair: Tinisha Meeks

Makeup: Christiana Cassell


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