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Two ladies of #RHOA have an ongoing issue after one of them seemingly slammed a steel door in the other’s face. “The only person I let shut doors on me is Jesus!” said one of the upset reality stars.

RHOA: Monyetta Vs Marlo

Source: AB+DM (Ahmad Barber and Danté Maurice) / Bravo

On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers saw the continuation of the ladies’ trip to Birmingham to support Kenya Moore. The housewife was booked to perform a halftime dance routine at The Magic City Classic and brought the ladies along for the ride. She kept the routine a secret however because she wanted it to be a surprise.

At one point, the confused ladies went to Kenya’s hotel room to ask for answers after she left them in a hotel lobby.

Marlo, Shereé, Sanya, Courtney, and Monyetta all stood outside of Kenya’s door to knock on it, but Marlo actually banged on it while calling Kenya by her middle name, Summer.

An irate Kenya then threatened to call the cops because her daughter Brooklyn was with her and she was worried that “psycho a**hole” Marlo would scare her.

That led to Marlo ranting about Kenya before taking out her frustrations on the housewife’s friend, Monyetta.


“That’s bulls***, who the f*** are you?” said Marlo about Kenya. “Stop being disrespectful with your broke a**. She feels like she can do what she wants.”

“This is what this young lady does all the time, this old young lady,” she continued before arguing with Monyetta on an elevator. “I don’t know if you care because that’s your friend but it’s unfair to you.”

The argument then escalated further when Marlo told the friend of the show to “save that for Kenya,” and pulled a door closed behind her, directly in Monyetta’s face.

“Did she just slam the damn door in my face?” asked a stunned Monyetta.

Marlo played coy in a confessional about what happened and said she might have tried to slam it, “but the door was heavy. ”

The door slam whether intentional or not, caused a commotion and an upset Monyetta called Marlo out before the housewife stormed out of the hotel.

“She goes low everyday all day,” said Monyetta. “Run away. I’m classy, she’s a hot mess. She gon’ try to close the door in somebody face with force. Like girl, does she wanna go back to jail?!”

The door slam was discussed by fans, Drew Sidora, and Monyetta on Twitter.

And on Sunday, Monyetta continued the conversation on Kandi’s “Speak On It” podcast.


Hit the flip for that.

During the latest episode of “Speak On It”, Monyetta recapped the Marlo door slam to DJ AONE who was filling in as host.

Marlo x Monyetta

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

According to the #RHOA newbie, when the incident happened in Birmingham she “saw black” and had a rare moment of acting outside of her character.


“When that steel door came like that, all bets were off,” said Moneytta on “Speak On It.” “Honestly, at that point, I saw black, I pride myself on not putting myself in situations like that would cause me to possibly go there but doing a show, being around these ladies, you’re put in situations.”


“She kept going, she kept going,” she later added about Marlo. “When Kenya wouldn’t give her anything, it flipped. She says anything and that’s one of my triggers,” she contiued.

“I’m not proud of what you saw, ladies and gentlemen.”

The wife and mom also explained that she’s okay with not being the “loudest person in the room” and she initially wanted to give Marlo the benefit of the doubt to see if they could form a friendship.

That apparently went out the window however when she saw Marlo shading her in confessionals.

“A lot of people say stuff with their chest in confessionals and be mute or talking subs when you’re there,” said Monyetta. “I get it, you throw fun shade but certain s*** ain’t fun shade. This stuff started with Marlo from the beginning since I stepped foot in the door.”

AONE agreed with that sentiment and said that Marlo probably feels threatened by Monyetta because she’s fashionable like her. “I think Marlo is really intimated by you,” said the DJ while Monyetta acknowledged that she’s heard that comment before.

Later in the convo, she acknowledged a comment she made on the show stating that her “superpower is having kindness.”

“Some people don’t get it,” said Monyetta while noting that people think she’s too nice. “It’s who I am until I’m not, I got stuff to lose.”

Marlo has yet to personally tweet about the door slam situation, but she’s been actively retweeting fans who are on her side.

This latest shade session comes after Marlo and Monyetta had a messy back and forth on social media where Monyetta dubbed her nemesis a “canned peach” and agreed that would make for a better housewife.

“I am WAY MORE qualified to be a housewife than you. It DOESN’T make sense at all. Thanks 4 that,” tweeted Moneytta.


What do YOU think about the Marlo Vs. Monyetta shade on #RHOA?

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