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Summer Walker is coming to the defense of her boyfriend, Lil Meech.

Summer Walker, Lil Meech, and Jess Hilarious

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The “Still Over It” singer took to social media this week to engage in a heated exchange with comedienne Jess Hilarious over comments she made about her boyfriend.

The comedian made her way into the situation after she said that Walker was doing “too much” after she sent a message to a woman Lil Meech was rumored to be creeping with that made headlines this week.

While co-hosting The Breakfast Club, Jess went on to advise the BMF actor to “keep cheating” so Summer’s music will be positively affected before going on to claim he is “smelly” referencing a messy Internet rumor about the star.

In response to these accusations, Meech laughed the whole thing off, accusing Jess Hilarious of sending him her own “flirty” messages. In them, she said she was “proud of him” and asked if he was still in her hometown of Baltimore.

“How I Stink But This Unstable Creature @jesshilarious_official In My DMs Trying To Get Chose,” he asked in a comment. “I See Why U Mad Now…This Is A Crazy World We Live In.”

Walker took a more serious approach to shutting down these accusations, going in on the comedienne in a couple of lengthy messages seen by The Shade Room.

“Jess your really a weird *** **** what black woman hoped another black woman keeps getting cheated on lol like hug? That’s dark. & then congratulates a man, tries to link with him n turns around a short time later to say he stink.”

She continued: “Have you even met either of us? I understand you wasn’t nobody’s first choice on that show [MTV’s Wild N Out] but this isn’t how you try to solidify your spot. Like you JUST missed being a n**** by a chromosome lord forgive me but damn!”

“You’d think being so ugly you’d try to be sweeter,” Summer wrote. “Being ugly inside and out isn’t a good combination & will NOT get you far in this industry.”

Summer went on to issue a message to the public, insisting that fans trying to follow their every move need to “MOVE TF ON.” She also said that her and Meech weren’t even trying to make their relationship known to the public, but once they were outed, but only made it to the blogs because fans “investigated so hard.”

“It’s amazing how everyday I wake up happy having a great time with my kids, enjoying my money, enjoying my man & we make the blogs everyday for nothing. It’s giving obsession,” she wrote.

Walker went on to address the cheating allegations and made sure to clarify that it’s not going to affect her relationship, no matter what anyone thinks.

“I don’t give af about what y’all think is embarrassing,” the singer continued. “I’m not leaving we already said that so find somebody else to obsess over.”

Rumors of the rapper’s infidelity began when photos were shared online of a woman, who was not Summer, wearing his hoodie and chain.

In response, Lil Meech wrote in a social media post: “Y’all need help and will believe anything, Summer ain’t going nowhere so everybody can go back to their f***ed up lives and keep hating — we on vacation.”

At least they’re both on the same page.




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