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In what Yung Miami called her “favorite interview,” Summer Walker got real about her life behind the scenes on the latest episode of Caresha Please.

Summer x Miami

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“Caresha Winfrey” strikes again! She got Summer Walker to open up like never before. Fans connect with the enigmatic singer’s personal lyrics, but the convo revealing the many sides of Summer made this Caresha Please one to watch.

The two baddies felt like old friends as Miami dove into all the topics we wanted to know. Summer discussed the new era of Clear 2, the highs and lows of motherhood, baby daddy drama with London and Larry, and her new boo Lil Meech.

Summer Walker Enters Her Soft Girl Era With Clear 2: Soft Era, Gets Vulnerable About Her Music: “It’s Like A Diary”

The days of drama are behind Summer, and her new music reflects it. She announced that the new EP Clear 2: Soft Era reflects a new soft life of protecting her peace. Unlike the live album Clear, Summer is singing about “a happier time.”

“I’m in my soft girl era. I’m trying to have a soft life. I’m not arguing with nobody,” she said, explaining that she just wants to relax, travel and enjoy her kids.

“I don’t do no drama. I’m a mother!”

Despite expectations to triple down on Over It’s success, Summer is proud she found her inner confidence, peace and growth. The “Act Bad” rapper praised her for popping off with her “no bullsh*t” energy and encouraged Summer to show more personality.

Summer credited therapy with getting past fear of judgment and backlash to be vulnerable in her music again.

“I try to be like, ‘I’ll pull it together, focus on my brand, and act right.’ Then something happens where I end up shaking my a** or cussing someone out. Then it’s just a cycle,” Summer shared.

“F*ck people,” Maimi advised. “It’s a whole new generation and we need that personality of an artist.”

Both performers longed for more love and soul in R&B, but Summer lamented radio prioritizing TikTok hits. The mother of three is leaving the toxicity behind in her music and in her personal life.

Summer Walker dishes about co-parenting and messy exes Larry and London on da Track after the flip!

Summer Walker Opens Up About Co-Parenting With Exes, Addresses Everyone Who Warned Her About London on da Track

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Clippers Game

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After their high-profile relationship went down in flames, Summer is indeed “Still Over It” when it comes to baby daddy London. They’re not on speaking terms even for hand-offs of their daughter Bubbles.

Summer choked on her hookah with a laugh when Caresha asked why their love story didn’t end in “I do.”

“Girl, we can’t even talk about it,” Summer laughed. “He’s a wild n*gga.”

“I wish we could’ve at least had a good co-parenting situation. And where we could still be cool enough to work,” she said, admitting that they make musical magic.

There’s still hope if both artists repair their relationship, but don’t hold your breath on a collab anytime soon. Either way, Summer isn’t here for “told you so” energy about London. She clapped back at haters’ double standards because “you can’t avoid ain’t sh* *ss n*ggas.”

“That sh*t gets on my f*ckin nerves. Please stop,” Summer said, dragging haters, their mamas, grandmas, daddies and baby daddies for going through the same drama.

“You think because I’m a celebrity that I can’t deal with ain’t sh*t *ss *n*ggas, too? They’re everywhere!”

They’re so hard to avoid that Summer isn’t on speaking terms with Larry, either. She described the same co-parenting relationship with both baby daddies to protect her peace.

See how Yung Miami bonded with Summer Walker about single motherhood and post-partum depression after the flip!

Yung Miami & Summer Walker Bond About Postpartum Depression And Mom Guilt

2023 Strength Of A Woman Festival & Summit - Ms. Lauryn Hill Concert

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Miami and Summer got emotional when they discussed motherhood. Summer even shed a tear. Despite being booked and busy around the world, the proud moms miss quality time with their kids more than anything. Both agreed they would have at least five little ones if they could.

Summer struggled with postpartum depression during her first pregnancy. However, she attributed it to her rocky relationship with London and lacking the necessary support.

Things are different since the twins thanks to Summer’s village holding her down.

“I was really depressed, and it wasn’t about the child. I loved her. I just needed help. Now, I have three, and I’m like ‘Oh, my God! I’m so happy!'” she explained.

“Now that I have the help that I need, ‘This is great!'”

Miami reflected on PPD while making the transition to a new life as a mom. They bonded about losing their identity in motherhood and overcoming “mom guilt” to live their lives.

Summer Walker spills the tea about moving on to her new boo, “Big Meech,” after the flip.

Summer Walker Dishes On Her New Love Life With “Big Meech”

2023 Dreamville Music Festival

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Miami didn’t disappoint when it came to Summer’s rumored new boo, Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory. She immediately got confirmation that “it’s giving Big Meech.”

“Look, he’s a good man, Savannah! That’s a good man!” she confessed about her not-so-secret lover.

Summer tried to keep the coupledom under wraps “for at least six months.” Unfortunately, social media sleuths put together the clues to put her and the BMF star’s relationship on blast.

“It’s fresh. You never know what could happen, but so far it’s great,” Summer said.

Miami took it even further, asking if she’d expand her family with Meech. Summer sheepishly admitted that they’ve discussed baby-making already: “That’s what he said!”

Things are looking up for the lovebirds and Summer’s soulful music that happiness inspired.

Check out Summer Walker’s full interview below on Caresha Please.

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