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Mmmm ice cream so good!

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Social media is ABLAZE over Canadian TikTok sensation Pinkydoll who skyrocketed to stardom as the face of the hilariously unhinged NPC craze trending online.

In potentially lucrative TikTok livestreams, users act like an “NPC” (non-playable character)–think real-life Anime characters–with a certain persona or character that they embody to receive money and eGifts like ice cream, balloons, and roses from viewers.

In order to receive bigger and better gifts, users have to respond in the most animated way possible without breaking character in entertaining moments that continue to go viral on social media.

Credited as the pioneer of the TikTok NPC craze, Pinkydoll makes popcorn with a flatiron while firing off her now-famous catchphrases including “Mmm Ice cream so good” whenever she’s gifted ice cream, “balloon! *popping sounds*” whenever she’s gifted balloons, and “Gang Gang” whenever she’s gifted a GG icon.

While completely ridiculous, it’s reported that users can make $2-$4,000 PER livestream which explains the recent NPC BOOM on TikTok.

In an interview with Vice, Pinkydoll, who has over 500,00 followers on TikTok, revealed that she spends at least six hours a day creating NPC content and can make close to $10K A DAY.

“I needed money to feed my kid and pay the bills. I had no job,” she said. “I decided to put all my effort on TikTok to make money and I wasn’t expecting to go viral and make all that money. It was a shock.”

Signaling a shift into the mainstream, super producer Timbaland was listed as the top viewer of one of Pinkydoll’s recent videos according to a screenshot by Twitter user @notbigracks.

Pinkydoll couldn’t help but break character after spotting Timbaland in her livestream.

“Timbaland, oh!” she announced. “Timbaland in the building, we going to Pluto, wherever you at. Where you at, Timbaland?”

At this point, it will be interesting to see how far she rides this TikTok wave and how soon she’ll end u on Drake’s radar.

Will you be joining the NPC craze on TikTok? Tell us down below and peep the funniest Pinkdoll videos along with other hilarious NPC clips from on the flip.

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