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Tyler Perry sent social media into a messy Madea-esque meltdown after suggesting Black women who make bank settle (down) with men who can only cover the light bill.

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Romance vs. finance is an evergreen debate, especially because of this economy. Now, Tyler Perry has everyone talking about bill-splitting like it’s almost the first of the month. The media mogul recently suggested Black women open their hearts (and wallets) to true love with men, regardless of their income. The hot take set social media timelines on fire with debates about money, race, gender roles, and even the director’s own love life.

Tyler Perry Says “Higher Is Waiting,” But Black Women’s Financial Standards Are Too High

On the latest episode of Keep It Positive, Sweetie, actress Crystal Renee Hayslett interviewed Tyler about his philosophy that “Higher Is Waiting.” The Sistas/Zatima star reflected on lessons from her boss about expecting, opening your mind, and preparing your life for bigger and better things. However, when it comes to finding love, he suggested Black women looking for financial equals want too much.

“A lot of women, especially Black women, and I might get in trouble for saying this, but I will. In our society right now, Black women are making a lot more money, for the most part, than Black men. If you can find love, if that man works at whatever job and is a good man, and is good to you, and honors you, and honors the house, and honors his wife, and does what he can… because his gift might not be your gift, that is okay. That’s not somebody that’s beneath you. That’s somebody who came to love you at your worth.”

Check out Tyler Perry’s comments that became a viral bill-splitting sensation after the flip.

Tyler Perry Sparks Bill-Splitting Debate About Dating Men Who “Can Only Pay The Light Bill”

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Some comments claim he went full Madea, preaching relationship advice straight out of his movies they accuse of glorifying “struggle love.” He emphasized that someone “loving you at your worth” doesn’t mean they can match your net worth. Instead, he celebrated “beautiful” love stories where the men “can’t touch” their partner’s income.

Single ladies might be thinking, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” According to Tyler, it’s still a win to have a man who “can only pay the light bill” while breadwinning baddies hold down the mortgage.

“As long as he’s secure in himself to know that ‘yeah, she makes most of the money, all I can pay is the light bill.’ As long as she’s comfortable enough to say, ‘I’m gonna cover the mortgage and all the other stuff,’ that is fine,” he said.

“I know people whose men can’t touch what they make. But when you see them together? That love, that support, that ‘I got you, babe,’ it’s a beautiful thing.”

A billionaire knows that money can’t really buy happiness, but the comments wondered why he didn’t address how more men can level up like he did.

Whew, Jesus, take the wheel! Some said that tangent was from the Acrimony director’s own rags-to-riches trauma. Others called out the irony that he his makes money from “trolling” Black women with these same storylines.

Although he didn’t lecture Black men about following in his footsteps, the billionaire did drop gems from his journey to success. Watch the full episode of Keep It Positive, Sweetie below.

See more of the “Hellurrrrr” hysteria from Tyler Perry’s dating advice after the flip.

Tyler Perry’s Bill-Splitting Suggestion Sparks Social “Madea” Debates

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Tyler’s advice sounds good in theory or for couples like Oprah and Steadman. However, the math isn’t mathing for many Black men and women chiming in online. Some call it realism. Meanwhile, others blame it on the icon “hating Black women.” Check out more of the social media reactions below.

What do you think about Tyler Perry’s controversial comments?

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