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The saga between Cardi B and Tasha K continues.

Cardi B Post-VMA Bash with Casamigos and Sprite

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In a conversation shared with X, Cardi can be heard reacting to Joe Budden’s criticism of her new collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, “Bongos.”

In addition to Budden not liking the song, Cardi pointed to the fact that the podcaster has linked with multiple people who have been against her, including YouTuber Tasha K. The rapper went on to mention that Tasha has told many lies about her and accused her of things that had the potential to damage her career.

“I just feel like he just has an issue with me,” The rapper said of Budden. “And it was beyond the critique of ‘Bongos.’ It’s like you invited b****es who said the rudest, nastiest s**t.”

In response to Cardi’s video, Tasha K took to X to defend herself, though she also ended up offering an apology. She also asked that the rapper accept the “fair payment arrangement” she offered.

She began:

“1. #Cardi’s Daddy NEVER Raped a Child to my Knowledge! There is NOT one video or tweet on my platform that displays this statement! I was Never SUED or found Liable for this statement! 2. #Cardi did REVEAL in a Video that She Drugged & Robbed Men to pay for studio time. I Never Paid Anyone Man to lie and say that Cardi B drugged & robbed them. I was never sued or found liable for this statement! 3. #Cardi b’s husband was accused by #SugeKnights current girlfriend of sleeping with Offset. She released text messages and a number that happened to be #Offsets. I never googled his address or his parents! This is a lie! I was never sued for or found liable of!”

Tasha continued to list her clarifications, going on to write, “4. Your favorite Blogger #Unlovelyti said that you told her that you were afraid to post your daughter because she was dark sue to the things that you said about Dark-Skinned women in the past! I was Never Sued or Found Liable of this statement! #Kulture is extremely beautiful! 5. StarMarie, your ex co-worker at Sues Strip Club made the STD allegations about you on my platform that I published! She also made claims of you participating in extra curricular activities afterhours. StarMarie also made claims of you using illegal substances. You also have videos of you making these alleged claims. I was SUED by you because I refused to take the videos down and issue a public apology to you during that time! I was in fact found liable of these statements StarMarie made about you! And was ordered to pay you 4 million! This is true!”

“5. I am currently in bankruptcy court attempting to work out a fair payment plan to pay you for your troubles that took place on my channel,” Tasha continued. “I have also chosen, NOT court ordered, to Not make videos about you because you are sensitive! I also told the court yesterday that you or your lawyers have never attempted to reach out to settle. You want me out my home, broke, & my kids to not attend college! Your lawyers only continue to bill you 100k plus a week, looking for money we don’t have! But I can get it. Over time. Your lawyers have collected the 4 million that’s owed to you by simply making you pay for it by keeping you in litigation due to your lack of education. They play off You simply wanting my platform down because of my OPINION of you! And you don’t want others giving me a platform. They know you will pay any price to get it down and they are banking on that!”

However, the fact stands that My #MultiBillions of #Viewers across social media has Built this platform and continue to build this platform without saying your name in any video! If I were you I would focus on promoting #Bongos and not promoting the #Winos, take the fair payment arrangement and let’s both put 2018 behind us! Its financially draining us both. But NOT the lawyers!


The Youtuber concluded her lengthy response, writing:

“It’s been 6 years and I truly thank you for giving me the Journalism degree & Law Degree that I always wanted to obtain. First hand experience is the best. Cardi this will NEVER happen again! And sincerely I apologize for any harm caused to you and your family! Me & the courts are attempting to work out a payment plan, but if you want the FULL amount paid in cash. Call a production company to film all of this and you take the money made from it and put this behind us! Cause nothing will stop me from doing what I love & hopefully nothing will stop you as well!”

Cardi B was awarded $4,000,000 in her defamation case against Tasha, though the latter filed for bankruptcy after making it clear that she doesn’t have the money to pay the rapper. In response, Cardi has asked a judge to review the Youtuber’s assets in an effort to force her to start paying.


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