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Colorado Buffaloes vs Oregon Ducks Football

Deion Sanders – Source: Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images / Getty

After an intense win over Colorado, Oregon’s head coach cleared the air about his feelings toward Deion Sanders’ impact on college football.

Over the weekend, Oregon handed Colorado and Deion Sanders their first major loss that many predicted beforehand. What was unprecedented, however, was the intense trash talk from Oregon HC Dan Lanning.  During the build-up to the game, Lanning didn’t make the mistake other coaches made by trash-talking Prime and his players. Instead, the trash talk was perfectly released during the game while Oregon demolished the Buffs 42-6.

Some have taken the trash talk in various ways including mentioning jealousy and race as the catalyst for the blowout.

Lanning is now clearing the air and going on the record to share that that isn’t the case.

“I’m also grateful and can clearly acknowledge the attention that we got this Saturday, in large part, was due to Deion and what he’s doing to college football,” Lanning said according to CBS. “If anybody can’t see what he’s done for college football and how he’s bringing excitement to college football, you’re crazy.”

“I said that last week as well. He’s done a lot for the game. He’s building something over there. I think that’s really, really clear. There’s no secret there. But it wouldn’t matter if I was playing my 10-year old son on the other sideline. I’m going to do everything I can to win.”


Lanning went on to address his viral pre-game speech and said that people like Skip Bayless got it all wrong.

He also highlighted the disrespect that players for Colorado sent his team’s way.

“Ultimately, here’s what I’ll say: We’re playing to win the game,” Lanning added, CBS reports. “And you saw a 15-second clip from a window view outside the house of what happens in the locker room. I know our locker room. I’m in the house 100% of the time. I know how our players felt going into that game and I know what it takes to motivate our players. That’s my job, to motivate our players. He (Sanders) has a job. I have a job too, to get out there and perform on the field.”

“But inside that house, they felt a certain way. They felt a certain way about a group stomping on the On. They felt a certain way about guys talking to them in the pregame. I’m proud of those guys because what they decided to do is talk with their pads.”

The hype train of playing Deion Sanders and Colorado can be a lot for opposing teams especially when their team is barely mentioned in the conversation at all. Not only that, but when the top shows choose to broadcast from Boulder, Colorado three times in five weeks it can rub people the wrong way but at least Coach Lanning publicly revealed he isn’t against Deion and is focused on his team.

Playing against Colorado puts football teams on the biggest stage possible and they ultimately should be grateful for the opportunity.

Coach Prime’s Colorado Buffaloes are now 3-1 and will face another tough test this weekend against USC.



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