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Ciara still isn’t giving up the “Goodies” for Stunna Girl’s sample, and the Baddies West star sparked online outrage by dissing her. “Old h**s be hating,” said the reality star who needs to get real.


Stunna Girl x Ciara

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On Thursday, Stunna Girl was fed up about her song getting snatched because she couldn’t clear a sample for her new song. The “Stand Up” rapper seemingly fell for a scam over the beat she thought a producer cleared for her.

She took to social media to call out  Ciara for “acting like [she] made the beat” that she wasn’t allowed to use. The reality star also claimed she doesn’t have this issue with samples from “a white artist.”

Stunna Girl Calls Ciara An “Old H**” For “Hating” On Her Over Sampling “Goodies” On Her New Song

“I literally hate when producers use samples. These artists be actin like they made the beat its so many people that used that beat but . @ciara team writing me saying she personally contacted them about me. But anytime I done used a beat that was sampled by a white artist they didn’t give af,” Stunna wrote in a now-deleted thread on X, formerly Twitter.

Tommie Lee’s former foe doubled down on doing her due diligence, blaming the entire industry for how they handle samples.

“the producers said he took care of it so I’m not in the wrong. My point still stands all these beats are sampled that’s not even an original beat, the only people who should really care should be the producers who made it. The artists should care when their lyrics or voice is being used,” she continued.

Another X user pointed out that Ciara owns her music and likely didn’t want a recognizable sample from one of her most iconic songs. Stunna claimed Ciara unfairly singled her out.

“Bye. Sooo many people used that beat. If they gone come for one they needa come for all,” she argued. “Not my problem I paid the producer he the one who they should be emailing.”

Another comment told Stunna to take accountability for the producer she hired, who clearly didn’t take care of business to release the song.

“Still has nothing to do with me I ain’t make the beat,” Stunna added.

One of Stunna’s fans came to her defense, calling Ciara a “girl code” hypocrite for stopping her bag. Stunna agreed, “That girl code sh*t be fake. These old h**s be hating.” If nothing else, the petite performer is persistent.


Even some of Stunna Girl’s fans couldn’t back her play of coming for the “Promise” singer like that.

Check out some of the shocked and shady reactions to Stunna Girl dissing Ciara over the “Goodies” sample after the flip!

Social Media Drags “Delusional” Stunna Girl For Claiming Ciara Is “Hating” On Her

The Rose Fest

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Stunna Girl deleted the offensive tweets about the sample clearance, but by that point, she had already gone viral. In case anyone thought she backed down from the one-sided beef, think again.

The rapper claimed she “always post & delete” to prevent “bored bots arguing & commenting on my page.” She claims she didn’t want clout or to go viral by swinging at an industry giant. “My supporters wanted to know what happened & y’all don’t know how these people be moving behind closed doors.”

After Stunna claimed she makes “$500k a month just off my music,” she raised even more questions about why she didn’t pay Ciara in the first place. Many commenters went up for Stunna Girl’s skills but still said she did too much behind this issue.


Check out some of the reactions to the “delusional” Baddie slamming Ciara.

What do you think about Stunna Girl saying Ciara is an “old h**” and “hating” on her over this sample?

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