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For the first time in #MAFS history, a participant is getting a second shot at love, and an expert’s breaking down what’s to come.

Pastor Cal Roberson can’t wait for viewers to see what happens tonight when Michael of Married At First Sight Denver finally ties the knot with a stranger unseen. At the beginning of season 17, the bubbly tech worker was excited to meet his bride at the altar especially after she gifted him a sword and a crown as a pre-wedding gift.

A happy Michael stood at the altar smiling before being crushed by an unseen brunette who left him high and dry.


After that devastating blow, Michael might finally get his happily ever after now that he’ll be marrying Chloe, a 39-year-old Senior Director of Development. The moment is especially significant because it’s the first time in the history of #MAFS that a participant has been matched twice.



Ahead of tonight’s wedding between Michael and Chloe, Pastor Cal is telling BOSSIP what we can expect from this history-making moment.


BOSSIP: Congrats to Michael on getting a second chance at love on #MAFS! What played into the experts’ decision to help him get a second bride? This has never happened before.

Pastor Cal: This is truly a first on the show. et me say, we did NOT plan to make history. We were actually mortified when we saw that she literally left him at the altar. We immediately went in healing mode. We wanted to make sure he was okay, understanding how traumatized he must have been. The suggestion was the result of a collaborative effort with us experts, the executive producers and the network. We simply felt that Michael deserved a second chance. He’s such a mature and forgiving soul. It was an easy decision honestly. We just had to make sure he was willing to, and he was!

What went through your mind when Michael was stood up at the altar during his first wedding?

Well, first I wanted to check on Michael. We put a great deal of time, energy and resources into choosing individuals to be Married at First Sight. It’s an insult when a person commits to this process and then just decides, at the altar, that it’s not for them. That being said, I’m glad she left, instead of marrying him and then creating unholy havoc in the marriage by not wanting to be there.

Did Michael have any further communication with his runaway bride? Did she apologize?

No, to my knowledge there has been no contact with the runaway bride. Definitely, not by us experts, and I don’t think by Michael. As for apologies, I don’t think it’s necessary, since there isn’t one that would be acceptable. But I do wish her the best in her future pursuits.

Married At First Sight: Michael

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Moving on to Chloe, what made her an ideal bride for Michael?

We are often introduced to incredible people in this process who we feel are completely matchable. Sometimes we can’t find a match even though they may be a wonderful person. Chloe is one of those people. She’s mature, funny, kind and I believe she really is looking for her forever person. Chloe could’ve easily been our first choice. Unfortunately, we can’t read people’s hearts or intentions and we don’t know how the pressure of this experiment will affect people – as we saw in the first wedding. But Chloe has every reason to be confident in the fact that she is just as much a first choice as the first bride. Even more so in my opinion.

Talk to me about the decision to not initially let Chloe know that this is Michael’s second time trying to wed a stranger. I think some users have wondered why.

Our decision to not tell Chloe was two fold. First, we didn’t want her to question Michael’s suitability as groom. We didn’t want to give reason for her to ask, “What’s wrong with him?” Because we believe Michael is great and the first bride would have found that out if she’d given herself the chance. Secondly, we believe it was up to Michael to share that with his bride. We want our couples to share their triumphs and tragedies with each other. This is what married people do. I do appreciate our fans and their opinions, however, because we know these individuals and have studied them, we have to use our best judgement.

As this season continues, we’re hopeful to see another love story like the one between Becca and Austin, can we expect to see some sweet moments between Chloe and Michael?

Can’t give anything away – we are all hoping and praying they both say yes at the altar. As with all the couples, it won’t always be smooth sailing, but every emotion you can imagine will be revealed as the season continues. You’ll see love stories, comedy, vulnerability, and much more.

What were your reactions to the splits between Orion and Lauren and Clare and Cameron? Do you think either of the couples gave up too soon?

Of course! Often our couples think they know what they can handle until they are actually thrown into the crucible of marital difficulty. If I could somehow get in their brains and convince them to hold on and just follow our instructions! Unfortunately, they jump ship prematurely. Ask anyone with a long term successful marriage and they will tell you they have been tempted on several occasions to bail, but they didn’t and now looking back it was the best decision they could have made. I always wish this for our couples. Only the ones who listen will come to know the joy and beauty that marriage can offer. The others, have to throw themselves back into the dating pool, frustratingly swiping left or right. It’s unfortunate, but those are the hard facts.



Married at First Sight, produced by Kinetic Content, airs TONIGHT Wednesday, January 24, at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.


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