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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes had a lot of fans worried following the latest episode of their podcast, where they openly discussed their relationship woes including how their careers were “taken from them”, amid their relationship.

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The couple confirmed that they are, in fact, still together in an Instagram post on Tuesday, which comes after they aired out their issues during the latest episode of their podcast, Amy & T.J.

“We just wanted to check in and let you know that, despite what you’ve been hearing, we are still together,” Holmes said in the clip as he walked down the street with Robach’s arm tied to his.

He went on to say that they debated a lot about whether or not they should actually release the episode, but that they’re happy they ended up letting the world in on that part of their lives.

“We’re hearing from a lot of you all on our latest episode of the podcast. It was something we really struggled and debated about whether or not we should even put out there — but at this point I’m glad we did,” T.J. continued.

Robach agreed, explaining that their goal in putting out the episode was to show fans that even though they post their highlight reels on social media, “if we want to be real and we want to transparent we wanted to show all the sides of us and I would say most relationships.”

“We’re still together :),” Amy made sure to clarify in the caption.

This clarification comes after Holmes and Robach got into a serious debate over their communication issues on the latest episode of their podcast.

Holmes revealed during the podcast that this episode was filmed as a “surprise” to both Robach and their podcast producers, saying they weren’t in a good place before he began recording in their living room.

“We ain’t right,” T.J. began. “You and I aren’t okay right now. I said, ‘You know what? Let’s set up and do a podcast.’”

Per E! News, during the recording, Amy confronted her partner for being “moody,” being upset that he won’t open up to her during his rough times. She also noted that they’d been sitting around each other in silence and it was tough for her.

T.J. didn’t deny any of her allegations but admitted that she “won’t like” his answer about why he doesn’t want to let his girlfriend in during those tough moments.

“Because when things get that kind of bad and I’m that kind of focused or that kind of quiet, the last thing in that moment I want to do is to tell you what I need,” he revealed. “That is how I feel, and that is the truth. Not that I think it’s your responsibility. Well, you should just know.”

Robach went on to tell her boyfriend that, “love is a choice I believe, and I have chosen to love you.”

“I don’t feel the pressure from the public to stay with you,” she said on the Jan. 23 episode of their podcast Amy and T.J. “I know that I know you well enough, and I’ve spent enough time with you, and I knew how I felt.

And love sometimes is a choice when it’s hard. It’s not just a feeling. Lust is a feeling but love is a choice, I believe, and I have chosen to love you. So I don’t feel pressure from the public to be with you. I would be devastated just personally because I want to be with you and I chose you.”

She continued and grew emotional.

“But I feel the pressure of our careers that I believe were unfairly taken from us nd I really wanna be able to do what I love and I wanna be able to do it with you. So that’s more the pressure I feel.”

As previously reported Holmes and Robach were fired from Good Morning America in 2022 after photos of the duo holding hands and flirting at an NYC bar were shared by a publication. Fiebig “expeditiously” filed for divorce from Holmes following the debacle.

Robach — also married in 2010 — finalized her divorce from actor Andrew Shue in March. Rumors are now swirling that the reporters’ scorned exes, Shue and Fiebig, are dating.


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