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Kanye West - Celebrity Sightings In Studio City - January 19, 2024

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Kanye West recently snatched a TMZ reporter’s phone after she tried to question him about his wife.

At this point, Kanye West and his hectic run-ins with paparazzi are a tale as old as time and the latest incident came while West was heading to attend Charlie Wilson’s Walk Of Fame ceremony. Earlier this week, a TMZ reporter spotted West on the way to the ceremony and questioned him about Bianca Censori’s “free will” in their marriage. That apparently set the rapper off.

“You think because you’re a white woman, you can walk up on me like that and ask me some dumbass sh*t like that asking me about my wife, if she has free will? Are you crazy?” said West in the viral video.

“Is that your job to go up to every celebrity and ask them some dumb a** sh*t about their wife? Was it wrong for you to ask me about my wife—some dumb-a** disrespectful sh*t like that?”

West then began to ask where the reporter was when he “couldn’t see his kids”, something Kanye has consistently alleged in recent years.

“You got free will, or you work for the devil? You wasn’t asking me sh*t when I couldn’t see my kids and now only have visitation and don’t have rights to where they go to school? You got questions for that, or are you part of the system?”

The reporter tried to deflect explaining she just “needed her phone” but Ye refused before trolling her about the power he had in the situation.

“No, answer the question!” West demanded. “I’m supposed to answer your questions, answer my question. I got your phone now. They’re gonna arrest me for taking your phone?” he taunted her.

Melanie Miller Gives Her Side Of The Heated Confrontation With Kanye West

The interaction ended with the plot twist of West offering her a job. The reporter was later identified as comedian Melanie Miller. Miller is the same woman who went viral after she jogged barefoot with A$AP Rocky while asking him questions.

According to Complex, she dropped by TMZ’s podcast to give her take on the situation and didn’t hold back.

“I was alarmed. I was like, ‘Whoa, I don’t see that one coming.’ ‘Cause I’ve interviewed him before and he never talks to me, so I’m thinking ‘I’ll just see if he’ll talk to me.’ It’s been very well talked about that…he won’t let Bianca [Censori] have an Instagram because he’s trying to protect her. So I’m saying this is an easy opportunity for you to be like, ‘Of course I’m not controlling her.’ That’s all that I had going into it.”

After explaining she didn’t mean any harm and was giving him a chance to shoot down internet rumors, she gave her two cents on Ye.

“With everything that he’s done, people deserve answers to this kind of stuff,” she said. “If [Bianca’s] okay with it, that’s fine. If she’s posting those photos of her and her essentially naked body on her own Instagram because she wants to, because she wants to put that out there—fine. But he’s doing it. … He has such disrespect for women.”

If TMZ wanted a viral clip, it’s safe to say they got one. As for Melanie, it’s good to see that she’s in great spirits and didn’t take things personally.


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