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The cemetery where Megan Thee Stallion’s mother was laid to rest has taken extra precautions amid the rapper’s ongoing beef with Nicki Minaj.

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As Minaj and her fans continue to throw shots at a seemingly unbothered Megan, they’ve gone to extreme lengths to try and upset the rapper.

After Thee Stallion dropped “Hiss” and warned people to keep her name out of their mouths, Nicki has continually thrown low blows her way. She even told the entertainer, “You better go conjure up your mother and apologize,” which led her fanbase to dox the burial site of Megan’s mother, who passed away in 2019 following her battle with brain cancer.

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According to reports from Radar Online, police in Texas have increased security at the cemetery in response to the ongoing threats from Barbz. They told the outlet that they have “plenty of officers” monitoring the cemetery, insisting that anyone who vandalizes Holly Thomas’ gravesite will face legal repercussions.

Though a spokesperson for the police department told the site that there have been “no situations yet,” they also revealed their officers are “very aware of the ongoing situation” with the rappers.

The Public Information Officer also disclosed that their department has increased the security patrol in the area since being notified of the social media threats earlier this week.

The department has police officers doing checks several times throughout their shifts. The cemetery is also said to be “right next to the police station,” making it easy for officers to monitor the burial grounds, adds Radar. 

The PIO also presented a strict warning for anyone caught vandalizing, saying they would be arrested and “face repercussions through the district attorney’s office.”

Some Barbz have taken to X to deny any involvement in leaking the location of Thomas’; grave, insisting the whole thing is a “PR stunt” from Megan’s team.

People really think the Barbz leaked that women’s grave site,” one fan tweeted. “When the internet wakes up and sees that it’s a PR stunt. I’m in 10 barb group chats with 1000 barbz, and not once have I seen anybody talking about her grave site anything to make Nicki & the barbz look bad.”

“Megan Thee Stallion & her team are now involving her mother’s grave in a PR stunt,” another fan wrote. “This is so sad to watch.”

In response, many Megan fans replied with proof that Barbz did, in fact, dox her mother’s gravesite.

Hopefully, the increased security at the cemetery deters any disgruntled fans from actually going there.


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