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Lil Meech: BMF

Source: Erik Umphery

BMF has been renewed for a fourth season and after visiting two impactful Atlanta locations, the series’ lead told BOSSIP about his father’s legacy and cultural influence on the southern city.

On Thursday, STARZ announced the season four renewal of its hit drama, BMF, even before the show’s season three premiere. A press release reports that production on season four is slated to begin this spring in Atlanta, GA. BMF continues to be one of STARZ’s biggest series and has grown its audience season over season to an average of 10.6M multiplatform views per episode.


“Fans can’t get enough of the history in the making that is BMF,” said Kathryn Busby, President of Programming for STARZ in a statement. “We’re thrilled to start working on a new season that will continue bold storytelling of the legend of the Flenory brothers that has proven to resonate so deeply with our viewers.”


Speaking of resonating with viewers, the show led by Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory, Jr. continues to captivate audiences who can’t stop watching the gripping crime and family drama.

Ahead of the big season four renewal announcement Meech reflected on gripping crime and family drama with BOSSIP while at a local Waffle House. The setting was a nod to BMF’s arrival in ATL on the show and patrons watched in awe as the 23-year-old chatted with journalists about the new season and his “different, one-of-a-kind” dad.

BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Dani Canada was also on hand as Meech posed for a special photo opp by a BMF billboard that carried an even deeper meaning. Located on the corner of Berkeley Avenue Northwest and Howell Mill Road, the signage is in the original spot of BMFs legendary billboard “The World Is BMFs.”

Lil Meech: BMF

Source: Erik Umphery / Erik Umphery

The world is indeed [still] BMF’s and Lil Meech spoke on that with BOSSIP below.

We’re here at Waffle House, which is iconic to Atlanta, just like BMF is iconic to Atlanta. What stories have people told you about your dad and the impact he had on the city?

It’s crazy because my father’s from Detroit but he came to Atlanta, he discovered Atlanta was the hub of the United States with all the freeways leading to all different parts of the country. But when he came to Atlanta, he also discovered that it’s the number one party city in the United States with a lot of different people from different cities that move and come here. And my father was actually in the club almost every night building up the club scene and helping the clubs sell bottles. He actually became probably the number one buyer for all the clubs in Atlanta because he came in there and spent the most money every time. So you could say that he started the culture for that.

Los Angeles Premiere Of Starz Series

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I was young but I remember hearing that he had live tigers in the club…

Yes, he had a party with live animals in there from the zoo for his birthday party at Compound Night Club. It was legendary.

One of the things that Terry and Meech always say is “From the womb to the tomb,” which speaks to the brotherhood between them. I want to talk about the brotherhood between you and Da’Vinchi because you guys started this together, and you guys are going into another season together. What is it like working with him?

Da’Vinchi’s amazing, man. I used to watch him on the All-American before I started acting. When I came on set and I seen he was playing my brother, I told him, “I get to learn from you. You’ve been doing this longer than me so it’s better for me that I get to have somebody close to me that I get to learn from that’s already been doing what I’m been doing longer.” So it makes it a better workspace for all of us. And we hang out after-set so all of our scenes will be authentic so you can see our on-screen brotherhood.

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On BMF it’s said that Detroit is not just a city, it’s a lifestyle. So I know the city of Detroit is so excited about the new season. What has the reaction been like from your dad’s hometown?

Detroit has a different type of love for BMF. That’s where everything started at. So the fashion, everything. The fashion, the culture, just the era, that’s where BMF started. It’s different out there.


Another part of the Atlanta BMF story we’ll see is how it expanded into Hip-Hop. How excited are you to have that play out on BMF, people can see that that was another side of the business.

I’m so excited because that’s what everybody loves, music. Everybody got that ear for music because we all love music. So I’m definitely excited for them to see that. We got Lil Baby, Wu-Tang, Ne-Yo, and a lot of the Atlanta culture in the show this season so that’s going to be very awesome.

Los Angeles Premiere Of Starz Series

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What did you think about BMF pop-up in Atlanta that had the cars from the show and Woolf’s Records?

Oh, that was great. That’s what makes everybody have fun. They see things from the show and it’s fun for the cast, too, to see where we filmed at.


Lastly, how important is it for you to make sure people get the truth about your father’s legacy on this show and that you really embody him as a person?

It’s very important that people understand the purpose of the story and the purpose of everything. My father was different. He wasn’t like a regular type dude that was just out here selling drugs. He did what he had to do because that was the only thing in front of him, 1970, living in the murder capital of Detroit, one of the poorest places in the world. So him coming from that, getting people jobs, getting people careers, helping people get the same type of things that he gets, he wanted everybody to win. He wanted to see everybody win. He wanted everybody to eat, take care of their families. He didn’t want to be the only one that had. And that’s what matters the most. He created jobs for people. So the type of person he is what we really want people to understand.

Lil Meech: BMF

Source: Erik Umphery / Erik Umphery


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