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After Quiet On Set revealed alleged abuse child actors faced, Zoey 101’s Chris Massey spoke out amid his mother praising accused predator and Nickelodeon showrunner Dan Schneider.

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Brothers Kyle and Chris Massey, managed by their mother Angela Massey, became well-known actors among Young Millennials and Gen Z members. As child stars of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon’s biggest shows, they kept kids laughing throughout their careers.

On Zoey 101, Chris Massey played the character of Michael, a loveable Pacific Coast Academy student-athlete. Massey has remained relatively quiet since his time on the show, but he did appear in Zoey 102, a movie continuation of Zoey 101.

Amid many allegations against Dan Schneider, the creator of several Nickelodeon shows, including Zoey 101, wondered about more possible survivors. While Massey has not made an official public statement, he has promised to tell his story soon.

In early March 2024, a trailer for a docuseries detailing the lives of childhood stars began to circulate. It was clear that the focus of the docuseries would be on child stars of former Nickelodeon TV shows and their stories.

Quiet on the Set: The Darkside of Kids TV premiered on Investigation Discovery on Mar. 17, 2024. It featured many Nickelodeon stars, crew members, and writers as they told their experiences with the network, sexual abuse, harassment, toxic work environments, and Dan Schneider.

The film exposed many terrifying details, including Schiender’s alleged sexism, misogyny, inappropriate language, and overbearing behavior. Across multiple testimonies, child actors all revealed stories of mistreatment from the showrunner.

In an interview published on Schnieder’s YouTube channel, he admitted responsibility for a several inappropriate actions and admitted he owes certain people apologies. Still, the Massey brother’s mother, Angela Massey, sees Schneider as innocent.

See Chris Massey’s response to his mother’s comments after the flip.

Angela Massey Supports Dan Schneider, Chris Massey Vows To Tell His Own Story

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As the episodes of Quiet on the Set: The Darkside of Kids TV began to air, social media was lit up with commentary. Many users were mortified by the information revealed, but Angela Massey was one of the few to support Schneider publicly.

Angela took to Instagram with questionable grammar and stated, “Dan Schneider You are awesome. You are a genius I can’t thank this guy enough for the opportunity have gave my son and my family. BLAME THE PARENTS NOT DAN.”

Immediately, social media users reacted to her statement, including her son, Chris. Chris Massey took to his Instagram stories and stated, “my story will be told from me…. not from a parent, a friend, a co-worker… ME!!! and only ME… so please stop messaging me about what my mom said… respectfully.”

Many replies asked how she could support Schneider when her sons also worked with hin. In response, she called them “brainwashables.”

According to the Jasmine BrandAngela did not stop there. Following her son’s comments, she doubled down. Angela added that the family had “an exemplary experience with Dan Schneider.”

She then turned her attention to TMZ. In an Instagram post, she expressed disdain for the docuseries. She charged the media with creating a documentary focused on TMZ founder Harvey Levin and allegations of a toxic work environment.

Angela also shared screenshots of emails sent asking TMZ to publish updated information on Kyle Massey’s sexual misconduct with a minor case. In 2021, Kyle was accused of sending inappropriate pictures to a 13-year-old. Angela claimed the allegations were false and asked TMZ to relay this information.

Angela defending Schneider shocked social media users, who reminded her of Kyle’s legal troubles. However, she continued to show support for Schneider. Users continue to wait for further statements from Chris.

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