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Heist -Burglar Slealing Money

Los Angeles Heist – Source: DragonImages / Getty

A new report shows that a money storage facility in Los Angeles was robbed of $30M in a heist that didn’t trigger a single alarm and went undetected until the next day.

Technology has advanced so far that almost every crime is captured on CCTV footage and criminals rarely escape and keep their freedom considering that istitutions responsible for storing currency have state-of-the-art technology and protocols to catch thieves in minutes.


According to The LA Times, however, a massive heist went down inside a money storage facility on Easter Sunday and wasn’t discovered until the next morning.


The heist occurred at a money storage facility in the San Fernando Valley where the thieves entered through the building’s roof. Eventually, they made their way into the vault and escaped with up to $30 million in cash. Perhaps the most shocking part is they didn’t trip a single alarm or grab the attention of anyone on site. Police are reportedly so flustered by the elaborate heist that they think an inside source was involved.

LAPD revealed to Complex the investigation is active and “at this time there is no information that will be released.”

With $30mMillion missing and zero clues or leads, this could become the biggest heist of all time in Los Angeles. Also, if any details or leads surface we need the Hollywood live-action treatment immediately. Takers II anyone?



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