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While trying to make peace, GloRilla reignited rumored rivalry with JT and  “slapping rap b***hes” beef among the petty punchlines and hilarious haymakers.

GloRilla x JT

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On Friday, April 5, GloRilla had everyone talking with her latest mixtape Ehhthang Ehhthang. “Wanna Be” set the tone for their Hot Girl Summer tour with a Megan Thee Stallion feature. Meanwhile, another song shook the table by addressing alleged animosity with JT. Instead of “clearing the air” as GloRilla intended, “Aite” incited a social media squabble.

GloRilla Clarifies Where She Stands With JT On “Aite”

Big Sandals works in mysterious ways because GloRilla said she prayed to unite the “bad b***hes.” With a real name like Gloria Hallelujah, it clearly went through on the main line because they linked up to verbally throw down. On “Aite,” Glo rapped:

I pray one day the bad b***hes would come together/ ‘Cause Cardi and Nicki on a track would break some f**kin’ records

Then she name-dropped one of the City Girls to seemingly shut down a possible beef.

Me and JT ain’t the best of friends but we ain’t beefin’/Know b***hes always havin ana’ that they keep a secret

You’d think this would dead any possible drama, but you’d be wrong.

This only dredged up the rumors that GloRilla and JT got into a fight backstage at the 2023 MTV VMAs.

Check out GloRilla addressing her alleged altercation with JT and how their beef blew up online after the flip!

JT Calls Out GloRilla’s “Slapping Rap B***hes” Bar: “SHE NEVER SLAPPED ME!”

2023 Rolling Loud Los Angeles

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JT wasn’t feeling the love from GloRilla’s verse, despite it denying they had beef. The Memphis native’s last hit song “Yeah Glo” only fueled rumors that they rumbled. When Glo rapped about “slapping rap b***hes,” she seemed to confirm taking a fight with the “Act Bad” beauty.

JT seemingly responded to Glo mentioning her in “Aite” by cryptically quoting Rod Wave on Twitter: “Ima get ya back for that oneeeee!” When The Shade Room posted it, a fan replied asking why Glo slapped her at an award show. JT sounded off in the comments to set the record straight.

“SHE NEVER SLAPPED ME! EVER NEVER like y’all find y’all somebody to play with!” JT wrote on Instagram.

Then JT doubled down in response to a post about her response on X, formerly Twitter. She accused Glo of being a hypocrite for riding with the rumor ’til the wheels fell off.

“I been said she didn’t! She the one went radio silent! Played into, released a song about slapping rap b***hes now it’s female unity?? CORNY!!!!!”

Despite the clearly unresolved issue, JT denied that she had ever subbed Glo about it.

“NO TF I WASNT! I don’t know these girls like that to have problems with them & I always wish them the best FIRST!” JT responded to a fan.

“I guess she was waiting on her tape to address & who gone clear up going viral for slapping someone when the whole hood believed it! It was on brand!” she explained to another who asked why Glo didn’t clear it up.

GloRilla Enters The Chat Claiming She Did Hit JT

Glo has since deleted her Tweets, but she clapped back with a quickness. She didn’t hold back and came directly for Jatavia’s wig. She also confirmed the line about secret animosity in “Aite” applied to JT.

“H* shut yo dumb a** up & fix dem ugla** wigs I said it ain’t no beef ho you da one with da secret animosity,” Glo responded in a quote.

“Ugly shouldn’t leave your mouth ever Joe you look like you was born feet first P***Y a** h** DONT mention me! Secret animosity? WHY?” JT clapped back.

GloRilla tried to resist the urge to get down and dirty, responding, “Nvm no free promo.” JT wanted to get her issue out, not take the high road.

“B***h you said MY name! Air mattress brain!!!!!!” she fired back.

JT continued with the shady subs on her own timeline.

“Ugly wigs? B***h is you dumb h**? you’ll NEVER in your life be this raw h** I been had fake tittys off care credit, I been that b***h you just getting training wheels!” JT added.

“She been picking & I didn’t care cause it’s no reason to like girl what was all that for just to say it’s no beef? Childish ASF!”

Glo denied wanting smoke with the mention, but says she technically did hit her, so there wasn’t much to clarify.

“I mentioned yo name to clear the air! What you wanted me to say I didn’t slap you but I hit you with a purse instead??? Scary a** h*,” Glo fired back.

On the one hand, letting a slap slide isn’t a good look for street cred. Just ask Chris Rock, who wouldn’t let us forget it. On the other hand, getting hit with a purse sounds like a church lady let you have it. Still, JT says neither scenario actually happened.

“OMG you are a liarrrr! B***h you didn’t hit me with s**t FANNED out a** b***h you approach me sounding like an old beat up box Chevy ‘WHAT UP GANG'” she wrote.

“I honestly thought glo was a real b**h man but she not she caused all that s**t with FNF remix too! Came in the game messy & phony ready to switch on your homies too had to jump back on the roof!”

Neither rap diva explained the hint about the drama behind the scenes on the “F.N.F. (Let’s Go) Remix.” JT had a feature, but it sounds like she spilled a little new tea.

“Inmate 0983 was taking off her shoes like she was gone get to me. Didn’t know if her a** was trying to get active or get sturdy. Lying about getting touched is crazyyyyyyyy…..” Glo continued.

See how the digital drama escalated to mugshot mayhem when GloRilla came for JT’s “backyard BBQ shows” after the flip!

JT Hints She’ll Earn Her Next Mugshot After GloRilla Hilariously Hints She’d “Pop Up At One Of Them Backyard BBQ Shows”

April Fools Comedy Jam

Source: John Nacion / Getty

Glo hit back at her pockets about going broke as JT launches her solo career. She flamed JT, threatening to show up at one of her “backyard BBQ” performances.

“Yeah you slower den me I’m done arguing get up with me in real life ion do da internet you gone win every time I already heard you going broke anyway,” Glo responded.

The “backyard BBQ” line seemed to hit a nerve because she told Glo to pull up. In a follow-up tweet, JT posted a collage of her mugshots. She captioned it “pending” and circled a blank space as if she didn’t mind risking another bid to settle the score offline.

“The last one will be from me poking holes in you like the air mattresses you were sleeping on!” she warned.

However, a rapsheet for “stealing” didn’t put any fear in Glo’s heart.

“Girl dem mugshots is from you stealing not fighting b***h STFU.”

Eventually, Glo declared herself the winner after both rappers threw some serious shade.

If you’re going to beef online instead of in the booth, it should be entertaining and both ladies obviously understood the assignment.

JT didn’t go down easy, calling Glo a “glock-toting pit bull.”

Like the unbothered baddie she is, GloRilla went right back to cracking jokes and promoting Ehhthang Ehhthang.

The “Tomorrow” rapper continued the comedy with a throwback recreation of the classic viral video of a girl bodyrolling in an Apple store.

Hopefully, they take any unfinished business back to the booth.

Do you think there was a clear winner between GloRilla and JT? Whose punchlines hit the hardest?

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