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Emmanuel Acho’s clownery continued as he responded to backlash for his “Cowardly Dog” comparison of Angel Reese by doubling down with a weak sauce word salad. The WNBA-bound baller seemingly shaded Acho’s “disrespect” as the internet dragged Acho’s non-apology.

Emmanuel Acho x Angel Reese

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Following a week on the Summer Jam screen for a failed “gender-neutral and racially indifferent” take on Angel Reese, Acho thanked fans and famous friends who coddled “respectfully reprimanded” him. He took to X, formerly Twitter, to repetitively ramble about handling him with respect while defending his disrespect of Angel.

“I want to thank everyone who has respectfully reprimanded me and offered brilliant opinions on the Angel Reese conversation. I do not believe there is any one way to think about things,” he said, name dropping Ryan Clark and Essence Askins for giving him feedback.

“I want just to applaud those publicly and privately who have respectfully —the operative word there being ‘respectfully’— reprimanded me,” he continued.

Emmanuel Acho Missed The Mark About Missing The Mark With Angel Reese

The emphasis on respect is ironic considering Acho misrepresented Angel’s comments to insult her while she discussed relentless harassment. When she did “take it on the chin” in an interview earlier this week, as Acho insisted, Angel accepted the “villain role” in opposition to Iowa’s Caitlin Clark. She considered the false narratives a small sacrifice for “growing women’s basketball.”

Acho used this against Angel to justify racists and sexists dehumanizing and attacking her as a Black woman. As BOSSIP previously reported, that was the context of the All-American’s emotional post-game interview. Following teammates Flau’jae Johnson and Hailey Van Lith praising Angel’s unwavering strength and leadership through “hate,” a journalist asked her about the journey the public doesn’t see.

On FS1, Acho’s co-host immediately checked Acho for gleefully jumping on the “villain” bandwagon.

“She didn’t make herself the villain. She showed up unapologetically herself in the same way that men do all the time,” Taylor said. She added that the hate Reese “experiences is not the same thing as what everyone is experiencing.”

Acho is even a hypocrite about Angel crying after a loss. In hindsight, she was probably more emotional about her teammates’ kind words and the not-yet-announced end of her college career. Either way, Acho didn’t keep that same energy about USC’s Caleb Williams crying. In November, Acho commended the “authentic emotional health over fake toughness.”

Acho’s response video invited willingness to “listen to one another” with zero self-awareness about how he ignored Angel’s statements in his so-called analysis. No amount of “bad sportsmanship” justifiably “paints a target” on one’s own back for AI-generated porn or death threats.

Social media had plenty to say about Acho’s response and Angel entered the chat, as well.

Check out the reactions to Emmanuel Acho’s response about Angel Reese after the flip.

Angel Reese Appears To Address Emmanuel Acho’s “Disrespect” As Social Media Drags His Non-Apology

LSU v Iowa

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The usual Black woman-hating suspects assured Acho that he was right the first time and reduced the “reprimands” to “race-baiting.” When your loudest defenders use buzzwords like that or include Jason Whitlock, you’re already showing an unnatural allegiance to losers.

Acho went on to say he “listened, learned and grew” in conversation with Ryan Clark. However, that growth didn’t extend to Angel herself. Several comments asked when he’d get around to talking to Angel directly or apologizing. It sounds like Bayou Barbie is still waiting and unimpressed with his asinine answer.

Angel took to X, formerly Twitter, to seemingly address Acho’s latest video about her. She issued a reminder to “make sure that apology is as loud as the disrespect.”

Not only did Angel not “ask for sympathy” after the loss, as Acho claimed, but she vowed to continue unapologetically with no regrets. And she did just that with the Vogue announcement about entering the WNBA draft later this month.

It seems like the only thing Angel’s haters despise more than her excellence is the demand to acknowledge that she’s “still a human.” Neither is up for debate, but people who loved and hated Acho’s tirade agree his flop follow-up should’ve stayed in the drafts. If how you act dictates the treatment you deserve, Acho’s continued dragging this week is right on time.

Check out some of the reactions below.

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