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Top model Eva Marcille is opening up about her noticeably slimmed-down figure that sparked disparaging remarks from messy miserables on social media. “Anyone that’s ever been through a divorce knows that divorce is hard,” said the star.

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On Tuesday’s episode of  The Tamron Hall Show, the model and reality star opened up about the life events that led to her slimmer appearance and what she did to protect herself from online criticism.

During her conversation with Hall, Marcille, 39, disclosed that she experienced a profound depression following her divorce from her ex-husband, Michael Sterling, in 2023.

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The America’s Next Top Model winner likened the breakup from her spouse of over four years to contracting the stomach flu, an illness that often results in unintentional weight loss.

“Anyone that’s ever been through a divorce knows that divorce is hard. It’s like the stomach flu like you will be skinny afterward. You are a 200-pound person – you’re gonna drop at least 30 pounds,” the mother of three said.

“So for me, I lost weight just naturally going through life and I found myself depressed. Before my divorce, through my divorce just trying to just navigate and rediscover ‘Who am I?’ I’m not the wife anymore. I’m not someone’s someone. I’m someone’s mom but if I took the mom away, if I took Madam away, if I took ‘Top Model’ away like who’s Eva? Who am I? And making sure that I prioritize knowing that character and building that character.”


When netizens began noticing Marcille’s apparent weight loss, users sent all kinds of hurtful messages and comments about her appearance. To protect herself, the model-turned-actress told Tamron that she deactivated her comments section.

“Where do you put the negative feelings, things that are not good? Where do you put them? You try to bury them down in your person…” the RHOA star told Hall.

During her struggle with depression, Marcille was unaware of her slimmer appearance and the star of All The Queens Men openly admitted that she believed she “looked cute” with her thinner physique.

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Eva Marcille Told Tamron Hall About Starring In BET+’ All The Queens Men

Despite criticism, Marcille remains resilient in the face of negative commentary. Recently wrapping up the third season of her acclaimed BET+ series, All The Queens Men, she’s filled with joy. Marcille expressed her delight in portraying the powerful businesswoman Marilyn “Madam” DeVille on the show, describing it as “beyond” her “wildest dreams.”

Marcille elaborated;

“As an actor, you just want to work. But to do a job you absolutely love, a character that you love, that feeds people… It is so good.”

During moments of self-doubt, Marcille finds solace in the invaluable advice she received from Tyra Banks two decades ago, following her victory on America’s Next Top Model.

“I remember that night. I’d won and we had washed up all of our makeup and I was just on a high. I just was through the roof. And I remember asking Tyra, ‘All these beautiful girls. Why me? I’m a regular girl from South Central Los Angeles that was supposed to be – not this. So why me?’ And she looked me square in my eyes and said, ‘Why not?’ And every time I ask myself, ‘Why me?’ from a blessing or something that God gives me, I always remember, I hear Tyra’s saying, ‘Why not?,’ reminding me. And she planted a seed in me so young, I don’t think she realized what she did, or maybe she did, but she planted a seed to remind me that I’m good enough,” the star said.



This isn’t the first time that Marcille has opened up about the criticism connected to her slim physique. In December, the reality TV star blamed her thin figure on her fast metabolism.

“The world be so mad. They be like, ‘She needs to eat. She needs to eat.’ The difference between me and the rest of the world is that food doesn’t stick to me. And I’m not complaining,” the star said as she scarfed back some rice and a cold alcoholic beverage.


She also sent love to a fan who reminded critics not to body shame while citing the late Chadwick Boseman as an example.

“Please remember Chadwick and watch what you say. Showing love is easier than spewing negativity,” wrote @Pretty.prin.


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