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Tyrese has accused his ex-wife Norma Mitchell of committing “extortion,” bank fraud and failing to pay their daughter’s tuition in a scathing Instagram post shared to his account on May 1.

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The singer-turned-actor’s eyebrow-raising claims come as he fights to change the terms of his tuition payment arrangement with Mitchell in court.

On Tuesday morning, Tyrese ran through a hefty list of accusations about Mitchell, whom he was married to from 2007 to 2009. The Fast & Furious star accused his ex-wife of extortion, “blackmail,” “tax evasion” and “domestic and international wire fraud.” He also accused the matriarch of “skipping 3 full years of tuition” for their daughter Shayla’s school.

Tyrese Runs Down A List Of Accusations Against Mitchell

In his bio, the 45-year-old celeb attached a link to court documents with detailed “receipts” to “back up” his claims. He also accused Mitchell of using her father’s deceased name to forge fraudulent checks.

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“Imagine that? Setting up bank accounts in your deceased father’s name? Forging his signature on checks? …. Imagine giving yo BM 11k a month and she refuses to get your own daughter’s hair and nails done?” Tyrese alleged.

“Imagine a COURT ORDER that states we’re supposed to be 50\50 on school tuition and she’s missed 3 FULL YEARS of payments? If No f*cks given was a person.”

After years of “abuse and trauma” allegedly inflicted upon him by Mitchell, Tyrese told fans that he was ready to defend himself.

“I’ve got nothing to lose but my mind and my reputation… And neither one of these are no longer up for grabs,” the Hollywood veteran continued.

“I get it, I get it… We are living in the TIMES UP and ME TOO ERA! And as soon as a man goes public about the abuse and trauma inflicted on him by a woman we are shamed into silence? I’m past that…Be yourself in my comments! STFU, MAN UP! Stop putting your personal shit out there on the timeline…. Be more private?”

For those questioning his decision to go public with his allegations against Mitchell, Tyrese questioned why naysayers did not voice opposition to his ex-wife when she accused him of abusing her and Shayla in 2017.

“Did you tell my ex to be more private in 2017 when her accusations rocked my life, my career, my marriage, and every opportunity imaginable that was in motion was killed instantly?” he penned.

“After a FULL TRIAL in 2017 with her testifying over 120 LIES was documented UNDER OATH…Did you shame her into silence? No! I’m done living my life in fear of what she might accuse me of next… I’m done with anyone having power over my life to make ALL THAT I HAVE BUILT crumble…”

Tyrese Details What Led To Mitchell’s Alleged Failure To Pay Shayla’s Tuition In His Petition

On March 6, Tyrese filed a request of order motion with the Superior Court of California, to have a judge fix the payment terms of tuition for Shayla.


Inside his petition, he accused Mitchell of failing to pay her half of the teen’s tuition fees for the 2022, 2023 and 2024 academic years. He also accused his ex-wife of failing to pay court-ordered sanctions for $1,500 that were allegedly due in August 2021.

According to the documents, Tyrese claimed that Mitchell’s “long pattern of boldly thumbing her nose at the Court’s orders” and “risking” Shayla’s “expulsion” from Sierra Canyon, began in 2020 after she attempted to enroll Shayla in Oakwood School and then Walter Reed School without his consent. Subsequently, on October 2, 2020, the court granted his request for Shayla to attend Sierra Canyon School.

Demonstrating her disregard for the court’s decision, Shayla allegedly contacted the school and falsely asserted that Tyrese would be solely responsible for paying their daughter’s tuition and fees.

Now, Tyrese is asking the court to allow him to deduct $25,605.50 for the unpaid tuition from his child support payment at the rate of $5,000 per month until he has recovered Mitchell’s share of the court-ordered tuition payments. He’s also asking for his court fees to be paid on his ex-wife’s behalf and to recoup the court order family sanction payment with interest. The payment allegedly totaled $1,879.32 as of March 6, 2024.

On Instagram, he wrote about his legal woes, telling his followers: “The days of me suffering in silence and living in fear are over…167 pages filed in the Los Angeles courthouse.”



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