A standout Love & Marriage Huntsville couple is dishing on this (messy) new season that includes an arrest and a former producer marrying a cast member’s ex.


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Amidst the drama, Chris and Nell Fletcher continue to stand strong even though they recently told BOSSIP that they’ll face challenges in season 5, in particular, when their friend Martell Holt brings up a risqué allegation.

In a trailer for the new season, Martell was seen going toe to toe with Chris while alleging that Ms. Nell was a “side chick” before they tied the knot.


Both Chris and Nell have vehemently denied the allegation that was first alleged on YouTube when Chris’ oldest daughter from his first marriage, Lexi, was interviewed by  Giving You The Real T.

According to Nell however, she was unmoved by Martell bringing up the allegation and she’ll address things later this season.


“Typical Martell,” said an unbothered Ms. Nell.

“Why, bro?” added Chris.


Speaking of Martell, Ms. Nell and her hubby Chris addressed #LAMH watchers who took issue with Chris not stopping Martell from arguing with his wife.

Last season the two were seen fiercely bumping heads while Chris looked on, but according to the broker, he’s used to it.

“They have that brother-sister relationship, we’ve always had that with the four of us, even with Destiny and La’Berrick when they were together,” Chris told BOSSIP. “And it’s always been that respectful time. And a lot of people like to call it disrespect, but when you see your brother and your sister go at it, what do you do? You sit there [and] watch it. them. You sit there and listen. No one is going to approach anyone, no one’s going to touch anyone. It’s just how they feel and how passionate that they are at that moment. They both are very strong -headed, so they really want to get their opinions and their points across. It just is what it is.”

“Actually, this was me and Martell before I even came on the show, or we even came on the show,” chimed in Ms. Nell who says her husband expects them to have fiery moments. “So, they don’t understand, it but we don’t expect it them to because like I said, this was us without cameras. Me and Martell would always be combative or go back and forth.”


The Fletchers also told BOSSIP that they often feel stuck between Martell and his ex-wife Melody Rodgers who are bumping heads this season amid Martell being arrested on a domestic violence charge over a text message, something Ms. Nell disagreed with.

“It’s very hard,” said Nell.

“But we love both of them,” added Chris.

“And you know we want them both to at least be cordial, but now we know it’s never going to happen anymore,” said Nell. “I used to shoot for that all the time honestly, and it’s just off the table now.”



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