Amber Rose is getting dragged back to Philly by her forehead tattoo after posting a picture with Donald Trump.

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The Instagram model took to the social media platform on Monday to post a photo of herself alongside Trump and his wife, Melania. While the photo itself was confusing enough, Amber took things even further, making her caption, “Trump 2024,” officially endorsing him for president.

Rose’s comment section immediately exploded with disappointed fans, wondering how she could endorse a man whose political stances seemed so opposite to what she stands for.

In particular, many followers pointed out the fact that Amber has been a vocal Women’s Rights activist, founding the SlutWalk to end rape culture, slut shaming, and victim blaming.

“Imagine being an ‘advocate’ for women’s rights and endorsing Trump and his party who reversed Roe V Wade,” one commenter wrote, receiving tens of thousands of likes.

Another added, “Oh word? You a big fan of rolling back Roe v. Wade so women have no control of their bodies?”

Many of Amber’s fans also announced that they would be unfollowing her on Instagram, further pointing out the hypocrisy of her endorsement.

“I’ve never unfollowed someone for political reasons but to speak on feminism the way you have then align yourself with him, let’s me know it was all fake from the jump,” another follower added. “There’s no way you can support women while supporting this man. I hope it’s all worth it for you.”

After the influx of negative feedback, Rose disabled comments on the post, according to TMZ.

After TheShadeRoom posted about Amber’s endorsement, even more fans voiced their disapproval. That’s when Rose responded, insisting she’s still putting women first in her decision to vote for Trump.

“Lmaooo yall think Biden cares about black ppl??? Sad. Do ur research. I did,” she began in her comment. “I’ll ALWAYS put women first. Y’all want biological men in women’s sports 🙄 Trump supports the most reasonable compromise on abortion.”

Amber continued,

“Stop being brainwashed cuz WE’RE ppl of color. Make your own decisions.”

On X formerly known as Twitter, the criticism for Muva MAGA continued as disappointed fans pointed out that Joseline Hernandez “was right” when she accused Amber of “wanting to be white.”

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As BOSSIP previously reported, Amber and Joseline had a fistfight while filming an episode of College Hill: Celebrity Edition. Amber went from shouting to swinging at Joseline for accusing her of wanting to identify as a white woman, instead of her biracial identity. As they discussed racial hurdles in an Alabama State University classroom, Amber revealed that she doesn’t fit in with her Black side or her white side.

“You know what your problem is? Your problem is that you really wanna be a white girl,” Joseline fired at Amber.

Joseline later labeled Amber a “Karen” during an interview on The Breakfast Club and on Monday, she said she’s owed an apology for being right about the star.


“The only thing Karen likes black is black [eggplant emoji] in her [poop] emoji [hole] emoji. “Grab her by the [cat emoji], ” wrote Joseline on her InstaStory. “I’m just here for all the apologies and I should have brought all types of problems to that company,” she added. “They allowed that Karen to attack me and spell me. SMH. Karens are a threat to society. I say this to my husband every day.”


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