Destiny Payton knows Love & Marriage Huntsville fans want more deets about the scandal involving someone she considered a friend marrying her ex-boyfriend, and she’s telling BOSSIP about it.

“Correct me, if I’m wrong–how does a side chick work?” said Destiny. “If I don’t know about you and you know about me, then who’s the side chick?”


Source: Love & Marriage Huntsville / OWN

As previously reported Destiny returned to the OWN show for the latest season and opened up about Sunni Minx, a former #LAMH producer, who produced her on the Carlos King show, marrying her ex, Moses.

Love & Marriage Huntsville

Source: Love & Marriage Huntsville/ OWN

“I’m learning that that word friend is a strong word these days,” said Destiny about the situation. “I would say that we were too close for this. You don’t send messages like, ‘I miss you, I love you, sis’ to somebody that you’re not at least in some type of friendship with. It just wasn’t right.”

She then detailed how Sunni initially said she thought was related to Moses before later dropping the relationship bombshell.

“She absolutely said [they were] cousins,” said Destiny before confirming that she confided in Sunni about Moses, a guy she had known for over 15 years.

“That’s so shady man, there’s a girl code,” said LaTisha.

“It’s so unprofessional,” added Destiny before noting that she eventually blocked Sunni after she dropped the relationship bombshell.

Later, Sunni was seen blasting Destiny as a “side chick” who she didn’t owe loyalty to.

“I don’t owe you any loyalty, we don’t have no skin in the game,” she said defiantly. ” You’re not my friend. I owe myself loyalty. At the end of the day, I didn’t steal nobody’s husband. I didn’t break up no home.”

She added;

“We’re married. And that’s what it is. And if you don’t like it, oh, well, and let’s be clear, even when I started dating Moses, he had several women he was already dating. You were the side chick from day one. So when were you even the main chick?”


According to Destiny, however, the “side chick” comment just doesn’t make sense.

Destiny Payton Talks Sunni Minx, Her Previous Relationship With Moses

Destiny is reiterating that Sunni’s coupledom with Moses blindsided her.

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“Correct me, if I’m wrong–how does a side chick work?” Destiny asked BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Dani Canada. “If I don’t know about you and you know about me, then who’s the side chick?”

She also took accountability for thinking that her friendship with Sunni was more than it was.

“So one thing I would have to own in this moment is that I thought it was something that it wasn’t,” said Destiny to BOSSIP. “For me, when someone is building a situation their intentions are different, that’s just how manipulation works. When you’re in a siturion and I’m saying certain things that I would only say to my friends and you’re saying certain things back, for me, I just saw it differently and even if we weren’t besties; it was just too close for comfort.”

She also addressed a comment made by Sunni where she said she “poured into her” and at one point even lent her money.

“It’s interesting that we not friends but you poured into me, we’re not anything but you have given me money, that I don’t recall; I really don’t,” said Destiny. “For me it’s just like, why is that a conversation, why are we not hearing about your relationship, your love, why is it bash Destiny?”

Later in her chat with BOSSIP, Destiny added that she’s not seeking an apology from Sunni.

“I’ll never look for an apology that I may never get,” said Destiny. “In living life, it’s not something I desire or need to move on. When I didn’t respond to the text message [Sunni sent], I was already moved on.”

Destiny also told BOSSIP that her “Unbreakable” podcast is coming to television and she’s working on her mental health, all while watching the #LAMH drama with Sunni and Moses play out in real-time, just like the fans.

On Saturday’s episode airing at 8/7c on OWN, the shocking coupledom will be addressed by Latisha and Kimmi who tell Destiny about the chat they had with the former producer. Not only that, but Sunni’s husband Moses will sit down with Marsau and Maurice who encourage him to defend his wife against “side chick” allegations.

Later, Destiny and Moses will sit down face to face for the first time and there will be a LOT of chatter about the timing of their breakup.

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