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Roger Fortson

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Down-bad Deputy Duran Blames Roger Fortson’s Scary Stare For Shooting Him In Cold Blood

Former Florida Deputy Eddie Duran explained the tragic night he killed Roger Fortson by claiming an “aggressive look” justified a death sentence. Fortson was a dedicated 23-year-old Senior Airman in the U.S. Air Force whom Florida deputy Eddie Duran shot at for answering the door while Black in a raid at the wrong address. Turning a clerical error into an execution is blatantly unacceptable, yet the former officer still faces no criminal charges.

Duran was fired for the May 3 shooting. And, of course, he’s taking the opportunity to create a false narrative about the man he killed. According to Pensacola News Journal, Fortson allegedly scared him when he opened the door. 

“When I saw his eyes, I saw aggression,” Duran recounted, reflecting on his first encounter with Roger Fortson.

Duran said that Fortson took a slight step forward and tilted his arm, holding a gun. He claims that non-threatening gesture and alleged look of aggression justified the use of deadly force. 

“I thought ‘I am stuck in this area and I’m about to get shot,'” Duran said, justifying his quick decision to fire.

The alleged “scary-looking Black person” excuse is always a favorite of trigger-happy cops, even when they gun down a man in a wheelchair or a child playing in the park.

Sheriff’s Office Actions & Fortson Family Response: “The Firing Is Not Justice”

In the aftermath of the incident, the Sheriff’s Office took surprisingly swift action. Duran was terminated for violating policies regarding officer response to resistance after concluding that Fortson had not offered any. 

The Sheriff’s Office released an internal investigation report a month after the shooting, detailing the events and the rationale behind Duran’s termination. However, these actions have done little to console Fortson’s family. 

PNJ states that Meka Fortson, Roger Fortson’s mother, expressed her dissatisfaction.

“The firing is not justice to me.” She further elaborated, “That’s not justice, that’s you thinking you’re throwing me a bone and I’m OK with it.” 

The Fortson family, alongside their attorney Ben Crump, has called for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to prosecute Duran, seeking a more substantial form of justice.

Attorney Ben Crump Clearing The Fortson Name

How sick can you get to blame an innocent man for his own killing?

Renowned civil rights attorney Ben Crump has taken up the Fortson family’s case and sharply criticized the Sheriff’s Office for handling the situation. 

Crump argued that the Sheriff’s Office wrongly portrayed Fortson as an aggressor and emphasized the need to clear his name. 

A video released to the public appeared to show Duran firing on Fortson almost immediately as he appeared at his door, holding a gun that was pointed downward. 

This video has fueled calls for further action against Deputy Duran. 

Witness Testimonies Causing Confusion

The narrative surrounding the incident has been further complicated by conflicting witness testimonies.

PNJ describes that a nearby witness reported hearing an argument from Fortson’s apartment that night, describing the noise as distinctly different from their usual “banter.”

In contrast, Fortson’s girlfriend, who was interviewed as part of the investigation, denied that any argument had taken place. 

She testified that Fortson was playing video games when Deputy Duran knocked on his door.

According to PNJ, during a Monday press conference held in Atlanta, Meka Fortson, Roger Fortson’s mother, said, “There are so many lies in that report, there is so much left out of that report. He (Roger) doesn’t know how to put aggression in his eyes …. Y’all are still staining his record.”

More To Come on the Fortson Justice Case

The Fortson family is striving to bring more to light for Roger Fortson and clear his name since the deadly encounter. BOSSIP remains steadfast in following this story.


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