Michelle Obama Tells NAACP Slavery’s Over… Let’s Move On!

- By Bossip Staff

Michelle Obama is tired of the NAACP pissin’ and moanin’ about slavery. At the NAACP Convention, she told them the greatest challenge to our children isn’t Jim Crow, its Little Debbie! Pop it to see her put the smack down.

Michelle is tellin’ the NAACP to get right, or get left. She attended the annual convention to let them know that while they’ve been harping on enslavement from decades ago, our kids have been getting fatter and dumber by the second.

At the NAACP, Mrs. Obama linked the civil rights struggle of earlier eras to the present-day battle for the health of African-American children. Speaking bluntly and returning to a familiar theme for her, the first lady said kids spend too much time watching TV, playing video games and surfing the Internet instead of playing outside.

“In fact, studies have found that African-American children spend an average of nearly six hours a day watching TV — and that every extra hour of TV they watch is associated with the consumption of an additional 167 calories.” The First Lady said.

“We are living today in a time where we’re decades beyond slavery, we are decades beyond Jim Crow, when one of the greatest risks to our children’s future is their own health, African-American children are significantly more likely to be obese than are white children. Nearly half of African-American children will develop diabetes at some point in their lives. People, that’s half of our children.
“And if we don’t do something to reverse this trend right now, our kids won’t be in any shape to continue the work begun by the founders of this great organization,” she continued.

“So we owe it to all those who’ve come before us to ensure that all those who come after us — our children and our grandchildren — that they have the strength and the energy and the enduring good health that they need to continue and complete that journey.”
She left the group with her “Let’s Move!” rallying cry:

“So I’m asking you, NAACP, will you move with me? Let’s move! I’m going to need you, NAACP. This is not an endeavor that I can do by myself. We cannot change the health of our community alone.”

Said Mrs. Obama: “I’m going to need each and every single one of you to work together for this campaign for our children’s future. If we do this together, we can change the way our children think about their health forever.”

The NAACP has gotten so good at controversy, it will be interesting to see them in action. Let’s see if they take her up on her offer to shut up and do something.


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