Did Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams’ Husband Have A Baby With This Woman While They Were Married???

- By Bossip Staff

Twitter can be a nightmare sometimes, just ask Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams. Yesterday Jennifer was on the receiving end of some disturbing @replies from a Cleveland woman claiming to have mothered a child with her husband Eric.

“Here is a picture of your husband’s son in Cleveland, Ohio” read the first tweet, which was accompanied by a photo of her now 18-month-old son, Jayden.

“The case has been in court for over a year,” read the second tweet, also accompanied by a photo.

Jennifer did not respond directly to the woman, @brandeb via Twitter at all, however when @Vh1Info posted a story about the incident, and tweeted Jennifer’s handle @REDCARPET_17 asking “Is Jennifer Williams a stepmom?” she responded saying: “Ummmm I NO! I don’t know who that woman is…”

Can you really blame her for trying to avoid (MORE) public embarrassment? Her husband was notorious on the show for having stepped outside his marriage, and our sources tell us he fathered at least seven children even before wedding Jennifer. SMH. This particular case should be easy enough to solve with a paternity test. But in the meantime:

Do you think this baby bears a resemblance to Jennifer’s hubby???

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  • ThaManagement

    That heffa is LYING! She didnt know he was married? Get outta here. All she had to do was google his name….she woulda seen that he’s married.

    Are these black women just that LOW in self-esteem that they wont even LOOK for a single male? I mean, damn! And she had a damn baby with this man?!? A fool….Good luck with that.

    • sb1

      She is not lying, she did not know. She is a good woman, Williams was not right. It is easy to say things when you are on the outside looking in. Please do not call her a heffa and dont look down on her when you do not know the facts or the details of what happened.

    • MsRachael

      @ sb1. She opened the issue to the court of public opinion when she decided to TWITTER her business to the world.

    • kalifa

      anybody who puts their business in the street is up for public scrutiny.

      she has a hoe mentality 😦

      no decent responsible mother would tweet this drama and post pics of her child

      that’s a hoe looking for a handout and fame

    • DollBaby1o1

      That baby is identical to Eric!

      I know that Jen is sick…ause when susie said something about jen having eric baby …eric said h3ll naw!

      aw man.

      = o

  • KeyshaLikesItHot!

    Messy……… A mans nature and sometimes a Womans foolishness.

    • say huh

      Funny thing is–if Jenn knew her life wasn’t going well, and her husband is so suspect, why bring all of that to television?

      Is fame SO attractive that you’d rather have that, than work on fixing your marriage? Because I cant imagine having cameras follow you around and is really helping to stabilize that marriage.

  • Willie Lump Lump

    Dyzamn! Lil man look just like alien head E Dub!

    • shanaep


  • Being a Wife isn't easy

    Wow, it is time for Jennifer to make a decision because her “husband” really does not give a damn about her..just like the hoochie said.

    Eric is so very unattractive and sounds so ignorant, it has to be about the money.

  • neenee

    they got the same head !


    Poor Jenn but she wanted a “certain” lifestyle hopefully that won’t include HIV.

  • Don't bite me!

    His teeth scare me! He should have spent some money getting that fixed! I would not let him go down on me!

    • hah!

      LMAO!!!2 damn funny!

    • Gemini

      LMFAO yeah he needs to do something about that BOOT mouth of his!

    • Michele

      So true – you would have to get a va.jay.jay replacement after he did the deed.

  • Anonymous1

    SHE may not know who that chick is, which is irrelevant,but she need to ask Eric who she is.

    (HARPO, who dat woman?)

    Besides, this chick must have been living under a rock if she takes up with a man WITHOUT googling him; free information is no good if you don’t use it. She probably didn’t know he was married but she could have found out if she really wanted to know the truth!!


      Not Harpo who dat woman? LMAO!

    • Gemini

      I am cracking up!!! HARPO……He looks like HARPO with that mouth of his!! I mean he could eat yo insides out!!

    • You Like It

      LMAO, good one.

  • if anything be noble

    This info had to be tweeted? (Jayden baby, um— you might want to get up out that car seat and start looking for a job ’cause you have your work cut out for you, sho nuff. Your mommy is crazy, baby.)

    • LuVn_LiFe

      I haVe to agree with you on that 100% thats just scandolous.

      why would this lady handle that like that,if its been in the courts and jenn had NO clue she should have left it that way.

      WAY ouTTA LIne thats Just disgraceful to the baby mama and the baby,sillY broad

    • Whatev

      I just looked at her twitter. She posted pics of herself AFTER she posted the baby pics to the wife. She wants attention. she laments going to work, wants to be stay@ home mom. She knew what she was doing. She snaggged a baller for BD, married or not.

    • queen001

      Don’t judge that is up to God. Anyway Eric was not that popular to google. A true gold digger would google someone to find out how much money they have and all their business; I know this girl personally and she was simply caught up in a man’s lie….fyi!!!

  • chrissy

    Eric williams is hellllla uggg(hh)ly. If he wasn’t in the NBA he wouldn’t have these women, but he would still have them kids tho! What a shame.

  • My Other SN

    Oh my, same head, eyes, lips, nose, hopefully he misses out on the teeth. Dang Jen, what r u going to do?



  • samech

    she was the only one on the show I actually liked, maybe now she will leave

  • thatonegirl

    Things r not looking so good 4 eric cuz that baby does bare a strong resemblance. Jen its time 2 move on but don’t move on phedera style.

  • knowsitall

    ::Maury Guest Voice::Look at that babies nose! Look at his lips!!! Baby got the same head and everything! I am 1000 gazillion percent sure that ERIC IS the FATHER!

    • kw cnch

      you stupid, lol

  • Soul Touch

    Well, he’s wife is the IDIOT if she married him after he sired 7 children prior to their marriage.

    Get it together honey.

    Baby is too cute though.

    • Karryn

      I agree with you totally. There’s no way I could marry him with his 7 kids baby mamas to deal with. That’s too much drama for me. I wonder if he pays childsupport on all those kids.

  • yah...

    tht lil boy look jus like him…smdh…shame shame.

  • yvonne

    This nonsense never stops, and also dont understand why shes still married to him.

    • DeeDee

      I agree. But she showed everyone on the show what type of female she was. No matter what Eric does, she’s going to stay there and take it.She wants the lifestyle of being married to a pro athlete;so since she sold her SOUL, her DIGNITY and her SELF-RESPECT just so people can call her Mrs.ERIC WILLIAMS then I have no sympathy for her!

  • Butterscotchâ„¢

    “Our sources tell us he fathered at least seven children even before wedding Jennifer.”

    If that is true, and he was not married to the kids’ mother/mothers, Jennifer should not have married him. And this potential jump off is all kinds of wrong for springing this news on Twitter.

  • Blessed Daughter

    Wow this lady is so disrespectful. What did his wife ever do to her for her to publicly humiliate her in this manner? She was dead wrong for that. I think Jennifer needs to talk to Elin and get the lawyers # ASAP!

    • queen001

      This lady has been taking care of a baby for 18 months all alone, I don’t know about you but she cannot be super woman!!! When life gets hard and a man will not stand up you get fed up and life comes to a head. If she just wanted attention she probably would have said something a long time ago dummy! So much for your predictions gumshoe!

    • Proud

      You say things in court or you try to contact them personally. There are other ways. Not judging the girl but just saying.

  • Tamika1412

    Poor Jennifer. I liked her too. All the money in the world is not worth that kinda pain. He clearly does look at her as only a business arrangement. Girl take your half of the coins and lose that loser.

  • sb1

    That is my sister and she is a good woman. She honestly did not know. It is a sad situation.

    • Sha

      idk how twitter works, but isn’t there a way she could’ve sent the message privately?

    • Tonton1

      Oh, she do! Becuz she tweeted the message. FAME!

    • Tonton1

      What she didn’t have a computer to look him up? I feel like she knew he was married. A basketball player…Come on now! I will look him up

    • mich

      She didn’t know? yeah right!! first off she slept with someone she didn’t fully know,secondly she get pregnant(no condom) Gross!! i don’t let my man do that.Last why tweet his wife?, i’m sure she could have got in touch with her outside of that. Dumb and Messy!! I’m sure she knew of his profession,so why not google4 more info,especially if your not living with him.

  • Tamika1412

    damn. Now that I think about it how do you do another woman like that. Tweet “this is your husband’s son in Cleveland. And how could Jennifer not know he has a legal case pending for this child? I don’t know.

    • LuVn_LiFe

      And jenn she needs to kick rocks and let that heffa from Cleveland Know Miss me with that!”

  • DeeDee

    Hey ThaManagement,did you ask the low self-esteem WHITE women who constantly go after married men that same question????


    Since this is not going to cost me a dime I don’t give a rat’s whole entire azzzzzz

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