Reggie Bush Says F*ck A Heisman… He Isn’t Even Thinking About That Trophy!

- By Bossip Staff

Reggie Bush says he hasn’t given the hoopla over him potentially losing the Heisman award any thought.

Reggie Bush says whether he is stripped of his Heisman trophy is out of his hands and that his play on the field in college speaks for itself.

Bush says he “cannot confirm or deny” whether he’s met with anyone from the Heisman Trust and has had no comment on a Yahoo! report that says he could be stripped of the award by the end of the month.

Bush says he hasn’t even thought about whether he’d actually return the trophy if asked and stresses that his focus is on the New Orleans Saints’ season opener against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night.

The NCAA found major violations in USC’s football program and levied serious sanctions against the school in June. The Trojans have dissociated themselves completely from Bush.

We kinda figured that since he got his Superbowl ring this year he’d probably give his whole college career — Heisman included — the Kanye Shrug.

No wonder USC is saying “F*ck Reggie Bush”… SMH


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  • breezy

    i’m sure he really does not care about a dumb college trophy when he has already won a SuperBowl….

    • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

      Reggie was in tears when he won as well. Crying while he thanked his mama & step father. I’m sure he’s focused on the Vikings but this is bothering him. The bottom line is the almighty $. Who wants a disgraced running back endorcing their product?

  • Aphatty

    Don’t act like the isshh don’t hurt, Reggie. You should care because people lost their scholarships because of you. USC football is obsolete for the next few years because of you. You may be living your dreams, but there are kids who now can’t even consider playing for USC, which was probably a dream of theirs – because of you. Selfish punk.

  • nana

    sonmewhere kim kardashian is like “Thank God”! But regardless his wallet is fat so get over it people

  • jay32

    Don’t blame him for what’s happening to USC,they made millions off of his talents,its not fair that everybody gets to benefit financially from his talents but him and his family.It isn’t fair the way the NCAA treats its athletes.They want him to give back the trophy he earned but I bet they’re not going to give back the millions of dollars they made off of what he did on the field.

    • Aphatty

      I understand where you are coming from, but he was not a pro-athlete and shouldn’t get paid like one. All college students struggle – even the ones that excel academically. Should they get paid too? His return was a free education from a school that otherwise wouldn’t have accepted him, if he couldn’t play football. That’s got to count for something.

    • Aphatty

      Fine – then take the proper steps to CHANGE the rules – not BREAK them. The fact of the matter is that Reggie didn’t play on that USC team by himself. So why should he get paid while the rest of the team plays by the rules and gets nothing? If he felt that strongly that he wasn’t getting his cut – take it to the school. Don’t take it “under the table”. He would have gotten much more respect that way – and maybe even some money.

  • dmo

    What the hell do you people mean he did hardly nothing help win the Superbowl. You are ignorant and delusional. Reggie is the reason all yall teams went home with a loss last season by jumping over your slow azz safety’s. LMAO. Things happen, why should he care? He shouldn’t! They can’t strip his NFL career. He made it so those other probable USC kids can go somewhere else and do the same. He is not the blame. You losers always trying to put blame on the one who made it. SMH

  • WTF?!

    Kim is considered a ‘coveted trophy’? I guess…

  • Itsmekc

    As arrogant as ever. It’s that type of attitude that got him into this situation in the first place.

    • Kate

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. His arrogance is his biggest curse. He’s good and he’s handsome and all of that but some integrity would be nice.

  • neen-o

    They shouldn’t strip him of his well deserved Heisman… have you heard/read what other winners have done?? They still have their trophy… the NCAA needs to back the eff up… take a trip to Alabama and ask their QB where he got his Range from?? Ask their RB where his spinning rims came from?? Seriously, if they’re trying to prove a point, don’t use RBush as a scapegoat…go after ALL COLLEGE TEAMS who’s players have nice shyt…. hell, fballers in AZ were broke just like the rest of us..and that’s how it should be. BUt don’t single out this black man…thanks NCAA

    • Please stop

      EXACTLY!!!! NCAA needs to take a trip to NC, TX, GA, FL, etc. None of those players are struggling, they drive better cars and wear better clothes then the average college student.

  • Xster

    Big bank (NFL) take little bank(USC, NCAA).

  • HAHA

    Don’t like him anyway~~~!!! Take that home to you whit girl! oH YEAH YOU CAN’T they took it back POW

  • Please Stop

    NCAA Colleges make millions off their college players. Whether you know it or not…the allumni, coaches, etc…give these players money and gifts through out their college years. I live in near 4 NCAA Division One schools…and lets just say, the football and basketball players drive better cars and wear better clothes then the average college student. None of those dudes are struggling…trust me I see it.

  • babygyrl1982

    everybody wanna bash bush but nobody wants to put the blame on tha agent. for one bush was young and nobody explained to him on the things that he could recieve and not recieve from a agent. two hell with that trophy he has a superbowl ring so who cares about a trophy.usc can go kick rocks all i care. all of a sudden they dig up dirt on him after he won the superbowl that is kinda suspicious to me. bush doing his thing so f**k off. and he is going to get another superbowl ring so pow that.

  • ShawtyWhereYouAta

    I didnt know who Reggie Bush was until her started smashing Kim…so i think she deserves alot from him.

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  • Lisa

    Kim? You are joking…right?

  • dfiestyone

    It’s ok.. they can’t take that Superbowl ring from him so f*ck them and keep on winning the ones that REALLY matter Reggie (Superbowl rings)!!! AHA!!! I bet those haters was mad when the Saints won last year too!!!

  • Candy

    Damn Right Reggie…F**k a damn Heisman. He earned that trophy and it doesn’t have sh**t to do with him receiving gifts while he at USC. In fact all college players should receive some type of income besides a scholarship. The schools make millions the coaches earn millions and the minority players get the shaft until they go pro.

    You go Reggie and hold that head proud. They can’t take the fact that you play the game very, very well.
    BTW, they would have to come get the M***f*** I would not give them Sh**.

  • blaxitive

    I mean what else is he going to say??? This is the obvious response when the inevitable is about to happen!

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