Tweets Is Watchin’: ‘Peas Frontman Reacts To Blackface Backlash

- By Bossip Staff

If you felt some type of way about‘s misguided make-up choices at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, you’re not alone. Twitter’s right there with you.

The reaction on Twitter to’s fashion fail started as a whisper when he hit the red carpet, and roared on when he hit the stage with Nicki Minaj and later sat in the audience looking like a cut character from The Wiz.

The comments ranged from confusion:

…to humor:

… to downright outrage:

And guess what thinks about your opinion?

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  • Emoney

    Nicki can turn little girls into plastic dolls, but the black man gets the hate. If you’re a blk man aren’t you in blk face everyday? dumb azz world

    • ImaPC

      The WHite dude from Tropic Thunder (RObert Downey Jr?) earned rave reviews from Hollywood in Blackface. I didn’t hear nary a PEEP!

      SO now uses some makeup to make his skin darker (not in a cartoonish way, not imitating another race the way Downey Jr. was) and he’s getting called out??


    • kalifa

      he’s the upgraded, new negro…..

      more like an oreo though

      black on the outside

      white on the inside

  • tellthetruth

    He considers himself to be hip-hop. No, he said he brought hip-hop back. Well, if that’s the case I don’t like it. I miss the true form of it which was 80/90’s. This crap that’s out now is why I really don’t listen to much of it. Nikki Minaj and the other newcomers are garbage. Black Eyed Peas is more pop/techno. He is another fool like Wyclef who’s head is so big they believe their own hype.

  • LaFiddy

    Umm…why are my comments being blocked?

  • thunderkitty

    Not gonna hate on him, doesn’t look like he meant it in an Al Jolsen way, but I will say that artist do need to think about certain choices they make because whether they like it or not they represent us to the rest of the world…

  • ManchesterUKer

    Some people have no concept of what black-face actually was, it was more than a bit of make up

    • Soul Touch

      Thank you.

  • DeeDee

    I’m sure some dummy will have something smart to say, but I don’t care! I am not offended, I agree with what Will said and I don’t even like him. There are MUCH more important issues to deal with in the World. The fact that Will is BLACK is why it doesn’t bother me. Now when Ted Danson did it years ago I was offended, because he is a white man. Say whatever you want that’s my opinion.

  • why?

    I think you really don’t have “mean” anything by it but why would you? it looks silly and doesnt make you sound better! Some people are yelling it’s art, i think he wants to be talked about and it worked! racism and the hurt fromit is not the past for some people! everyone can’t chop it up in hollywood like u william! It’s going on NOW

  • lani3000

    just a wack outfit, thats all

    • gb


  • Mrs. Rance

    I wasn’t offended.

  • herudagod

    As much as I don’t really care for will I am, but I don’t think it was blackface. I think he was trying to be a black robot and apart of his act. I do agree with he said about folks getting upset about shiit that doesn’t even matter.

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    I personally never had a problem with wearing blackface. He just looked very ridiculous.

    I agree with his statements though, especially when he combated the idiot that said his outfit set black people back 100 years.

    Black people are truly lost if they think an outfit is setting them back.

    Did look stupid? HELL YES, however his ridiculous outfit doesn’t have the power to set anyone back.

  • http://bossip dennis

    He let those white folks dress him up in black face so they can lol. He dressed up like a robot because thats what he is. I want somebody, anybody to sit here and tell me it wasn’t a white staff member that suggested he should go black face a.s. a robot. Yeah they dressed his dumb a.s.s. up in black face and put him on stage a.s. a robot and laughed the night away. Then he wrote a twitt ” I “where” what I want to where! then talk about setting black people back with the black face lmfao, you set us back with the where/wear, and talk about worry about health care, worry about spelling!

  • shut the fu*ck up

    is he the new fu*cked up look for 2010….wait
    there’s a list
    nicki minaj
    lady gaga
    wasn’t grace jones enough back then she scared the hell out of me
    bufoonery at its best
    if this ios the new teck look
    then line these fools up
    and target practice on they azz

  • EbonyLolita

    They both looked like Rahtid Idiots *Kissteeth* Chile me cyan badda wid dem too *shrugs*

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    His face is already black!

  • daisy jay

    when i saw him yesterday, i was a bit thrown off, but not offended in any kind of way.
    too many people overreact to every single thing that they see. they pay attention to the negative side of every situation. wasn’t plotting to “offend” anybody and cause all of this controversy. what he did was harmless. people need to stop spending their time picking on everybody because it just makes them look like the real idiot. the end.

  • Sha

    either way, it was a dumb costume.

  • Love IT

    I dont think it was BlackFACE. People are really stoooopid to get offended by a black man painted in black. He is an artist cut it out. #unlameyourself

  • meetlove111

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  • ignoranceizbliss

    if only he had put on the red lipstick and borrowed a bow tie and top hat from t-pain

  • Soul Touch

    I beginning to wonder if people even know what blackface is….


  • this world is over

    It was something to get people talking and guess what…people are talking!!! LOL

  • LadyNubia

    Never thought I would with one that is the ‘whites’ but, oh well, here goes…I agree with your message!!

  • LadyNubia

    And I don’t think his ‘ensemble’ was an intentional ‘blackface’…he was trying WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too hard to be an individual, that he already is.
    To me it just screams ‘insecurity’ and makes them seem attention-seeking.

  • Jus Sayin

    You hit that nail on top of the coffin! I agree.

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