Berry Bright RihRih Brings Her Big Alien Domepiece To London

- By Bossip Staff

Hallelujah, the wiggedy wackness is gone!!! Rih Rih headed to London yesterday sporting a new hairstyle. Looks like this time she opted for just a few pieces in the front. Is it just us or is her head looking really huge with this look? We knew about the five-head but her joint is lookin’ all long and “Predator”ish from this angle.

How do you feel about Rihanna’s pinkish top paired with orange pants and gold pumps? Guess she’s trying to stay in line with her Loud album.

WENN/Bauer Griffin

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  • j

    I think I’m first! Yaaaa, rihanna looks better, but she still needs to let that hair go. Ursula, where u been!

    • DollBaby101

      Nah she actually looks cute, really.

    • rturti


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    • IrrationalChicksBetheWorse!

      Actually, I think she looks cute too. As far as the hair goes – I think she’s trying to do the Janet Jackson “Velvet Rope” thing.

      Remember how curly and red Janet’s hair was for that album?

  • Yaser Lad

    It’s official Fenty has a Fat Head. ‘Fat Head Fenty'(FHF) Lmao
    Rihanna we don’t want you man. Take her back US of A!

  • shorty

    her hair iz cute, tha outfit iz fugly

  • Please!

    Here we go with this again…we have to put up with seeing her every day, on every blogsite, walking the streets in every city…just to promote a damn album!

  • Kera

    She looks beautiful… If you hate her SO much, why continue to post on her?

  • Datbitch

    Yall bummy bi*ches need to stop just like most of u are tired seeing her most of us ae tired of reading ur tiresome rants about nothing. Rihanna was suppose to be around for 15 mins according to u so call experts. Well sorry to tell u she is going on 5 years. SShe is on the bill board again wid her new release. Yall hate cant stop the shining.

  • msladybrice

    RiRi let it go and come back to us…we love girl and we will continue to pray for you little lady!

  • nana

    Not even gon lie, this Chic can pull off Colours effortlessly! Kelis r u paying attention?? This is how u do it.



  • Kelly

    Love it Ri Ri keep them hating, you are all in their heads, every single time your name is mentioned they start spinning.

  • bklynista718

    Love this look..her hair looks great paired wit the colors she’s wearin..def a lot better then that polka dot clown outfit she wore..major no no..this I love and not many ppl can pull this u rhi rhi..stop hatin on her yall..seriously..makes u look ugly!

    • rihannadefender

      how could you hate on somebody you dont even know? lol

  • honeygirluk

    Why does every black blog hate on rihanna?
    It seems like your all copying each other.
    And i don’t understand people who say they’re sick of rihanna but still click on a post about her…weird.
    Btw rihanna looks nice.

    • aries79

      My thoughts exactly…probally jealousy

  • Bunny(formerly Urheiness/Angel)

    Straight fiyah from head to toe :). Looves it!

  • Madame X

    I love it!

  • deelucious

    Slowly but surely she’s sorting her hair out. Why didn’t she just do this hairstyle to begin with instead of wearing that silly wig? This is a VAST improvement.

  • vanessa

    love the look she loks soo good this is the rihanna i like 🙂

  • tweety140

    This girl usually dress fly but I am not going to cosign this outfit and hair color nope I won’t do it.



  • sfjhertjk

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  • Nikki88

    really who dresses this girl? she cant be doing this to herself….

  • Terri

    She looks beautiful and she is so in love. Her interview was really sweet.

    • GTFOH

      IN LOVE WITH WHO? SHE SHES KEMP 5X A YEAR…She may have been thinking about CB when she said it….Funny–Kemp was seen with groupies at Drais the other night…Yup they’re in love alright..lmaoooo GTFOH

  • prettysmilez28

    what in the world do she have on i swear some of this people go overboad!!!!!

  • prettysmilez28

    what in the world do she have on i swear some of these people go overboad!!!!!

  • Phly-Girl

    Absolutely love her, glad she changed the hair do thought, that wig was not working anymore.
    She looks totally fab.

  • http://neneissomebull lady m

    fuc* rhianna i dont like that long neck big head man looking hoe the music she makes is garbage just go 2 show anybody can make a song

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