“I’m A Real Woman Now, What’s The Big Deal?” Sidney Starr Snaps Back At Ex Boo Chingy

- By Bossip Staff

Transgender Sidney Starr snaps back at Chingy who during his interview with Street Heat stomped all rumors of their juicy love affair. Starr says “I can understand why he is denying it. With Hip-Hop being so anti-gay, he feels ashamed, but we were together off and on for two years. I honestly don’t see what the problem is, because I am a real woman now.”

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  • I love Tamron Hall


  • Nicole Speaks

    That’s where he’s wrong, he is NOT a real woman. He will NEVER be a real woman. Plastic surgery can change a lot of things, but it can’t change DNA. He will be a man until the day he dies.

    • Lovely

      @ Nicole, Yes you are absolutely right, HE can never in a trillion years be a “Real woman” externally, HE may have the boobs and but, but INTERNALLY there is no woman organs. God made HIM a man. and for everyone saying it’s disrespectful to call this MAN a HIM because HE identifies with HIMSELF as a woman, PLEASE! I’d rahter tell it like it is than be disrespectful towards God.

    • Phacorah

      Co-sign. I’m not a Kat Stacks fan but I must say she was right when she called this MAN out. Brah’s will take you being secretive like this very seriously. Best wishes for Shim if somebody decides to act out.

    • stephanie

      @lovely i am so offended by your comment. i would like to think that God made my soul independent of color, ethnicity, AND gender.

  • nana

    So all I wonna know is, Chingy bisexual?!

    • understandingoverignorance

      Duh he had a di once but not now still a man Chingy is bisexual if he did bag a he/she

    • Double Standards

      My question is did Chingy know that this was once a man? By this pic you really can’t tell that it was once a man! If he was tricked by this con-artist then I fell for him. But if he knew and jumped on in that mess then to hell with him. Chingy always did look a little sweet to me!

  • immy


  • immy

    black men are lost monkeys

    • spikepine

      Black men are not monkeys. They error and sin just like all the rest.

  • phelove


  • David

    Show me pics or shut the F$%$K up!! She is a woman period.

    • Lovely

      And you are gay, period.

    • Tiffany

      @daisy jay “believe half what you see and none of what you hear”- clipse but it could be that way i guess *kanye shrugs*

    • daisy jay

      @tiffany ha i didn’t know it was an actual quote…i just kinda made it up. but thanks, i might use that haha

    • spikepine

      David, how can you say that she is a woman when she admits to being born a male. You can’t change DNA with surgery. Further, your opinion does not change facts.

    • daisy jay

      HAHAHAHA you crack me up. you must not understand, i think she was NEVER a man in the first place! all of this is a scam. now if she REALLY was born a man, then i would say she’s a man forever, no matter HOW much surgery “she” got. think about what you’re reading before you attack the person that said it *rolls eyes*

  • tg

    If she was a man – she’ll always be a man – just one with a hole now. But if you were born a man – YOU ARE A MAN. Even though I think she lying, too.

    • XO

      second hole

  • Bossip Is Ran By The KKK


    • tommykimon

      So true, Just like the woman who claims she a man even though she still has a uterus and give birth to a child. You are not a man and this is not a real woman sorry huney.

  • lexical

    ROTFlMAO… This to crazy I wonder if this is really true… It must be because y chingy of all th relevant or irrelevant rappers. She is very pretty no traces that he was once a man.

  • Soul Ese

    They can cut off and add whatever HE wants…..still genetically a man. More so than Caster Semenya….

  • Ja

    How do we know she was ever a man? She could b a woman all along and tryin to get paid by trashin Chingy

    • Blacchyna


    • Should be working

      THANK YOU!!! I don’t think this person was ever a man, it’s simply a ploy to get some undeserved shine and get their name out there. Which tells me that we are living in a sad, sad state of affairs. 😦

  • 100milesperhour

    Chingy gon mess around & choke this thing if it doesnt stop cyber-stalking him…


    Caster Semenya was proven to be an intersexual. Research it.

  • 2packsofminkyyak

    Chingy needs to sue that heffa for defamation of character

  • LuVn_LiFe

    LoL putting his behind on blast

  • greatelect


  • jfizzle

    Once again please stop talking about this “thing” and kat stacks. You C Rat Stacks had several name drops during the BET hip hop. Next they’ll have reality shows.

  • aya sonjohn


  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Yea thats a woman she is trying her best to get famous…

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    She use to be a stripper in Chicago and you tellin me NOBODY noticed that was a man and NOBODY has any pictures of this

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    She use to be a stripper in Chicago and you tellin me NOBODY noticed that was a man

  • Yeahisaidit

    To all u NEANDERTHALS….non blacks for the uneducated…u are the REAL MONKEYS CHECK THE FACTS!!!! Anyways coming from a black woman it disgust me to see all these no life neanderthals talk down upon my black men…Look upon ur own men and own faults before u come on here degrading us…if u filthy dog smelling monkeys spent half as much time blogging about us as u should making ur OWN babies maybe ur race would not be depleting so fast. TO ALL MY BLACK MEN OUT THERE U R ALL KINGS<F OUTTA HERE MONKEYS I AM ALLERGIC TO U!

  • Tamela

    Ummm…no Boo, you’re a man. Females have “menstrual cycles,” whether regular or irregular. You can’t claim menopause, either. Sidney Star, YOU ain’t nothing but a ladyboy.

    You can claim you’re a woman all you want, but check this out: I can swim my @$s off. Does that make me a shark, gator or a dolphin???? Hell naw! Just like nip/tuck doesn’t make you female or a woman.

  • A Mess

    I’m tired of these flamboyant gays. Seriously, she’s is a man. I blame plastic surgery. All these manufactured women. Its sickening. Please let this shim fade into obscurity. Between this and men wearing skirts, is being a woman that fuking grand? I feel sorry for men. Now you all have to go around asking for birth certificates and baby pics. These imposters are disgusting.

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