Are More White Men Ditching Their Lovers For Black Women?

- By Bossip Staff

As the state of interracial unions becomes more prevalent in modern society, black-white relationships continue to stir deep conversations. For the most part, mainstream culture seems to have a handle on black-white unions despite the ugly chapter of slavery in the United States. For race matters to transcend into a more progressive front would be a positive for all human beings involved (yes, that means you).

Of course, there has been significant response to black men dating and/or marrying white women, but, the case of white men with black women is broadening. As we progress further into our journey of a world without race-specific love, white men seem to be loving their “brown-skinned” sisters more than ever.

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  • Peppa

    Yes they are, because whether you realize it or not, there are more and more intelligent professional black women, and more and more gold digging white women who want men to take care fo them.

    • LMAO

      And what are black women taught? How to be babymamas and live on foodstamps? Bitter black women in here…

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      Bitter my black azz.. this is a comment board bytch and thats what im doing .. i dont give a fu-k about no Gd white woman.. Im speaking the truth about them.. what we black women are taught is to be strong black women idiot and not be weak and look for a gd man to take care of my weak azz.. let them white bytches learn how to be real women.. which i doubt that their weah azzes will ever be!! @ need to be laughing at their weak skank azzes!

    • yep yep

      don’t drink the Kool-Aid…Stop buying into this bs. Look at the ppl in ur life, and around you. Most of you don’t see none of this going on. The media is taking a minority of situations & trying to make it seem like rapid jungle fever every where.

    • Lala

      Peppa, stfu!

      It doesn’t matter about wealth and status.

      Heidi Klum is a SUPERmodel who fell in love and had kids with Seal, a black guy who has a deformed face.

      OBVIOUSLY, you have a “hate” issue with black men with white women.

      Get over it!

  • J Meekins

    No…Dont get too excited

  • denise


    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      Pulease… spare me the details! “closing my ears”!!!

    • Yada

      Girl my man is too! I love him so much and he treats me like a queen in return!

  • samech

    …..yes. It is an ‘ugly’ history. I think Michelle O. is making black women appear in a better light. She is the essence of a strong, intelligent and powerful woman…we have never seen this before (unless you look at Oprah, which is not appealing to some).

    • MrsC

      LOL @ “(unless you look at Oprah, which is not appealing to some.
      LOL. Too funny.

    • Yada

      I disagree, we see strong black women everyday, on tv, on the train, at the grocery store. I believe that people just dont pay attention to them because they have they own ideologies they are trying to represent!
      I see strong black women everywhere, and bored to be one!

  • denise

    AND he has only had 4 women in his entire life, and he has never given me an STD in 11 years of lovemaking bliss

    • williefonte

      GTFOH! I bet he have called u a N!CC@ too & you just sat there & took it huh?! smdh

    • Britt

      @ denise

      I’m not sure if you realize how ignorant you sound, but if you weren’t sure, you do.

  • Educated Goon

    Yes they are… Because everyone knows Black Women are the most prized possession in the world next to Diamonds,Stocks, & frankincense and myrrh! Everyone in the world is leaveing there wives and searching every corner of the Earth for a black woman!! OHH YES!!!!

    • Panther

      Goon, Sometimes when you say things on here im at a lost for words(not in a good way)lol. but, this time i want to say thank you for saying something so sweet and positve.xoxoxox

    • Educated Goon


      I was being sarcastic.

    • Syd Sylvr

      Imma have to agree… makin me sing that Usher tune… not OMG but the first single:, leave the one im wit, to start a new relationship wit you…

    • Ty

      LOL…No you were telling the truth you just don’t know it…

    • my two cents...

      and while you are attempting to be sarcastic, you ignorantly stumbled into the truth…except for the “possession” bit, which reeks of oppression mentality.

      it is the black woman that is the mother of the black nation on the planet. IF black men are to thwart extinction…he may want to consider adjusting his flow. notice the other men on the planet and how protective they are of their women. maybe you negroes could emulate THAT. then throw in some provision and you just MIGHT stop being treated like a joke.

  • Give Me Ah Break

    Look at these women. They’re thin or small framed. They don’t represent most black women. Most black women are fat and or morbidly obese. Show me a bunch of white boys or nonblack men of any race walking around with fat black women.

    • don't ask

      Roger Ebert. And he loved her before he got sick. They are a wonderful example of love.

    • Bitch pleeeeeeeease!!

      Ummm what the hell are you talking about? Only 42 percent of black women are obese which means 58 percent of us are skinny. I hate people like you who are always trying to perpetuate negative stereotypes about blacks.

    • No you din't

      Shut off the tv and look outside in real life. Where I the vast majority are skinny especially ones under 50 years old. Stop looking at the Pine Sol lady and the girl from Glee, Gabby Sidibe and Sherry Shepherd as your view of all BW.

    • Yada

      Disagree, i think thats the black women your looking at, maybe you should upgrade ur taste because i see black women of all sorts, just like white women of all sorts, and they come in all shapes and sizes! This is what i mean about those stereotypes, they aren’t facts. Look around, open your mind and heart because all black women are fat!

  • yep

    white men hit it GOOD and deep….that’s why.

    • QueenyBean

      I so hope that was a joke.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      you ever heard of soul screwing.. nobody can do that like black men… you can see by the way they dance… now LOOK at the way white men dance… now let the Church say AMEN! nuff said!! ther proof is in the pudding and black men dont have to prove anything they KNOW they got it going on.. mandingo like a mug!!

    • DenialRiver

      …and they love to please the body too!…black dudes believe their own hype, so they’re not much on my radar…

      …the white women and the ‘mules’ can have them…i’ll stick with non-black men…

    • Yada

      I had both, and my bf that just so happen to be white, it the BEST!!!

  • ReALiSt

    I’m dedicating:


    to all the black women in the world..

    Listen to the lyrics – and let the deep words go through your soul because I’m still struggling in this white man’s world..

    • my two cents...

      uh no. tupac shakur was one of the pioneers of the raciomisogyny we all see today. when C. Delores Tucker took a stand against him and the other minstrels that were selling their souls and selling out black women for pennies on the dollar in the big picture…he had NO respect. hopefully one of the bullets hit him in his disrespectful mouth!

      all folks struggle in one way or another. it is some other race of women’s turn to have to hear about it and carry the brunt of it. bmales need to STOP whining and man up! LIFE IS NOT EASY FOR ANYONE. black women hitching their horses to the whiners are suffering and struggling MOST OF ALL!

  • Darren

    Why not? Black men always date the white girls so it’s about time blk women opened up their minds and not to depend on a black prince charming. I’m a blk man and I date all kinds of women as long as they are intelligent and employed.

    • Yada

      That great Darren!

      For the ones that believe in soul mates, to you believe that the person who does the matching care about race, no! Just maybe the reason why u havent found the right men is because your looking in the wrong race, we are all humans at the end of the day

  • candyshop

    I see nothing wrong with dating white men. Black women need to broaden their horizon and get with some white boys who will appreciate them, treat them well and appreciate their slim frame. Black men are too obsessed with big booty, that’s why they’re so gay. Who worships booty but the gaylores.

  • ALI

  • Hannibal


    • Ms.Chocolate

      Other races complain as well. Statiscally speaking there are more whites and latinos on welfare than blacks.



    • BlackNorwegian


      Then, they complain about how the world is treating them unfairly and get their MAMA’S TO FIGHT THEIR BATTLES. All the while, sitting at home while a black woman is out working to pay the bills.

      As far as I am concerned, these white, latina and asian bishes can have ya black azz. Ya’ll are only useful for a good fu$k anyways. Mandingo indeed.

  • Whatever

    YES YES, praise and worship to the queens of this earth!…BLACK WOMEN

  • yz

    Well I see the hate has already begun on the black woman especially by the black man. It funny most of you do not even comment on posting that have white women taking advantage of black men. SMH @black men.

    • Jordan

      Men who talk about you care about you. There is no black man who talks about black women constantly that does not deem them important one way or the other. If you dont think something is important you dont even talk about it. Black men love black women that is why they talk about them. Its juvenile but some black women understand that men are juvenile when it comes to what they like and cherish.

    • Jordan

      Even though black women do have big mouths and sometimes bad attitudes but if you black women would curb those attitudes it could be better for us all.

  • Miss. Jane

    In other parts of the world this is no big deal. Lots of African immigrant women marry European men. Black women living outside of the U.S. use a different criteria when dating men. They do not want thugs, jailbirds, athletes or Rappers. They prefer men with a head on their shoulders who will make good husbands and fathers. Black men in America who fit that bill are oftentimes married to white ladies, not all the time, but often and more power to them. I am not a hater and believe that Black men and be with any woman of their choice.

  • http://fff Ms.Chocolatta

    I don’t look at black men in that way negatively. I know there are many successful educated Black Men in the world.. My city is filled with many of them!
    I just feel like even if they do date me or love me, there will always be some Latino or white woman somewhere around the corner.. How can we black women (dark) compete with that? I am not ashamed to admit these races of women look better than us (Dark toned) black women. So I do not fault black men for lusting after them. Most black women are ashamed to admit the reason they are looking into interracial dating is because of there insecurities.

  • Hispanoila Brotherhood

    I guess people are now starting to realize skin color doesn’t define beauty. You can have a black girl prettier than a white girl and vice versa. It’s on a case by case basis.

    • Ms.Chocolate


  • Hannibal


    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      @Hannibal… STFU.. you just on here to start sh-t…white women are too skanky to respect anything… they dont even have respect for themselves! DS-ing at the drop of a hat is no respect at all.. and stop putting down my beautiful blACK RACE. sure we say whats on our minds.. who the he** wants somebody lying to you to your face and sneaking behind your back talking sh-t!. i tell you how it is and you aint got to ask nobody!!

    • yz

      Really… I am pretty sure El Tiger thought the same thing that he would be respected.

    • my two cents...

      and THAT would be because white men collectively dominate and PROVIDE white women with the spoils of their world wide domination.

      white men, collectively, PROTECT white women at all costs.

      men provide for and protect the women and children of their people. see the difference hannibal? got it now? one must EARN respect!

  • anonymous

    Pick up a copy of Maxim, Esquire, FHM or GQ and 99% of the women featured are white and skinny. High quality, attractive white men are not interested in thick/obese black women. Sorry.

    • Miss. Jane

      Thin, white women will always be the epitome of beauty in the west. Black men like fat white girls that is their taste. But thin, white women are the standard of beauty set by the purveyors of beauty in the western world. If women take care of themselves physically and emotionally, are well behaved and mannerly, they will secure the kind of men they want regardless of color. But women have to do their part to improve themselves if they want men of quality.

    • Marquis de Sade

      Miss Jane

      Uhhh, actually that’s not entirely true. Poor black men date/marry fat white women, as a way of to avoid the drama of dealin’ with a fat argumentative SISTA. 😀

    • Only the strong will continue

      that is very true but if it was a thin pretty well mannered sista, best believe Most men black white red or brown would be at least checking if not wanting to date….just saying….black men do date some very attractive females, unfortunately a lot date the fat white ones too that would not be touched by an attractive white guy…its the truth

    • lindaft

      I strongly recommend ______ Se ekInterracial * C0 m ______ to you where I just found my i-nterr-acial bo-yf-riend! You know it is a gr-eat pla-ce to meet rich nice men and beautiful women. What’s kind of re-lationbship do you want? 😉
      😉 😉

  • It is what it is..........

    Why can’t people just be happy with the person of their choice because that’s who they fell in love with. Why is it necessary to blame someone for your choice of who you love. I see beauty in all races of women however my choice of a black woman as a partner through life is unflappable period.

  • Mirror

    @Miss. Jane

    Most American black women are fat or obese. Are these African immigrant women fat and obese? That’s the main reason men of other races reject American black women.

    • Ms.Chocolate

      Fat or obese comes in all races, i’ve seen a whole lot of fat white, hispanic women. So it’s not just a black thing. But the media would say that it’s blacks! It’s funny the media always put out the negative information on blacks and the positive on whites, but i’m not that easily influenced. This country was built on the white man’s law so they will do and say anything to keep black people down.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      fatazz women come in all races.. ever see Jerry Jerry Jerry! and whoever said .. poor black men have fat white women to avoid argumentative black women.. your azz is wrong… yeah they try to avoid a fat loud black woman and end up with a louder fat azz white woman!!

  • Peter

    The real story should be why are black men ditching black women and why black women aren’t getting on a stair climber and losing some weight.

    • Educated Goon

      I don’t think weight is an issue… Because I personally like heavier women. I think Jordin Sparks is BEAUTIFUL.

    • Marquis de Sade

      Educated Goon

      But lets’ be honest, you’ve always been partial towards REDBONES…Would you be so enamoured with Jordin if she was of a darker hue? 😆

    • Mirror

      @Educated Goon

      Good for you. Men of other races are not pursuing fat black women.

    • Pat

      Weight is an issue! men and women both do not look their best when they are fat and obese. They look old, ugly and just plain unattractive. We need to take better care of ourselves. The Precious actress Gabby would look a lot better if she wasn’t a whale. it is shameful!

  • fam

    There are overweight women in other races as well…

    • Only the strong will continue

      yup I agree…and its quite unfortunate

  • sunflower

    Ummm white men have found black women attractive since we got here …socially it was unacceptable …now that it is not frowned upon (as much) “they” have been exercising their options. Black men are still sexier, more caring and more educated. Key word “Men” not males

    • QueenyBean

      @goon Please please please dont tell me thats #1 site. I seen one time and cried like boo hooed like a slapped child. I just cant.

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