Poor Thang! O.J. Simpson Isn’t Seeing The Free World Anytime Soon

- By Bossip Staff

O.J. Simpson went to the Nevada Supreme Court with 6 reasons why he shouldn’t be with The Girls at Lovelock for any more of his 33-year sentence for being a dumba**. They weren’t impressed.

That’s what happens when you write books bragging about murdering pretty blonde girls and sh*t.

The Nevada Supreme Court Friday upheld former football player O.J. Simpson’s convictions for kidnapping with a deadly weapon and other charges in his 2008 Las Vegas armed robbery trial, but ordered a new trial for co-defendant Clarence Stewart.

Simpson, 63, is now serving a 33-year sentence with the possibility of parole after nine years for 10 convictions relating to an armed confrontation over sports memorabilia in a Las Vegas hotel room. Simpson and five other men tried to regain property that Simpson claimed was his.

That 2008 Nevada conviction came exactly 13 years after Simpson was acquitted in Los Angeles, California, in the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman.

In his Nevada appeal, Simpson unsuccessfully argued that the trial court erred when prosecutors were allowed to remove two potential jurors who were African-American.

Simpson also alleged the trial court improperly restricted him from asking potential jurors about the notorious California murder trial and a subsequent wrongful death civil suit accusing him of causing the two deaths. Simpson also contended the Las Vegas trial court improperly admitted hearsay statements.

“We conclude that all of Simpson’s arguments on appeal are without merit and we therefore affirm the judgment of conviction,” Nevada’s high court said in its ruling.

Better luck in 2017!


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  • nana

    Am torn cuz I knw he’s guilty but then again I feel bad as well! He made his choices I guess let him deal wit it

  • mh

    O.J. is an idiot. He know damn well white people don’t like him and he continued to put himself out there. I have NO sympathy for him. They couldn’t get him for murder but they got him for being STUPID. He will die behind bars.

    • Tonia

      COSIGN 100%!!!!!!

    • kay

      GOOD !!!!

  • Hannibal


  • bouyant

    its funny how blk people turned their backs on oj..i’ll leave the judgement for the most high.

    • kay

      your point being ???

    • ggproffit

      we didn’t turn our back,but damn you got away with two murders and we backed you, then you go do some more dumb shi_ com on cus.

  • SeXXXi 504 Lady

    Attn Becky lovers u will end up just like him! Oj deserve to sit his stupid azz in jail. He murdered Nicole and her boo, beat the charges and then brag about it. If that wasn’t enough he had 2 drop his nutz and rob ppl. Smh in my Fred Sanford voice……” You big dummy!”


    DUMMY should be stamped on his forehead….

    • kay

      Along with KILLER!!!!

  • jdmann

    If he was Homer Simpson instead of O.J he might have got a slap on the wrist for this. The man is being lynched and our govt isn’t doing anything about it.

    • kay

      You idiot,why should the government do anything??The bastard should have been hung when he killed TWO people!!

  • this is it

    Ask yourself why black people turned their backs on him. This fool had the nerve to write a book stating what if he did kill Nicole and Ron how it would have happened and other dumb ish. You would have to be the dumbest person on earth to still try and take up for a man who does not care about what he did and to prove that he does not care he goes around strutting his stuff like his sh%t dont stink. There are more black people out here who needs our support but we will not support them because they are not famous or rich. This man had too much support from the black community and what did he do to show he appreciates the community supporting him, NOT A GOT DAMN THING!!! Forget Oj and anyone who thinks this man desreves sympathy. No one had sympathy for his victims, him being a famous black football player is why he got sympathy back in 94 but no sympathy today b/c he took the black communities sympathy and wiped his a#% with it. So guess what I am doing with my sympathy…

  • Mabel

    OJ is yesterday’s news. He reaped what he sowed. I hope he finds the Divine while locked up.

  • anonymous

    I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He deserves everything he gets. OJ has already been taken to the hospital. They attacked him already. But such report quickly went away.

  • baybaybay

    Black people did not turn their backs on OJ he turned his back on them a long time ago. He was more concern with playing golf and socializing with his rich friends he had forgot who he was but just like Micheal Jackson and Tiger Woods he got a unfriendly reminder.

    • JECCA111

      CO-SIGN…He re-turned to black the day he murdered his wife and Goldman…then went right back to white when he walked…the man’s a clown.

  • Delight23


  • jdmann

    If they can lynch O.J. they can kill Black people without repercussion. He was acquitted by a jury of his peers on the murder charges. The arguement against him is Blacks are not capable of making intelligent unbiased decisions in other words whites would’ve killed him a long time ago.

    • kay

      You are such a ignorant racist!! The bastard was guilty but the black jury was as racist as you !!

  • JECCA111

    Dumb a$$…If you kill two people and walk, walk your dumb a$$ in your house and never come out…just sit there. He just had to show boat and make a mockery out of the justice system with all his talking and BS’n. Then he wrote that dumb dumb book which screamed “I DID IT…I KILLED THEM, BUT DOUBLE JEOPARDY IS ON MY SIDE”. He deserve this and I hope he die in there.



    • kay

      maybe because they deserved to see the S.O.B. finally convicted for SOMETHING !!! Since he got away with murder before !!!!

  • Jaime

    Karma finally got this clown. I feel bad for his kids.

    • kay

      I do also! They did not deserve to have killer for a father but that is what they have been dealt.For their love of the mother that always put them first they MUST see their father for the killer of their mother and not aid or comfort him in any way !!

  • kay

    I sure as hell hope so!! He should suffer more then his victims did !!He is a cold blooded killer !!!!!

  • Shadowfinger

    First of all, OJ DID NOT write that book. He allowed his name to appear on it because the woman who wrote it offered him a few thousand dollars to do so. If it were just her name on the book, no one would have bought it and SHE knew it. No one would hire OJ so he agreed for the money. I think I would have done the same in his position.

    I am another who do not believe OJ did it and anyone who payed any attention to that trial, would have voted the same as that jury.

    • kay

      Oh M.G. how stupid can you be ?????

  • Shadowfinger

    My bad on the previous post, OJ was offered a few HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Some of which he actually got before the judge from the Goldman’s case got the rest of it.

    • kay


  • kay

    Not only is your grammar about first grade level but but so is your intellect !!

  • kay

    O.M.G. you are as stupid as that jury,and I’ll bet your a racist ignorant black with the I.q. of 15.!!! Go swing from some other tree other then one in our U.S.A. !!!

  • Lala

    I kind of feel bad for him, but then again he put himself out there instead of living a quiet life out of the public eye. He knew people were out to get him and yet he still chose to just do stupid sht, and now they got him. Good luck trying to get out, cuz that ain’t happenin.

  • Detroit

    You know my dad use say what don’t come out in the wash will come out in the rinse and i say that to say good for him because i always thought he was guilty of murder and could not understand why my people stood behind this idiot when he did not give a damn about you! It’s funny how some black men leave the community and the black woman but once there’s trouble they want to come back…. GOOD RIDDANCE

  • Jack Dogg


    What’s your little tiny problem?

    Oh, the part where I said, “The truth is far different than what your little head thinks it thinks…”?

    Let me put it to you another way:
    You have no opinions of your own.
    So run along and find out what else your news programs want you to think.

    • kay

      Isn’t it a shame that their were so many ignorant people on that jury??They did not look at the evidence with justice in mind.All they saw was a black man that they had the power to turn loose.What a shame! Lets hope Karma will repay them in a just manner !!!

  • Jack Dogg

    F@cking A man…

    The more I read the comments on this board, the more I wonder if this is really the way people think???

    Anyway, Ron fought.
    The condition his knuckles were in prove it.

    Who did Ron hit?

    • Eye

      There are so many holes in the case that the prosecution put forth and so many questionable outcomes. That is why O.J. was NOT convicted. If he was sooooooo guilty, a def and blind jury could have convited him and it has nothign to do with race. Alot of ppl scream racism and ignorance got him off, but they fail to realize that the evidence did not support him murdering two ppl with no weapon and no witnesses. Many of the facts of this case did not come out and most of the evidence was suspect. O.J. should not be in jail for the so called armed robbery he participated in. the punishment is the judge grinding her ax. She knows 33 years was excessive and did not fit the crime.

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