Marion Jones Was Throwing Bows In The Pen

- By Bossip Staff

In between writing her husband mushy letters that have now been turned into an autobiography, Marion Jones was in the slammer kickin’ a$$ and taking names.

Okay, she only had to fight one person off her crotch. But as she shares in her new book “On The Right Track,” prison time was no cakewalk for her.

Her 213-page book, written with Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, is based in part on letters Jones wrote to her husband, Obadele Thompson, while she was in a federal prison in Fort Worth. The book contains a harrowing depiction of Jones’ stay.

“I didn’t have a sentence that was a slap on the wrist. I wasn’t sentenced to an institution that I kicked back in a hammock for my time there,” she said, punctuating that point with a chuckle. “It was tough.”

Jones writes about fearing her life was in danger during a five-minute tussle with a roommate. Jones says she emerged uninjured, but the other woman’s face “was bruised and bloody.”
In the interview, Jones called her ensuing trip to solitary confinement “probably the worst part of my life.”

“There were moments while I was there, where you just feel like you cannot go on: ‘How in the world can I make it to tomorrow?'” Jones said.

She writes in depressing detail about prison conditions and specific personnel; about inmates using empty toilet paper rolls threaded through toilets as a sort of telephone; about being chained to her seat during a “ConAir” flight with other prisoners on a trip to another jailhouse.

“What transpired during the period when she was incarcerated was both a crucible but also a wonderful opportunity,” said Thompson, who won a bronze medal for Barbados in the 100 meters at the Sydney Games and married Jones in 2007. “She’s not one of these people who’s bitter. She’s not spiteful. She’s not looking to get even with anyone. She’s just turned it into something positive. She’s used it to take the next steps in life, to rebuild.”

That might be the most interesting part of the book though.

“When people look at this, they might think it’s a tell-all, it’s one of those books that you see celebrities or maybe athletes write after they have just done something horrible. It’s much different than that,” she said.

“It might temporarily help the author get paid,” she added, “but after a while, that story, your story, is not benefiting anybody.”

The book ends with a chapter entitled “Blessed,” and the final paragraph begins, “I don’t want to be remembered for the records I broke, the races I won, or the medals I lost. I want to be remembered for the very worst mistake I ever made and how I turned it into a life-affirming positive for the world.”

Oh. Yawn. Okay then.


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  • Detroit

    When will she stop living the lie and admit she’s gay….

  • Dr Black

    @Detroit…when will people like you stop being so damn obsessed with the HOMOSEXUALITY.

    • Detroit

      @Dr Black Being a gay female myself don’t really think i can be obsessed..I’m living every day!!!

    • Detroit

      I’m living it everyday is what i meant to say.

    • ..

      why do you think she’s gay? Because she’s an athlete?

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    I concur & SMH!!

  • bklynista718

    @ peppa..yes it does sound crazy..partially cuz she’s black but more so that she won so much money n endorsements, medals, etc..n she used drugs to win all those..thats not only cheating but stealing..stupid that she went into the slammer for that..taking away her money n medals n sending her to rehab would’ve proved a point..being black n successful is a crime..smh!!

  • nana

    Emerged unharmed??? Have u seen ur arms lately Marion?? Ofcourse u wil emerge unharmed! Lmaooo wat I wonna knw is did u get 2 lick any cooch wiles in there?

  • Detroit

    I totally Agree!!!

  • mosiane

    I thought that was a man at first!

    But I think it might be an interesting read..

  • bx2dadeath

    She is an athlete.
    If she is in shape, she should win a prison fight.
    She is about 6 feet tall.

  • if anything be noble

    She’s been married 2, 3 times and has at least 3 kids. LOVE YA, MJ! Keep on rising!


    Why would you think she is gay? Because she was BORN looking a little on the masculine side? Anyway, I like her, and I agree that she should not have gone to jail. Good that she didn’t let it break her and that she kicked some a** when she was in jail. The other chick started it and Marion finished it. LOL

  • leah

    Speaking as a jamaican I have a hard time feeling sorry for her. She cheated Merline Ottey and countless other jamaicans out of realizing their dream of winning olympic gold. No wonder we couldnt catch a damn break, we were competing against a damn juiced up, man looking b!tch. I am just happy they made an example of her, too many americans compete unfairly to suppliment their lack of talent.

    • 100milesperhour

      Leah you went in–but I agree.

    • Just Sayin...

      I can’t believe that you’re mourning the loss of your country’s medals – get over it – what’s done is done and it won’t make anyone give the Jamaican team gold medals. In fact all of you Jamaicans can go back there and help your compatriots win as there are far too many of you here only to turn around and compete for Jamaica during the Olympics…smdh

  • Unkle Ruckus

    She didn’t go to prison for juicing, she went for lying to the FEDS about it. People, the federal govt. don’t play. Ask TI.

  • Foots

    I wanna know why she is acting like she went to a real jail… She was in the womens detention center on the Joint Reserve Base in Ft. Worth. I know this, because I was stationed there while she was incarcerated. This is not a max security prison, nor a hard place. It is a Fed center, but most of the ladies worked out on base cleaning up the office buildings. They had here away from the general population because of who she was. I am not sure why she is fabricating these stories… but anywho!!

  • micial

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  • 1

    WHAT!!! she’s brought the sport in absolute disrepute..i utterly believe she should’ve been sentenced for a much longer period…

  • if anything be noble

    I “forgave” MJ a long time ago …(…as though she wronged me personally and needs my forgiveness.) But Marion Jones is cool with me. She got caught up in that game and paid for it (in a way other folks aint get stripped but I digress.) —-but maaaaaan, if I held grudges against every athlete who has ever used a steroid or every politician who ever lied or every minister who ever fell prey to temptation, my world would be a very little place. I wish her, Michael Vick (and all them) the very best life has to offer them as they come back to freedom.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Maan, they krucified that blakk woman…….

    Mark Mcguire got off, barry bonds got off, A-rod got off, clemens got off all the same charges!

    But this blakk woman has paid the biggest price.

    • We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

      That’s right GAT, tell it!

    • Txhustla15

      She did time mainly for the check cashing scam, the lying to federal investigators was only a additional sentence.

      Mark Mcguire – Used Andro and other PEDS but admitted them during a point in time where they werent testing for them and the MLB knew most of the league was on PEDS

      barry bonds got off – Barry Bonds has never gotten off the governments trial is about to resume again and has been ongoing since the past decade since they have no real evidence

      A-rod got off – Same as Big Mac

      clemens got off – No evidence ever and has never publicly admitted to usage – though its obviously true

    • Just Sayin...

      She is not the only woman or Black woman to have gone – Martha Stewart was the first to be made an example of…and when that lesson wasn’t learned they sent Lil Kim to cannot lie to the Feds and get away with it so all of those who do…deserve what they get.

  • if anything be noble

    cosign all day long, Gat Turner. And at night, too.

  • Niasia

    I still can’t believe she was incarcerated, this society I swear. We got murderers walking free… But she was sent to the pen?!?

  • tbird

    How unjust the judicial system is…if this is the case…mcguire…armstrong best be on there way.

  • sellout

    At one time she was cashing fake checks for her boyfriend.

  • illuminati

    She lie under oath to a Federal prosecutor and she was found guilty that is why she went to jail not for using steroids.

    When the Feds come knocking tell the truth or go straight to butt pounding prison….What up TI

  • Just Sayin...

    It actually depends on the actual Federal Prison – there are different levels and your mom was perhaps in a minimum facility – there are low level, minimum and maximum security – how do I know…I have a family member who spent time in all three…didn’t know how to act in the medium facility so they shipped his butt to a maximum…problem solved…learned how to act.

  • Mak

    I don’t think that she went to prison just for using steroids per se. I think she went to prison because of perjury. Didn’t see lied and said that she didn’t take any steriods and then fought out that she was tested positive or some guy that was giving her and her baby daddy (not the guy she’s married to)another sprinter banned substances?

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    unclke ruckus says: she didnt go for steroids she went for lying to the feds about it . uhmmm you shouldve thought about that b4 typing that. thats the same sht.

    anyway peppa i agree with you 1000000000000%

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