Man Who Was Molested By Pedophile Catholic Priest As A Child Viciously Gets Revenge 35 Years Later And Smiles In Mugshot Photo

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A man allegedly molested by a priest was arrested in California on Friday for beating up the clergyman 35 years later.William Lynch, 43, grinned in his mugshot as he was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for the May 10 attack that sent the Rev. Jerold Lindner to the hospital with bruises and lacerations. Lynch harbored a fantasy for years of confronting the priest, who also allegedly molested Lynch’s little brother and up to a dozen others. ‘They’re saying it was pretty close to beating him to death,’ defense attorney Pat Harris told The Associated Press. ‘They’re essentially saying that he waited all these years and then took out his revenge. It’s sort of the ultimate revenge story.’

Lynch and his younger brother settled with the Jesuits of the California Province, a Roman Catholic religious order, for $625,000 (£390,000) in 1998 after alleging that Lindner abused them in 1975 during weekend camping trips in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The boys, who were seven and five at the time, were raped in the woods and forced to have oral sex with each other while Lindner watched, Harris said. Lindner has been accused of abuse by nearly a dozen people, including his own sister and nieces and nephews.

Lynch was to be released on $25,000 bail, Harris said. The attorney negotiated his client’s surrender and said Lynch will plead not guilty at his arraignment sometime next month. Authorities say Lynch lured the clergyman to the lobby of a Jesuit retirement home and beat him in front of shocked witnesses. Sgt. Rick Sung, Santa Clara County sheriff’s spokesman, said Lynch attacked the 65-year-old priest after he failed to recognize him at the Jesuits’ Sacred Heart retirement home in Los Gatos. The attack occurred in a small room adjoining the lobby. Police connected Lynch to the attack using phone records, Sung said. A half hour before the beating, a caller identifying himself as ‘Eric’ called the rest home and said someone would arrive shortly to inform Lindner of a family member’s death.Lindner was able to drive himself to the hospital. He did not return a call left on his answering machine Friday.

He has previously denied abusing the Lynch boys and has not been criminally charged. The abuse falls outside the statute of limitations. Lindner was removed from ministry and placed at the Los Gatos retirement home in 2001. He was named in two additional lawsuits for abuse between 1973 and 1985, according to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The cases were included in the record-breaking $660 million settlement struck between the church and more than 550 plaintiffs in 2007.

Lynch declined an interview Friday but in a 2002 Los Angeles Times article, he said he’d had nightmares for years, battled depression and alcoholism and had attempted suicide twice because of the priest’s abuse. ‘Many times I thought of driving down to LA and confronting Father Jerry. I wanted to exorcise all of the rage and anger and bitterness he put into me,’ Lynch told the newspaper. ‘You can’t put into words what this guy did to me. He stole my innocence and destroyed my life.’

The Associated Press does not identify victims of sex crimes as a matter of policy, but Lynch previously came forward to tell his story. Lindner was ordained in 1976 and taught at various Catholic high schools during his career, including 16 years as chairman of the English department at Loyola High School, a prestigious Catholic prep school in Los Angeles. There, he launched nearly two dozen after-school programs for students, including a chess club and renaissance club, and became master of a Boy Scout troop that included mostly lower-income Puerto Rican boys, his older brother, Larry Lindner, told The Associated Press. Most of Lindner’s family severed contact with him years ago after discovering he had molested his nieces and nephews when they were as young as 3. They were unaware of the attack, said his sister, Kathy McEntire.

Damn, we can just imagine how awful that experience was…shiiiit we would’ve been smiling in the mugshot too. FAWK those nasty a$$ pedophile clergymen, this ish is getting out of hand.


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    • DollBaby1o1

      They took a

      PICTURE of a HERO???

      f–k a mugshot. I would have locked minister and dude in a room together and never had said a word!!!

      Except for maybe:

      “Oh, the shovel is over there.”

  • micial

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  • Chelsea

    Hope the priest doesn’t pull through, and then burns in hell.

  • alexandra

    woww… the Lord knows i woulda done the same. Probably killed him. hope the fukn bastard rots in hell.

  • divalious

    y did it take song long for him to seek revenge lol. Must felt good to finally beat the guy butt.


    That priest looks like Latka.

  • me

    Ugh. i could only read the first two or three sentences of what that man did to those boys. since there are just wars and Christ understood and explained the relevance of an eye for an eye… the beat down needed to happen… his eternal life has nothing to do with me but i do wonder if they’ll have a system to tell us about ex-offenders in heaven… ugh.

  • tb (The Rent Too Damn High!!!)

    Bravo!!!! I don’t blame you homeboy. He shouldn’t even had been arrested. That priest deserved to die.

  • Keysha Likes it HOT!!

    Good he got to beat that AZZ!

  • power man

    who in their right mind would even leave their children with someone who looks like this guy? he should go kick his parents a$$ too.

  • lala

    Did anyone else notice that the article said he molested his nieces and nephews for years and he was never in jail??? Why is that, and his family knew about it and they did nothing, except cut ties with him?? Am I missing something here? They need to castrate these people, I bet you then they’ll never molest another child.


    Yep…religious people / religion sux.Sounds like justice served.Hopefully there will be enough pre-trial publicity that potential jurors will know the deal going in…and do the right thing.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    There is no word called mercy…That priest got more of the shame ish coming when he dies….God is good

    Don’t mention Eddie Long folks he is beyond reproach black ministers can’t be gay….Yeah Right

  • I can't STAN!

    Eddie Long is next

  • momo

    DAMN I kno that’s right! He smiling lol. Smh horrible horrible. Must have really messed up his life. When people are molested they get totally skrewed up in the brain. But DAMN he coulda let god deal with that. Bastard that’s the “christianly” way lol. He took so long cuz he wantd him old and helpless to beat that a$$

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    Im sorry but if that had of happened one of my family members.. a severe hospitalized beatdown was on the way and he would have got it right if front of his followers!!

    • LaDiva

      Co-sign with u mama…
      Don’t understand why his family didn’t participate in that beatdown yrs ago considering he molested some of them too…

  • LaDiva

    I blame neither.. This man has free will which we all do… The devil can’t force someone to do something they choose to not do unless they will it and the same goes for God.. Just b/c this man (priest) worked in the church doesn’t mean he lived a godly life. It’s called free will and he chose to exercise it upon these innocent boys.

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    Hey @LaDiva.. you know you are right, i cant understand this mess about “family secrets” thats one damn secret that would have been out because all he** would have broke up in there if that butt plugging priest had if touched me or one of my male siblings! SMDH! at these folks and they do this mess under the name of God!! How hypocritical is that?? Man i tell you!!!!

    • LaDiva

      That’s the problem with family secrets.. b/c the one who suffers are the ones who didn’t know. And for this family to have kept silent all these yrs, allowing this man to do those heinous acts on these poor kids is horrible…They have blood on their hands and to me they are just as guilty b/c they enabled this man…

      Matthew 7:21 “”Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter.”

    • LaDiva

      I used to complain why my parents (especially my mom) was sooo strict. I couldn’t even sleep over my cousin’s house who lived down the block when I was 21. And my mom always told me oneday i would understand when I have kids. And I truly do. This world is full of pigs ready to ravish your child(ren). They do not care who they steal, kill or destroy. I thank my mother for all she did for us b/c she always kept it real and never sugar coated it. And yes I am proud to say that I will be doing the same with my son b/c it is no longer little girls that are being attacked; now we gotta worry ’bout our little boys and that is sick…. I could drive myself crazy with thinking that some creepy perv is checking out my son … It’s disgusting. Sadly the parents of this age are not the same as the parents of back in the day. We need to be more diligent with these kids. And that includes anyone of power; just b/c u speak the word of God does not mean u are living it. And that includes family; I don’t trust no-body (expect my parents; bro and sis and a select few) with my son… I would straight up set it off if I find out someone harmed by baby even if it means my own blood did it.. Uh uh.. girl let me calm down cuz just thinking about it pisses me off….

    • uhhh yeah ok

      Hello LADiva.. You struck a chord with me about our little boys. It seems they are under attack in this and age. They are being feminised as well as sexually stalked. I never heard all of this stuff on the daily when I was little.. Especially our black sons this world is after them..

    • LaDiva

      @ uhhh yeah ok

      i co-sign with u. It’s disheartening.

  • MyReason

    I agree..there’s no such thing as “rehabilitation” for those kind of people. That priest got off way too easy, and I hope Mr. Lynch does too. He’s been thru enough already.

  • LMAO



    When he reads this, Raz B is gonna go ape-sh*t.

  • deelucious

    Wow that’s deep. I don’t blame him, I’m glad he got his revenge. I hope he gets a light sentence and then some therapy for what he’s still obviously going through.

    • London Girl

      Totally agree!

  • truth speaker

    I urge u all to familiarize urselves with the Zimbardo prison experiment. Certain environment just breeds a certain type of people. The churches r so sexually repressed that it doesnt surprise me that these are common behaviors found in churches

    • uhhh yeah ok

      These men are POWER hungry sick fks.. The church sweeps it all under the rug sends them to another parish or gives them a time out.. I’ve never belonged to a church since leaving Africa and frankly I will never ever go.

      What I can not wait for the day that I pack my bags and leave this disgusting culture..

  • Loyola Alum

    Fr. Thomas Smolich, now the top Jesuit official in the United States, said in his sworn deposition that Fr. Jerold Lindner may well be the sickest human being.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    there needs to be a stiffer law against priest who continue to molest children
    the pope should be ashamed that this is not addressed or that these priest are not removed from the church, instead they just move these priest on to another city to committ the same foul sin over and over again

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