Pay Your Debt To Society!! Wesley Snipes Is Still Trying To Get Out Of This Bid!!!

- By Bossip Staff

C’mon son! Wesley Snipes has spent almost as long as his sentence trying to duck jail!! And he’s still not tryna hear that pen sh*t.

We know you’re thinking, “But Bossip, we thought you said he was in custody three weeks ago, when he was ordered to turn himself in?” Nope, this n***a’s STILL out in the world coping pleas.

Two days before he is due to begin serving a three year prison sentence on tax charges, actor Wesley Snipes and his attorney argued his case before the sympathetic court of Larry King Live.

“There have been egregious and very malicious efforts to misreport the facts of this case,’’ Snipes told the soon-to-retire CNN talk show host Tuesday night. “I want to set the record straight for the sake of my family…for the sake of the communities I contribute to,’’ added the 48-year-old star of the Blade trilogy.

Among those misconceptions, according to Snipes: “I’ve never been a tax protester. I never took the position of being a tax protester and the press has continued to report that is exactly what I was doing.” Snipes acknowledged no wrongdoing and said that he had “relied on the advice of those who I considered professionals.”

During the King interview, Snipes attorney Daniel R. Meachum invoked the case of billionaire California real estate developer Igor Olenicoff to argue that Snipes has been given an unfairly stiff sentence. Olenicoff got probation after pleading to a felony charge of lying on his tax return about his offshore accounts at UBS and other banks. As part of his plea deal, Olenicoff paid $52 million in back taxes, penalties and civil fraud penalties and agreed to bring hundreds of millions of dollars of offshore money back home.

“The problem with that is the inconsistency of the punishment,’’ Meachum said. “My client is found guilty of a misdemeanor…and is given 36 months.”

The courts pretty much handed Wesley that particular plea.

Prosecutors made no bones about the fact that they wanted the Snipes prosecution to serve as a high-profile example to other potential tax protesters. Before his sentencing, they argued he should get the max not only because of the amount of money involved–$14 million in gross unreported income in 1999, 2000 and 2001 alone–but also because “tax defiers” (the government’s term for tax protesters) were treating the split decision in his case “as a vindication of anti-tax theories and a ‘win’ that will attract additional converts into their movement.”

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has ordered Snipes to report to the Federal Correctional Institution-McKean in Lewis Run, Pa. by noon on Thursday, Dec. 9th. He will presumably be assigned to the prison camp there. On Monday, in rejecting Snipes’ latest bid to delay his prison term, Hodges suggested that it was time for him to get on with it. “The sooner he begins his sentence, the sooner it will end,’’ the judge observed.

But Snipes, who is pursuing yet another appeal before the 11th Circuit, as well as to the U.S. Supreme Court, told King he’s still hoping to avoid jail. Said Snipes: “We still have prayers out there, Larry, and we believe in miracles. Don’t send me up the river, yet.”

WHAT?!?! Dude: Martha Stewart was more of a man about doing her time! So was Lil’ Kim!


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Take Blade to jail

  • It's Me

    Nino you should be able to do that standing on your head… I hear federal is much better/easier than state, so you should been good.

  • It's Me

    Dog, the judge has made up his mind so ain’t shyt gone change in 26 hours. Stop doing what you doing and go bang as many women as you can, as you will not touch pu**ssy for a long time…

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Modern day LYNCHING…… it’s finest!

  • tommykimon

    He should know by now that Uncle Sam does not play when it comes to his money.

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      “there’s three people i don’t mess with the I the
      R(uh) and the S” from Set It Off…

  • if anything be noble

    Maynnnnnnnne—– I aint hardly mad at him. Who is trying to go to federal prison for three years??? Nuh AW. I’d be in that courtroom juggling cats, making quarters disappear behind the judge’s ear, throwing flames of fire… *And now for my next trick, I will be cutting the bailiff in half….* chile please DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO, BRUH.

  • Nope, you're not serving my soul what it needs to be served

    Yall believe ANYTHANG. I saw him last night on Larry Kang and this is some bullsh*t. I’m glad he got a chance to speak his piece. They are doing him dirty.

  • Lisa

    Deuces nicca!!! I see in a 3 years and a day!

  • Chicago P

    Hey Black People… try supporting this Black Man … one of your own for a change!! You often wonder why EVERYONE in Amerikka looks at us in a negative light and laughs at us as they see us turning on each other on a F#$king hourly basis??? Hmmmm!
    His trial was clearly unfair and unjust. Do your homework and read up on the particulars of the case. There really is nothing funny about this ish AT ALL!!!
    Yet another black man with a family is unjustly caught up in the “system” that is not by us, for us or with us… Not a DAMN thing is funny here… your silly black a$$es could be next… at ANY moment!!! Believe that! Oh, BTW, Read the comments on this story over @ TMZ… see what the “others” have to say about this.


    I remember when Westly went on a rant about why he doesn’t date black women so he can kiss my @zz. He hooked up with that Asian chick and forgot where he came from. A ni99@ always has to be reminded by the system what color he is. And hope all you want because you burnt, black @zz is going to the pen!

    • huh

      Fisrt of all, what can anyone do for Wesley unless he,she knows the law? What, take it to the streets and rant and rave over this man’s personal BS? I agree with Stefany, (and no I’m not a BITTER Black woman.. cause I know that’s coming..) if a man does nothing to give back to his community and then has the gall to outright say that he doesn’t like his own people, then why would/should I give a damn! It’s one thing to like what you like, but to outright put what you don’t like down in public ain’t right. And ain’t nobody trained me to do shyt, that’s the way I feel. Let the Asian and whatever other he likes come to is aid.

  • http://what? I gets down like that

    OMGEE @ if anything be noble: Your comment had me on the floor *Straight Dead*. And no I’m not much of a Wesley Snipes fan anymore, but I’d be trying to do what ever I could to remain free too if I were in his shoes, even though realisticly he should just probably gone & get the shyt over with.

    And @ Stefany: Co-Sign 1000%. Look Wesley done turned his black azz back on sista’s a long time ago. I mean he made a decision to EXCLUSIVELY date Asian women, so no, I’m sorry, I don’t care either way. Whatever happens to him, happens to him. A ton of this man’s support came from black women & for him to suddenly not acknowledge that is unforgiven. And I refuse to get upset, or rally,or protest about him doing a sentence that most likey total 3 years anyway. So Boo Hoo. Do your time Nino Brown

  • sexygrandmom

    I do not feel sorry for anyone that does not pay their taxes.Heck this is america and you know you must pay the irs.I have to pay my taxes and this man has made more money than i ever will.Also i think he is a fool to give someone else authority to sign your name.

  • Please

    Nino Brown needs to go ahead and sit his @ss down. Dude could have been damn near done with his sentence.

    Dunno whats up with Wes. I know hes been exclusively hanging with white women. But its like hes forgotten that even though hes is rich. He is the magical color where his money and fame dosent matter.

  • if anything be noble

    Lol @ I gets down like that. Please tell me you wouldn’t be up in that courthouse asking if anyone had a 30,000 gallon tank, 4 padlocks and 9 piranhas on them. Like somebody’s trying to go to federal prison.


    A black man’s got two strikes against him in court.. there is a serious double standard for us. This is not fair. If he paid the taxes that he owes he should (just as the billionaire) not have to serve any time.

  • huh

    Plus, I just thought about the time that I owed the IRS about $2,000. and was unemployed, and the bastards had the nerve to still require me to make payments with my unemployment check. That was until one day I just called their azz and said “I ain’t got it and I ain’t gon have it! And they left my broke azz alone for a minute. So it’s hard for me to have sympathy here.

  • http://what? I gets down like that

    @ if anything be noble: Nu-huh, don’t you have me daym near peeing on myself again…But yeah if I had the skillz, I would sho nuff be up in there doing tricks like David Blaine’s long lost sister, and anything else I could pull out my azz….Shyt don’t hurt for trying.

    But you had me literally laughing outloud with that one. Hecky naw…

  • http://bossip caramela

    @if anything be noble,loool. @stefany,you’re right.wes,put down black women.who he married is his business,but when anyone dates out and they $h!t on their race of men/women as their ‘reason’ why they’re with another race,that can never be right.time’s up wes,you’re going to jail.

  • if anything be noble

    Lol! For real, I gets down like that!

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  • fiat money

    The illegal irs in conjunction with the ”federal” reserve boad and the banking system have created a debt society. the constitution gives congress the right to coin mony which implies gold. Instead, they meaning the congress, paid americas debts with the gold to foreigners nearly bankrupting fort nox. With no gold we were forced to go off the gold standard. The federal reserve board begins to print useless paper, or whats called fiat money. with no gold as backing this money is easily inflated or deflated see what you call inflation is really a well plotted deflation, deflation of the fake fiat money and when you devalue the value of the money prices go up and they call it inflation. So you see what mr. snipes and all of us poor souls owe to this tri-fold wicked unholy trinity is intrest on the fiat money. The federal reserve board is not federal at all, they simply print paper money and loan it to uncle sam with interest, uncle sam then taxes you to pay the reserve board back thus the national debt.

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