FYI: There Are Reports Of iTunes Accounts Being Hacked

- By Bossip Staff

With computer hacking at an all time high, it was just a matter of time before some a**hole figured out how to hack your itunes account and get not only your music, but your credit card info as well.

If you have an iTunes account, you might want to check any recent charges.

According to USA Today’s tech blog, 50,000 iTunes accounts have appeared for sale on an online auction site.

Launched in 2001, iTunes allows millions of account holders to download digital copies of music and video.

According to the article, the listings offer access to iTunes accounts for as little as 15 cents. You probably won’t be able to check the listings for your account because the site is in Chinese.

An intrepid reporter for the Chinese Global Times, named Zou Le, broke the story. Le paid $5 for an iTunes username and password, and got access to credit card details and the address of an American iTunes customer.

Long story short, buying things over the internet, while convenient, isn’t the safest thing in the world. It’s a dirty game ya’ll, keep your eyes on your riches, word to Tupac.


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  • Jennifer

    That happened to me right before Christmas! Someone ordered two ipods on my account & had them shipped to them – Apple would not refund my money or divulge the name or location of the thief. Luckily my bank refunded the charges, but YES! this is happening!

  • comet

    Mac/Apple industry is too far up their own @rses to believe anything made by them has a slight risk of getting hacked…even with proof.

  • Eva

    For real!

  • Priest Vallon

    That’s why I try to use only iTunes gift cards rather than my credit card.

  • gbffgjfbfd

    Thanks for the alert.

  • Kyra

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  • shirley

    3 words…Prepaid Credit Card

  • Fingers crossed behind my baack (Get Munny)

    My iTunes account was hacked last year and I didn’t notice until a website called my phone while at work. They were calling to authorize a charge for $285.37 for a d@mned wine cellar!! I was LIVID!! My bank refunded the charges, thank goodness. The hacker would charge $4 here $11 there $29 etc. They got bold and started going higher and higher. PEOPLE please REMOVE your credit card info from your account and use gift cards instead. I trust NO ONE with my credit information on the internet now. Hell, remove your address from your iTunes account also because people are crazy and will do anything for a quick buck. I was lucky to only have lost 300 plus dollars. Check your bank statements every month, the person whole stole my info was charging on my account for four months.

    • tommykimon

      I would have caught it quicker. I’m too broke not to notice money missing LOL

  • rene


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