Kim Kardashian May Have Just Ruined Basketball

- By Bossip Staff

Kris Humphries is far from the first basketball player to have his pretty, attention-whoring girlfriend come support him at a basketball game.

But we don’t think we’ve ever seen ridiculousness like this. Flashing “I Love You” hand signs at your man in a sports arena while he’s playing Kimmy? C’mon son! Don’t defile the great sport of basketball for publicity!

Before hitting up the Nets vs. Jazz game last night, Kim had a busy day of talk show hopping with Kourtney to promote their new show “Kim & Kourtney Take New York.” And if talking about yourself and your show about yourself wasn’t hard enough work, Kim changed clothes for almost each one of her stops.

The result: four daytime looks and one look for the ball game. Which one do you think was the baddest?

Flip the page for more pics of Kim and Scott Disick’s stage faces at the Nets game.

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  • lani3000

    Who the fuggg does THAT at a basketball game?

  • Oooh Weee!!

    I can’t believe anybody willing 2 have thiz chick az their “main”….

    Smash buddiez, okay, but who would *REALLY* wife thiz groupie up??

    • Dawn

      Just about any man she has more options than anyone woman “not” in the spotlight can choose from!

  • MzFitt

    Q: When will this madness end? A: As soon as people stop buying into this nonsense! Ugh!!!!!

    • wegottodobetter


  • KeepinItReal

    Now who remembers when Khloe was getting ready to marry Lamar and Kim tried to convince the world she wasn’t jealous of her sister by stating…. “I’m not jealous, he’s too tall. I dont even like tall guys.”…. FAKE.JEALOUS.SHALLOW.CONCEITED

  • mike

    I’m pretty sure the last thing this skank said worth paying attention to was when she told rayj lame azz to cummmm in her mouth I stopped paying attention after that she hasn’t made any sense since then

  • Divine

    ATTENTION: There is no more M.A.C. in your local department stores…I REPEAT, NO MORE M.A.C.


    First all, she’s trying TOO hard.

    An older lady I trust says, that when people make a point to demonstrate their relationship in public, its because they are trying to convince themselves about their relationship and others….

    I totally believe it.

    She is TRYING WAAAY to hard to make folks care OR convince herself she really wants to be with him…

    • Getem

      She’s absolutely right.

      If they break up then she’s going to be looking like a fool once again.


      I know right.. I was thinking that’s wayyyyy TOO MUCH MAKE-UP!!! Pasty face bish!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Typical…lol…Love her new beau tho 🙂

    • ReALiSt (WhAt iT dO EtHiOPiA??!!!)

      Your forehead makes Rihana’s forehand looks flat – only Somalians and Ethiopians are notorious with that type of forehead…

  • true

    Ooops *see

  • Shanice

    Typical Kim. She really needs to change her look. Its starting to get old. She always looks fake too. Like she’s made of wax. Lay off the makeup.

  • real talk uk

    I really don’t see why every man drools over her and it is not because i am jelaous of white women. There are plenty of stunning white women i.e cheryl cole, mirranda kerr and megan fox. But kim just seems a bit desperate and is becoming a bit of a joke as she has slept with so many people.

    • Brap Brap

      I used to like Kim ALOT. She was like my Celeb crush for a minute, but then she started to show her true colors and is nothing more than a glorified groupie. When she did Reggie Dirty at the Superbowl stealing his moment, and then confessing there relationship didn’t work because he hated the paparrazzi sealed it for me. She’ll sell anything for a little bit of the spotlight. Her family, her personal life, and even her soul. She’s gonna end up old and alone because no man really worth a damn is going to want to deal with her transparent lifestyle.

    • chaka1

      Some of us knew she was fraud from the jump. Glad others are catching on. All this chick cares about is herself. That’s why she will never have any type of real relationship with anyone.

    • DollBaby1o1

      Marilyn Monroe was the sh1t..

      but Dorothy Dandridge shut her a$$ down.

  • guest

    Kris Humphries is a lightskin cutie. Miles Austin has pretty eyes, he is not as cute as Kim’s new lightskin chocolate.

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    Honestly I would rather hear about rat stacks everyday than this girl. Please stop writing posts about her every move!

  • Brittany

    Please stop posting about this woman… Everything she does is for attention its so old and annoying



  • luVn_liFe

    HaHAHAhhahahahaha lol!!!”

  • Tah

    how long he been hitting and she already sayn i love u wow!

  • Tootie

    She wants to be Queen Bee girlfriend at all New Jersey Nets games. She draws men like honey draws a bear!

  • IMHO

    Is Scott like Tommy? What the heck is his job?

  • JUDY

    @Richard if you check the more mainstream websites you will be surprised that most people do no care for Kim so stop limiting it to black women until you do your research. Thanks.

  • Dilla

    Richard, please don’t generalize the feelings of all black women. I actually like Kim. She’s very business savvy and has a great personality, so does khloe and Courtney. Speak for yourself!

    • Keepinitreal

      HAS A GREAT PERSONALITY!?!?? ARE YOU KIDDING!? There couldnt be a more vein, shallow, boring, washed up person than Kim Kardashian. You’d have to have an IQ lower than Forrest Gump to think Kim has an even decent personality.

    • flexn

      Don’t get me wrong .I like her too,but she gets way too much air time. She is hated and adored by many.I don’t have time to research the backrounds of these people.I’m more interested in my life,my wife & daughter,OUR properity &happiness.I do not hate anyone!

  • cali*s finest

    it’s obvious that she is really insecure & unhappy. The attention & publicity is all she has. If she was more laid-back & grounded like her sisters maybe she’d have a hubby or a baby by now. She’s self-centered & controlled by her pimp Kris. She will end up old & miserable…..sad but true !!!

  • Chester

    This sh!t is hilarious, and look how she’s so happy throwing up her heart symbol. Kim just made my day by laughing at her. Wow! Kim is funny as hell when she’s dead serious. @ Dilla, Khloe is the only smart and marry one out of the bunch. 🙂

  • Divine

    Its your opinion.

    But when you go on white sites, do you make the same generalizations or do you just save it for us, because you love black women and we are that special to you 🙂

    Because the white folks on the white sites RIP her to shreds and its at times really racist.

    I think given her track record with men and the public eye and her public demonstrations…she should know better by now.

  • juliemango

    The best outfit is the 1 worn at the bb game nothing wrong with kk making her man blush on the court prolly works to improve his game!!!

  • kadija1982

    i seriously think these kardashian broads suffered from alienation and didnt get any attention from their parents when they were younger i mean why else would they be so thirsty and desperate for attention now?
    i cant lie they are entertaining and i will be tuning in next week smh i know…. i disappoint myself

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