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This story is pure comedy:

An irate mother allegedly ‘squeezed’ her exposed breasts together at her son’s school after a police officer refused to tell a fellow parent to cover up her cleavage. Laura Campanello, 43, was at her 17-year-old son’s Florida school when she passed a woman she thought had her breasts ‘exposed’.

But when the woman, identified in police records as Ms Blue, refused to cover up, an argument broke out between Mrs Campanello, Ms Blue, her mother and a school worker. When a police officer arrived at the scene, he recorded asking the quarrelling group to, ‘step in[side] the Register’s office.’ He continues, ‘The defendant [Mrs Campanello] stated that Ms Blue… should not have her cleavage showing like that.

‘I advised the defendant that as an adult I could not advise this lady how to dress.

‘The defendant said, “Oh then I can… just do this.” Upon this Mrs Campanello allegedly: ‘Pulled the front of her blouse down reached in with both hands, pulled both breasts out and squeezed them together.’ Mrs Campanello’s husband was also present at the alleged ‘unveiling’. Mrs Campanello, of Bradenton Beach, Florida, was promptly arrested for disorderly conduct. Website The Smoking Gun reported that Mrs Campanello had denied exposing her breasts and said that she was a ‘proper woman’ .

She added that the arresting officer was a: ‘Chubby, rude, lewd, and lascivious’ man who ‘had it out for her.’ The website added she is now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and that she, ‘intends to sue the school, sheriff, and jail for their mistreatment of her.’

What the hell was she trying to prove with that stunt??? Crazy broad.



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