The Fashion Industry May Be Embracing It, But Blackface Is Not Art

- By Bossip Staff

In the black community, there are two folks that you may not speak badly of because if you do, you risk being ostracized by close friends and/or family—President Barack Obama and Beyonce Knowles.

Since I’ve already taken Obama to task on a number of issues, I might as well alienate the other half of the black community and ask what the heck was Beyonce thinking when she decided to do a fashion editorial in blackface?

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  • What in the world is this?

    Beyonce present herself like a puppet with no mind of her own. She does not appear to be an intelligent or an enlightened person. Beyonce please pick up a book and educate yourself. Ignorance does not look cute on a pretty woman.

    • Laura

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      Hell she don’t even look like she enjoying it. I mean not that she suppose to be smiling or anything but, her eyes they look empty. Like she didn’t want to do the shoot. Just my opinion.

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  • What in the world is this?

    Also this is not a decent tribute to Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Fela would not have approved of this blatant blackface nonsense that is against everything he stood for when he was alive.

    • sunshine


    • severine

      Right On! Who do these folks think they are fooling with this nonsense??? Fela was no sell-out, that is for sure.

      Beyonce is talented, but stupid. She’s an empty vessel with good vocals and a nice body/face. That’s it. I’m sure she didn’t have an opinion on the blackface spread, her people told her to do it and she did it.

      Damn we went from the likes of Fela to Beyonce. How depressing.

  • kerry

    This is not “blackface”. Beyonce is already black, they just darkened her a bit. First she is too light and they are making her look “white” now she has dark makeup on and she is in “blackface”. She can’t wear dark though. That b**ch looks better red.

    • aboveitall

      You obviously don’t know the symbolism of blackface. Black people don’t have dark faces and light bodies but the baboon, a form of monkey does. They have black faces and light fur on their bodies. That is what it symbolizes…know your history. black folks did not create the black face, it was created for us to portray us as monkeys. I can’t stand ignorant black folks who don’t know their history.

  • Uhh Yeah Ok

    What does it mean though? Like, for the campaign or whatever, what’s the relevance?

  • Rae Rae

    I don’t agree with this so called ‘tribute’ but she does look beautiful light or dark.

  • blackking7

    Wow she is Stunning in the dark make-up! She looks younger!

  • suthnpeach

    Hell she don’t even look like she enjoying it. I mean not that she suppose to be smiling or anything but, her eyes they look empty. Like she didn’t want to do the shoot. Just my opinion.

  • jco

    Black girls are the most beautiful!! White guys and Spanish guys looooove black women because no girls looks better than them!!

    • Jamal

      You nuts right?
      People from Spain are the most racist ones Ive met!
      They hate blacks!
      Maybe you mean Latinos?
      Latinos are ok but people from Spain would vomit on black people if they could.

    • yt

      Blackface is a concept developed in 19th century southern America as form of minstrelsy and caricature intended to demean and degrade black people.

      In Europe, darkening of ones’ skin using makeup is merely an aesthetic and theatrical tradition, largely independent of American cultural mores.

      There’s a difference after all between Othello and Amos & Andy.

  • Christie_love

    Beyonce dont care about principles,all she want to see are dollar signs.

    • aboveitall

      So basically she sold out black folks for a million dollars. Beyonce is materialistic and need an education in black history…she’s a fool for doing this.

  • GEToverIT

    I dont get the whole “Blackface” controversy. If a black person puts on light make-up, nothing is said. If somebody of ‘any’ race put on dark make-up its offensive. ??????
    Am I the only one thats lost to this.
    I’m not offended by this at all. Instead of accepting this as something positive for people who have darker skin and making it beautiful, you have people like the person who wrote this article making it look like its something terrible. I see nothing wrong with it.
    I am the same color as Beyonce, probably a shade or two lighter, and my mother is the color of the make-up she has on. People tell me I look like my mother all the time and it makes me proud. I would love to share her color.

    • BarGolf

      Only a dam fool doesn’t know the true meaning of this she-it.

    • Uhh Yeah Ok

      What does it mean then AMErIcan? cuz it sure ‘ant African!

    • Uhh Yeah Ok

      *cough cough… ‘aint

    • aboveitall

      If you don’t know it’s offensive you haven’t tried to find out it’s origin. Have you ever seen a black woman with black face and a light skin body? No, unless you are a baboon. This is very offensive and I have no respect for Beyonce after this. I’m done with that silly girl.

    • MsDtown

      @GET…Co sign. There will always be people to complain. Now we can’t even wear our own depiction, evolution into our own symbolism? These concepts are not fathomable to some folks.

    • GEToverIT

      @BarGolf- I am no “damn fool”. I just choose not to carry chips on my shoulder. I cant speak for the whole “Black” or “African-American” race and neither can you.
      I just dont understand how most black people feel like every other race owe them the world and an explanation for everything they do.
      There are plenty of other races that have suffered far worst pain and torture than the african nation.
      The fact that I dont know the history of it and it still doesnt affect me, just shows I am a bigger person about the situation. I refuse to let anything, any person or any symbol put me down.
      As long as black people continue to take offense and react to every single thing they think is offensive, people will contiune to do it to f*ck with us.

  • tooyo

    This isn’t black face and every time you apply that label incorrectly you’re cheapening what black people actually went through.

  • Elegance

    I think people just shouldn’t do it. I don’t think it’s necessary especially in this photo. But is it wrong to say that Beyonce looks gorgeous with dark skin!!?

    • aboveitall

      Beyonce is not 2 tone. The black face was created by the white racist and used to portray us as monkeys. Only baboons have a dark face and a light body. Get with you history before you start supporting things that were created to mock our people.

  • ironklad

    Jamal 2/22/11, 09:04:PM
    You nuts right?
    People from Spain are the most racist ones Ive met!
    They hate blacks!
    Maybe you mean Latinos?
    Latinos are ok but people from Spain would vomit on black people if they could.

    REPLY: What do think the ancestry of half the Caribbean and Latin America. Majority of the People have black and Spanish ancestry that is why being Hispanic is not considered a race but a culture. However, I agree with you that in general Spain is a very racist country.

  • decepticon

    how is that homage to Fela ( a nigerian), when the outfit in that photo and the mask behind it is cameroonian? ( i would know seeing as my dad’s nigerian and my mom’s cameroonian). just an excuse in my opinion.

  • Rashida

    I don’t see anything wrong with the picture. She’s black already, so how is she in black face? She looks so good… Time to stop overacting! The pictures are tasteful! Not gawdy!

    • aboveitall

      You don’t find this offensive? Some black folks are uneducated and ignorant. One clue, black folks don’t have black faces and light colored body. However, there is an animal that looks like that. Look it up and learn.

  • mk

    me beyonce and our powerful leaders in the illuminati are taking over the world. just sit back and enjoy the ride>:P

  • Ok

    This is really irrelevant whether it’s black face or not. It’s insulting especially to the memory of Fela Kuti. Forget the makeup. Think about what Fela was about. Human rights, self-respect, love of country, political activism. Beyonce does not represent these things in any way. This woman danced for a million dollars for the now embattled Gaddafi family of Libya. IF she has no problem dancing for dollars for a dictator who violates his people’s civil rights daily, then she shouldn’t be paying tribute to Fela. This is insulting. They could have picked a woman with some self-respect and activism. A Nigerian artists? Even Eryka Badu, Jill Scott or India Aire would have worked. But not this woman. Nope.

    • sunshine

      Wise words!

    • Soul Touch

      Now this is a valid arguement. Although, I don’t think India or Jill have done much for the people of Africa…it’s my understanding that Beyonce and Jay have poured money into Nigeria (though in my opinion, the money could have been better used). Beyonce is not an activist so I don’t expect her to take a political stance when it comes to foreign land.

      But based on that fact alone, I agree with you…a tribute to Fela should have a more worthy face, an activist of the people.

      But…would anyone care to buy the magazine? Beyonce pulls in numbers. As a result of this shoot, the world now knows Fela’s name. People are looking it up…and that’s a great thing.

  • luel14

    Stunning. Get off her clit.

  • thesaneone

    i think it was done tastefully. i am not offended. im just sick of black ppl being divided on everything.

    • aboveitall

      you obviously don’t know what the black face symbolizes. You need to study black history…know your past or you will be lost in the future. Jews would not do this to each other…they don’t play that game.

  • Uhh Yeah Ok

    you do know ther are better light skinned looking ppl in Africa than beyonce but they aren’t pushed as American so wtf is this ho doing? ummmmm why can’y you just love being black? all shades? only america thinks you must be poor dumb and black.. sick of you dummies

    • Uhh Yeah Ok

      and i’m talking about straight earths producing stars so you better fuk right off with the dumb bells….. oh and you idiots need to travel..

  • SpreadDaWord

    It doesn’t matter who thinks that this so called form of ‘expression’ is art, or what the intent was behind the photoshoot. It is offensive and demeaning to many who belong to a particular culture, for that reason it should have been avoided! For someone as talented and highly regarded as Beyonce to do such a thing is shameful! Her father recently stated in an interview that he grew up during segregration and was affected by it, so there’s no way that she was ignorant to the fact that this would be harmful to Blacks! I’m sure she knew that the photo shoot would be controversial, probably was hoping it would be, anything for fame,huh Beyonce! Join us in Boycotting Beyonce!

    • Soul Touch

      …but if she saw it as others do (art), then why should she? I personally think people are being fools. In her mind she may have put too much faith in believing that others know the difference.

      But after the whole Will.I.Am situation I guess she should have known better to have such faith in people and common sense. Will was not blackface, it was just stupid.

  • Precious

    Youtube NOW

    Fela Kuti – teacher dont teach me nonsense…water no get enemy…shakara…lady…

    Femi Kuti – beng beng beng…truth don die….cant buy me…1,2,3,4

  • MsDtown

    Of course it’s art. Dark faces and skin is beautiful – but the beauty of it is that it’s art with a message, so it is important how the message is framed and on whom. Art that speaks is the most powerful kind. In that, consciousness is found.

  • Candid Canuck

    judging by these comments above, we are truly at emergency with this generation and most of these posters are non afro americans…..blackface is a very apparant in this photo.

  • MsDtown

    @GET…Co sign. There will always be people to complain. Now we can’t even wear our own depiction, evolve into our own symbolism? These concepts are not fathomable to some folks.

    • Soul Touch

      Agreed, everything we can to stifle eachother.

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