Some Morning Preciousness: Little Willow Does Regular Kid Stuff With Regular Kids

- By Bossip Staff

Aww! We love to see slightly overworked little people have a do some good and have a good time… even if it’s still technically work.


Willow Smith hosted a V.I.P skating party at Fleetwood Roller Rink in Summit, IL on Monday (Feb. 21st).

The event was also a special chance for the young star to greet her adoring fans one on one and speak about her “I Love Me” campaign that encourages kids to love themselves and each other.

The event was free but for every dollar donated, Bears Care donated four dollars towards rebuilding athletic fields for Chicago’s children. Willow posed for numerous pictures and even had some fun skating with fans.

Click here to check out pics of Little Willow’s event.

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  • Mrs. Rance

    Oh wow, that is really cool. I wish she would come here. My 6 year old idolizes her. I can’t even imagine how she would act if she saw her in person.

  • Nana

    Why are we criticizin kris Jenner’s daughters but praising Willow????

    Hmmmm jus wondering!

    • Honey Chile, Lemme tell you...

      Because Kim’s a hoe!

    • FaReelDoe

      I know – right? At least Kris Jenner makes sure her girls go to school and waited until they got older and out of ELEMENTARY school before pimping them out. They at least have an educational FOUNDATION which is more than we can say about Willow. All that damn globe hopping and can’t even read and DON’T

  • Amber "im liberated"

    Its nice to see her around some black girls.

  • JustAshley

    LOL@ “slightly overworked little people”

  • just me_sunflower

    Oh, I thought she is going back to school…shame on me, wanting kids to get an education :-/

    • FaReelDoe

      Yeah… you should be ashamed for thinking something so NORMAL and RIGHT. WTH are you THINKING????? Black children don’t need an education… they just need to know how to run, jump, throw a ball, catch a ball, sing or dance. Didn’t you get the memo?

    • FaReelDoe

      Hey Mock Rock! Didn’t you hear? Yes, she has a tutor, but SHE (Willow) said she’s behind her peers because she NEVER HAS TIME TO DO HER HOMEWORK OR STUDY. WTF? 9-10 year old TOO BUSY FOR HOMEWORK? No – WE’RE not retarded (slow)- SHE is – and so is her parents. THEY have her TOO BUSY for her studies? I wouldn’t have anything negative to say about her following this path IF her parents also made her focus on her education, but THEY DON’T – She doesn’t have time to get an education. Nah… she doesn’t need an education… she just needs to know how to sing and dance and get that money. – Really!?? WOW. What they are allowing is BS. I know BS when I see it and am not blinded by WHO HER PARENTS ARE – like you seem to be… There is NOTHING slow about me. But you on the other hand??? You’re the RETARDED, blind one – blinded by her parents’ fame & money. Get a clue and take off the fame shades!!

  • if anything be noble

    Regular kid stuff? What 10 yr old hosts parties for their fans? —–[My mom: Where you goin? Me: Lady, let *you* worry about you. Ima tell you this just one time. I’m almost ten and 4 months and I’m busy, I’m pressed and I am meeting with my fans I mean cleaning out the refrigerator.]— ….Willowchild, I’m sorry but your little narrow butt shouldn’t know what a fan is.

  • if anything be noble

    And before I get an ‘MORROON. Can’t u reed? She’s helping the comunty’ comment, lil Sasha & Malia O are busy with their little not-tweeting, non-FBing (much less non-autographing, non-bighead, non-hosting parties selves) getting their 10 years old on…. but go head on, Willow… Go head.

    • FaReelDoe

      Seems like she went “ahead” already….. Ahead of her age range for doing things. I don’t know WTH she will have to look forward to in life. She’s doing it all now… Oh, I forgot. When she’s older, she can either look forward to getting an education (when it’s more difficult to absorb the info) or getting ripped off by “her people” and being too ignorant to even know it.

  • JaZzIe91

    Y’all haters kill me. SMH

    Anyway Willow hair looks cute and thats cool what she’s doing with other kids.

  • what the what

    I wonder if the headline would have read “Some Morning Preciousness” if those two girls were white. Just sayin…

    4 in the I’m listening to “On The Radio” by Donna Summer

  • if anything be noble

    Sorry. 10 yr olds anywhere on earth aren’t wired for ‘fans’ and signing autographs. That stuff at 10 is guaranteed to mess you up. No hate.

  • if anything be noble

    I said it before (ok really my dad said it but he’s not on here so I’ll act like I said it) … A lot of these grown men walking around here playing with remote control cars at 29 are doing it because they didn’t have remote control cars at Remote Control Car stage. They are missing something and deep down they’re trying to go back there to retrace their steps. There are stages in People Development across the board — don’t care where you are — where certain things are naturally fascinating to you and other things are not and this child sitting up at Paris Fashion Week at 9 is gonna look real funny sitting up in a tree at 26 trying to relive her 9 yr old stage because her 26 yr old butt shouldve been up there at 9.

  • Diane P

    Wow so many people jealous of a little girl, it’s really shameful. will & jada seem to be grounded they lived regular lives growing up in Philly & B’more, their kids aren’t regular, they’re rich, they’re lives are different, can you see outside of your samll minded pathetic world, they have tutors, teachers that travel w/them you people will never leave the hood

  • Lisa

    Black people never fail to amaze me. SMDH at trying to stomp all over the dreams of an 10 year old.

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