Elsewhere In The World: Did You Know There’s A War Going On In Ivory Coast??

- By Bossip Staff

Libya isn’t the only African nation dealing with a civil war so serious that foreign forces had to jump in.

Sh*t is real in Ivory Coast too.

French peacekeepers in war-torn Ivory Coast took control of the airport in the main city late Saturday night, the French Ministry of Defense said Sunday, as a battle for Abijdan seemed to be looming.

An additional 300 French troops joined the United Nations peacekeeping mission overnight, the ministry added. There were about 7,500 troops already in the country under the U.N. mandate.

United Nations helicopters patrolled the skies over the city as a tense calm reigned Sunday morning, a local resident told CNN.

The uneasy peace came in the wake of claims of a massacre as fighters backing internationally recognized President Alassane Ouattara battle forces loyal to Laurent Gbagbo, who refuses to leave office.

A journalist in the city said many people were afraid to leave their homes, but were being forced to venture out to get water.

Seyi Rhodes, who is staying at a hotel in Abidjan, said people were risking being shot in order to get to a water pump near the hotel.

He saw French journalists come under fire as they drove through the city, he said.

Much of the city has no electricity, he added, calling it “a really crude tactic to get people out on the streets.”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanded Sunday that Gbagbo step aside immediately.

“Gbagbo is pushing Cote d’Ivoire into lawlessness,” she said, using the French name for the country. “He must leave now so the conflict may end.”

She also called “on the forces of President Ouattara to respect the rules of war and stop attacks on civilians.”

How bad could this possibly be, since U.S. media has barely mentioned this conflict at all?

The International Committee of the Red Cross said 800 people were shot to death in the western cocoa-producing town of Duekoue. A United Nations official put the death toll so far at 330.

The massacre occurred between Monday and Wednesday as Ouattara’s Republican Forces led an offensive through the country to Abidjan, said Guillaume Ngefa, the deputy human rights director at the U.N. mission in Ivory Coast.

He blamed 220 deaths on forces loyal to Ouattara. Ngefa said pro-Gbagbo forces killed 100 people.

Before the Duekoue killings, human right monitors documented 462 deaths in the Ivory Coast conflict, which would make the Duekoue massacre the single bloodiest incident yet.

Jesus take the wheel…


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    • annabelle

      where are u getting your information from? i guess u have not located a library in your area… in this case check out google to educate yourself before making outrageous comments losers!

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  • http://idontmakethenews.com/2011/04/03/elsewhere-in-the-world-did-you-know-theres-a-war-going-on-in-ivory-coast-via-bossip-com-gossip-for-the-hardcore-entertainment-news-music-fashion-black-celebrity- Elsewhere In The World: Did You Know There's A War Going On In Ivory Coast?? (via Bossip.com | Gossip for the Hardcore | Entertainment News | Music | Fashion | Black Celebrity | Music | Videos | Love and Relationships) « I Don't Make The N

    […] Libya isn't the only African nation dealing with a civil war so serious that foreign forces had to jump in. Sh*t is real in Ivory Coast too. French peacekeepers in war-torn Ivory Coast took control of the airport in the main city late Saturday night, the French Ministry of Defense said Sunday, as a battle for Abijdan seemed to be looming. An additional 300 French troops joined the United Nations peacekeeping mission overnight, the ministry added. … Read More […]

  • and the beat goes on

    So is USA everybody saviors????

  • jt

    who cares, plus all those countries are full of corrupt and violent people. 1k died and obama did nothing to stop it!

    • daresay

      And yet it was the Germans who killed 3 million Jews. Europeans fought stupid 2 world wars. The Irish are still killing the British. The British kids attacked their most revered Prince who is the heir to the throne, over increment of School fees…and you pale monkeys are not violent? Zip-it!

  • *MrsTrevino*

    I gotta agree. The end is near. Look at all this mess going on right now. Family members killing each other for no reason, kids killing their parents over stupid ish. God is not happy at all.

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  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Yes. DUH! I am aware of all the craziness going on in the world other than the mess that y’all keep up on this blog.

  • if anything be noble

    Ok, America just go ahead and airdrop 1 soldier in every country of the world now and let us call it a day. Supersoldier will save them all. No one will hurt him. (ChilePLEASE who is trying to police EVERYWHERE? Yall Ivory Coast people need to call Al or Jesse or somebody and have them come talk you to death in ‘Horton Hears a Hoo’ iambic pentameter because this is truly getting out of hand.)

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

    I was not aware. Now I will follow up and read an article at a reputable site. Thanks!!

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  • seriously

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  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa...

    Its only news now… The man should just adhere to the law.. He did not win therefor GO!! The people have every right to revolt.
    Side Note…I love their music

  • stephanie

    wow… some of you sound very ignorant right now!

  • lala

    let me post the truth here,GOSSIP and stop blocking me..you can see all thoses people curssing and all that right..so let me speak my mind because you are talking about my country and you are believing the lies that the french government is telling you.thanks

  • seriously


  • lala

    whatever is going on ivory coast is more than what think.
    ADO OUATTARA IS A REBEL whos been destroying my country for almost 10 years and this year,it took is toll.they are telling the all truth,how french people are helping rebels with heavy guns and dropping them in villages murdering young people,pregnant women.the rebels are even killing the french people whos been living in ivory coast for years because thos people opposed to ADO.they are not telling you that.but they are only showing one side and making seem bgabgo is the bad one…THE PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING FOR BGABGO BECAUSE HE IS THE RIGHT MAN,we do not want a murderer who want to sell us again to the french governmnt.

  • if anything be noble

    Lala, nothing against Cote d’Ivoire. I have some really good friends from your country (Abidjan to be exact) and they are very cool and know politics better than most Americans [—ok that sounded like ‘I’m not racist/some of my best friends are smart Black people’] but, speaking for me, I’ve had enough of the US going everywhere and doing everything for everyone when we have some very complicated, long-term, expensive problems right here. Other countries want aid (and look to the US,) and NATO agrees to go in (and looks to the US to pay and lead) and it’s simply economically unsustainable for the US to run its diplomacy this way. Not putting a price on human life but it’s diplomacy based on perpetual deficit spending with no end game or exit strategy in sight. No bueno.

  • stephanie

    please lala…gbagbo is a freaking dictator who’s been ruling for 2 terms and wants to impose himself for a third one….what is this, a monarchy? all he did was stealing money and getting women pregnant!

  • africans uh?

    Gbagbo is only under attack because he is trying to build ivory coast to be independent and free of the hold of france . I don’t expect you to understand your issues begins and stop with celebritites, AA don’t have a country or a language or anything to lose, but those of us that do , inform ourselves before jumping in a topic.

    • DR.FUNK

      Are you saying that Gbagbo is not evil? Are you saying that he’s a good guy with good intentions? Be clear…because that’s not what I’m seeing at all.

  • if anything be noble

    “US secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanded Sunday that Gbagbo step aside immediately” (and the part CNN didn’t say …’then Gbagbo said ‘who gonna check me boo) smh Aint nobody scared of all these US “demands.” Didn’t they ‘demand’ Qaddafi step aside? How bout Hussein? And Mubarek ‘I’m-leaving-no-I’m-staying-come-and-get-me.’ US stop.

  • lala

    believe me,i hope PRESIDENT OBAMA stay out of this situation.we do not need the U.S.A backing up the rebels without enough real news.we have burkina faso,france authorities and senegal helping the rebels destryoing my beatiful country ,we do not need U.S.A into this problem for real.this is for all the ivoiriens U.S.A stay out of it this time..the french authorities started this mess,let them finish it.the only reason why they ae calling out for hel its because they are loosing.sarkozy is loosing.

  • africans uh?

    Propaganda will kill you people, you are ignorant about everything, don’t talk about the ivory coast as if you know it okay ? when gbagbo came in power in 2002 he severe the contract that france had with ivory coast, they were no longer allowed to come and exploit us for their own gain, when the french saw that they started pushing ado BURKINABE NOT IVORIAN BUT BURKINABE to become president, when the ivorian people refused , they hired mercenaries to descend on the north of ivory coast a kill people

  • seriously

    FYI YOUR COUNTRY IS OFF LIMITS TO THE USA The folks that sponsor your wars and put in chargE whom they want is china syria france and australia….

  • Nor*cal

    NO Oil so America won’t help next

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