John ‘Crybaby’ Boehner Blames Obama for High Gas Prices and Predicts He Will Not be Re-Elected in 2012

- By Bossip Staff

Republican Speaker of the House, John ‘the crying man’ Boehner, took aim at the Obama administration faulting him for rising gas prices. “Running on empty: Obama administration does nothing to address skyrocketing gas prices,” read a press release from the House Speaker’s office. He went on to point out that oil prices will likely be the focus of next year’s presidential election and suggested Obama would not see a second term if gas prices were to rise above $5 dollars per gallon.

But let’s keep in mind the real reason behind his statements: to shift the attention off the GOP’s shady agenda! His remarks come only after polls show sharp opposition to the Republican party’s attempt to continue to cut taxes for the rich which would result in higher health insurance premiums for senior citizens.

With Americans upset over rising gasoline prices, Republicans in Congress aim to fix the blame on one person when they return next week from recess: President Barack Obama.

Congress wrapped up its last work session on April 15 with Democrats and Republicans in a blistering debate over budget deficits and the size of the federal government.

Now, Republican leaders in the House of Representatives aim to pivot to another hot-button issue: high gasoline prices that are hitting consumers who are already struggling to recover from a prolonged economic downturn.

“Running on empty: Obama administration does nothing to address skyrocketing gas prices,” screamed a press release on Tuesday from House Speaker John Boehner’s office.

The Republicans’ focus on energy comes as the national retail price for regular gasoline has hit $3.88 a gallon, more than $1 a gallon more than a year ago.

Gas pump sticker shock could get worse as the looming U.S. summer driving season hikes demand for gasoline and political unrest continues in Middle East oil-producing countries.

All this has U.S. motorists worried that gasoline prices could approach the record-high $4.11 per gallon of July 2008.

Boehner’s move to put a bull’s eye on gasoline prices also comes as public opinion polls show opposition to Republican initiatives that would further cut taxes for the rich while making senior citizens pay more for health insurance.

“As gasoline prices close in on $4 a gallon, that is going to be part of the conversation,” said Spencer Pederson, a spokesman for the House Natural Resources Committee.

The Republicans believe Obama wrongfully stood in the way of offshore oil drilling because of safety concerns following last year’s BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico oil output will decline by 190,000 barrels per day in 2011, according to Energy Department forecasts.

“That’s lost oil on the world market,” leading to higher prices, Pederson said. That quantity, however, is only a speck of the estimated 1.52 million barrel per day increase in global demand this year.

The 2012 presidential and congressional elections are 18 months away, but they already dominate the Washington dynamic.

In an interview with a Virginia radio station on Tuesday, Obama said his administration was “talking to oil producers around the world and letting them know it’s in their interest to make sure that high oil prices don’t end up hurting the world economy.”

Oil producing countries, he said, should ramp up their production to moderate gasoline prices.

Obama also urged Congress to end oil and gas industry tax breaks that cost billions of dollars.

Senator Charles Schumer, one of the top-ranking Democrats, backed up Obama’s call saying: “These subsidies are a relic of a time when oil was $17 per barrel and oil companies needed incentives to drill. That time has long since ended.”

Oil prices are now around $112 per barrel.

Tsk. Tsk. These GOP guys are predictable at this point. The only reason they are making a stink about the gas prices is because they’re trying to push tax cuts for the rich and raise senior health insurance. Let’s not forget they made the mess in the oil industry years ago and we’re all suffering the consequence at the gas pumps so they shift the blame, divert the attention away from the real issue and take jabs at everyone’s soft spot … our wallets?! SMH.


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  • big c

    Yea blame Obama for high has prices why not blame opec for not producing more. Truth is Obama does not control oil prices.

    • Prettyrenee

      Well, you know, since he shut them down by showing his Birth Certificate, they gotta find something else to blame him for… I strongly dislike these Republicans!!!

  • nyc-mrs.718

    @ Big C…so true..obama doesnt control oil prices..and for folks who are tryna blame him is so ignorant..also alot of these politicians get cuts from oil companies as well so this increase goes way deeper then OPEC…smfh…i just payed $4.05 at the pump the other day..this is getting too ridiculous!!

  • chichi

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • mary

    This moron. This should have been in the “ho sit down” section.

  • anon

    I think its fair to blame him….if you all can remember 3 years ago when gas was reaching these same numbers and Bush was in office everyone blamed him….I do agree that its not all their fault but if you blamed Bush, blame Obama its only fair

    • Vision

      your comment is right on point, We shouldnt allow our PRESIDENT (the most powerful man in the world) to stand on the sidelines and complain that it isnt his fault, he cant fix this because of what the president before him has done. Its rediculous, this isnt high school.

    • IJS...

      I agree! No one wants to “blame” Obama for anything; let him get the same criticism and praise as the former presidents

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Another thing—

    I goes outside and find my lawnmower tipped over on it’s side. I upright the thing and figure I’ll cut some g.r.a.s.s only to find out, the sons of bytches DID’NT take my lawnmower…..
    they STOLE the gas outta it!

    Sons of bytches!

    • ArmyWife

      I’m sorry, but THAT was funny!!!!

    • Wise

      U better hope u dont get up 4 work 1 morning and ur car is in the same position..

  • Vision

    It still amazes me how we give our votes away for more welfare checks and other B.S….WHEN CLINTON WAS PRESIDENT HE WAS BLAMED FOR EVERY POSITIVE AND NEG. EVENT IN AMERICA, When Bush was president he was blamed for eveything as well. Now that OBAMA is president all we do is make excuse after excuse for this man. At what point will we demand that he take cntrol of this mess and fix it, at what point will it become HIS responsibility, Or will we spend all of 2012/13/14/15 blaming bush. There are plenty of things that Pres. Obama could be doing right now to sure up this economy and he isnt doing them. Demand more of your president people, black or not I demand that my president acts like a president not a whining A** outsider blaming everyone else for the issues he is supposed to control. Where is the Policy? ?? So as you run to the polls in 2012 to cast your vote blindly for our great black president, enjoy your bus ride to the unemployment office.

    • ArmyWife

      I agree 100%

    • chaka1

      Disagree 100%. Politics is more complicated than you think. The teabaggers will use these simple tactics to ruin your confidence in Obama. Elections are only about winning by any means necessary.

    • IJS...

      I agree!

  • ArmyWife

    Hey Sis, I had the EXACT same problem with my gas burning too fast as well. My “Knowing EVERY DAMN Thing husband” informed me that i need to put the mid grade in instead of just plain regular cheap gas. And girl…it worked. It costs more, but you get what you pay for so, hope that works.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!


    I have to use mid grade or higher for my vehicles!

    I think it’s the ‘lluminati’s fault!

    And–I am soooo madatchu right now for “my know-it-all husband”


    Don’t they no err-damn thing?


  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Another thing—it’s a damn shame that I have to chain, lock up and put my Princess’ bicycle in a damn BANK VAULT every night for fear of someone stealing it!

    A damn shame I tell ya!


  • chaka1

    So what are to do? The clock is ticking.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Another thing–

    I got up with the chickens on Saturday and went to a yard sale. The lady had a 52″ flat screen Sony T.V w/a home theater system. The asking price was $52.75. On the other side of the yard was a rusted ol’ bicycle (without the chain) with a banana seat and had some streamers coming out of the handlebars. The price tag on it was $4,715.00 and people were scratching each others eyes out JUST to buy it!

    I’m telling y’all, the gas prices are just TOO HIGH!!!

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    We need to stop giving out information to help them try to attack Obama, they come out here to see what people are thinking and use all of it against him so stop GIVING UP INFORMATION!!! We are doing the job for the analysts through our telling them how we are thinking, they already do not understand us and don’t care to (before or after this) so why feed them our beautiful minds (for those of us that are actually smart….lmbo

  • Huny

    It’s bigger than Obama, people. Of course this will be used by ‘them’ to help steer people’s thoughts and actions. Don’t be duped.

  • Jay

    To bad Paul Ryan is not running for president. Obama is and has always been an empty suit who reads a teleprompter on weekends. We should be drilling offshore and investing into alternative fuel sources. The country that can make a feasible alternative fuel source will be the country that controls the market. With American jobs being outsourced and manufacturing jobs leaving our shores, Obama has no plan for anything. He doesn’t even want to cut the our trillion dollar budget properly, he is a spend liberal with no idea on budgeting.


    Nomatter what people are saying about President Obama, he has nothing to do with the high gas prices. In the end there is NOT a human being running NOTHING in this world. God controls it. You want it taken care of get to praying….

    • ItsWhatever


      Before you know it, they’ll be blaming him for 911…..

      Oh wait! That’s right he wasn’t in office yet.

      These crakuhs are stupid.

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    Never that, please believe.

  • E$

    Obama Oil & Gas? I’ve never seen that one…..more lies from the other side

  • CeCe

    I was gonna come on here and speak on a lot of y’all faithful Obama followers who are still blind sheep! Like I said yesterday…. He will not be getting my vote in 2012! I don’t think anyone have made any sense on this thread but Vision and Crowe! Now they are speaking the truth! Our people are so far up Obama a$$ and it’s blinding y’all of what’s really reality…. The reality is he’s not doing nothing and he will continue not to do nothin’! He keep feeding us this false hope but in reality we’re the ones that’s suffering more and more. No jobs no pots to piss in…. People losing they’re houses cars and sense of pride! We need to stand up and let him know that we’re not happy with all his excuses and want to see real results! Yeah I’m blaming him for Gas prices because this is his job to make sure the American People are taken care of! We need to demand that of him because he is the president! Stop taking up for him I mean he’s been in office for how long? And we’re worse off than before! You would think by now we’ll be in half way good shape! I know this is our first black president and we want him to succeed but at what price? Our lives are on the line and right now I’m not trying to baby sit this Ninja anymore! Either get us back to normal or get out the white house because we don’t have no where else to go but down with him! Yeah I said it!

    • blaze

      this CeCe is a perfect example of a demon commenting on the thread

  • zyklon

    High gas and food prices will be like a noose around barry’s scrawny neck.

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