Name These Vacationing Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

This caketastic beauty and her baller boo were spotted frollicking in the Mexican sand and surf last week. And, as always, one of her sisters was there. Can you guess who it was?

Kimmy Cakes didn’t let those nosy paparazzi disturb her vacay groove with her awkward boo thang Kris Humphries. The reportedly damn-near-engaged couple was out in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico kicking it at Joe Francis’s beach front house, as the Kardashians do at least once a year.

Kourt and baby daddy Scott were there with little Mason too, along with Rob. But no Khloe.

We hope she just chose to stay in L.A. to support her hubby and the Lakers’ play off run: we’d hate to think other people’s hang ups about her size would keep her from the beach now.

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  • Life

    You can tell her behind is paid for but o well she still get attention. Kris is learning how to F” with her. So when he finds his wife he would have alot of practice.

    • Chaka1

      Seen Kim in person. Her boobs are really really fake. I honestly believe she has butt implants or the procedure where the doctor removes the fat from your waist and injects it into your butt. A woman here in Florida had 1000cc injected into her and she died on the operating table from a fat embolism.

  • kerrysweetgal

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  • lenabear123

    I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

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    This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

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  • nyc-mrs.718

    u know the fact that she calls the pap’s to take pics of her love life is so tacky..she gonna mess this up the same way she did wit reggie..if she’s smart she’d keep it private..the pic of her and her bf kissing looks rehearsed…but whatever..**goes n takes a sh*t**

    • Chaka1

      She even put out a press release talking about how she was going to keep this relationship quiet. All Kim does is lie.

    • nyc-mrs.718

      @ chaka..yeah she did say that..she love the spot light and im bettin her lil boy toy is gonna soon grow some hate over it..u’ll see..she just can’t keep sh*t private..smfh…

      @ yep i said it…when did i mention anything about her azz or looks for that matter?? she has an awesome body..if u reread my comment i was talking about her over exposing her relationship for the media..u sound either obsessed or ugly ya damn self..wipe that drool off ur face, hun..its just a photo!! =-/

  • Matix B

    Pretty girl but that rump looks weird, but I’m not a dude so if he likes more power to him. Maybe they have a lot in common; Iā€™m hoping Kris and Kim actually do get married, so she can stop whining about it.

  • Lisa

    Please Kim don’t have to call the Paps, they stalk her daily, she is one person that don’t have to call the paps, they stay stalking her, it’s so funny that black people keep saying that she paid for her butt, clearly it’s hers, look at her mother and sister and even Rob has a big butt. Black women are not the only ones with butt, she is very tiny that is why her butt looks so big. I wish them well he seems to be very much into her.Everyone deserves happiness, she did not kill anyone or hurt anyone so I don’t understand thae nastiness and just plain out hatred for this girl, it’s ridiculous, maybe if you people paid more attention to your own lives you wouldn’t be so miserable.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ā„¢

      Aint nobody said black women were the only ones with butts dumb azz,, we know all women have butts but black women have the curvy stuck out donkey bootys.. no way around it.. dont get mad.. get glad bytch .. you white women cant have every thing.. you got your plastic silicone butts.. so go away… plus Kim’s butt looks so damn fake in the pic and before i knew it was her i could tell the butt was fake… that bytch is a faker and a phoney and .. oh rayj .. my pu–y is gonna explode type of skank!! ha!

    • teeshawna

      If you look at a picture of her from like ’03..’04, her butt was flat as a wall!!!!….there is nooo way she could have grown out a butt that big!!!!….her boobs are real tho, i give her that!!

    • ololololol

      @lisa all the armenian dudes at my college have big ol’ woman butts and hips and some nice legs…im jealous of a mans body lol.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ā„¢

      I know a lot of men with big bootys.. who the h3ll wants a big booty man??

    • Lilika

      Clearly her and her sisters have armenian booty, I live in Europe in a country where there is a community of armenian people and women have the same type of body, with big butts, big hips and all that!

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ā„¢

      Lilika..STFU… anybody with 2 eyes can see that broad is phony .. that is not her butt .. you dumb kardashian posting skank! Shes a liar and you are a idiot for believing that tramp!

  • bnicole


    • Frederica Bimble

      Anytime I read the word “yummy” I cringe and then know I’m dealing with an idiot.
      Say that word out loud and then consider how it comes across to others. It’s gross and makes you look like a simpleton.

    • Common Sense

      She can say yummy if she wants you dumba$$S clown….your really that upset over the word yummy???? Get a life….

  • Mz Goody

    Beautiful, this girl is really pretty and lets see what all these fat nappy black hair girls on this site gonna write now. You people are all haters, haters, haters,


      @MzGoody, Yea, a pretty face who gained her popularity by gettin pissed on by Ray J, who CAN’T keep a man & has a uterus that has been used & stretched beyond repair. Black & nappy-STAND UP!

  • starlite

    Please wear a condom…or two.

  • ProudLatina

    I love her turquoise bathing suit she looks great. I hope she finally gets married to him

  • Tia

    Ewww to that rump!

  • Uhh yeah ok


  • Mama Mila

    Too many shots in the top part of her butt…its not even….stop the injections Kimmy!! just let it go naturally.

  • JayJay Growlings


  • Rox

    Her butt is weird, no muscle definition just…I don’t know what to call it, hmm, perplexed.

    • (_Jasmine_)

      Yes me too…

    • me

      I agree. For someone who claims that she works out like crazy you would expect to see some muscle definition in her thighs and butt.

      But no, all she has is redistributed fat.

  • Moe

    Yeah the butt looks somewhat deformed, but least she managed to airbrush her cellulite. Well hope Kimmy’s happy now. She still looked better with Reggie Bush.

    • yoboi

      just because two people look good together does not mean it a good relationship she seems more happy with him then with reggie you will learned somedays looks is not everything

  • carebear

    She likes “black” men. I find it ironic that she is darker than her She looks good tho. Kim is bate. However, ive notice the Kardashians stock as been declining for a while, thank god. In about a yr or so, theyll be gone.

  • clinique

    Ummm, why are racists people here??? Whatever.

  • clinique

    Honestly her butt looks Nicki’s, all big up top but small at the bottom. >:p

  • brooklyns_finest


  • Frederica Bimble

    Ha! Before I saw who it was, I knew it was a fake butt!!!

  • Denny

    When you spot a natural behind you’ll know, come on y’all be honest to yourselves once, her behind is fake as hell..

  • Denny

    It’s stiff and it’s hanging up top.. she’s just fooling herself and her stans! when u spot a real behind u know immediately..

  • shay

    Ms. Kim k look beautiful…her body is actually on point.

  • Daniel

    That woman is amazing, Reggie Bush is dumb or gay.

    • starlite

      Reggie Bush is not dumb nor gay. He’s smart.

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