Oh Behave! Celebrities Caught Doin’ The Nasty When They Least Expected It

- By Bossip Staff

We’ve all been there at one point or another. You’re in public, and you feel a lil somethin somethin in your nose, a wedgie building in you pants, or something in your mouth that has to get spit out IMMEDIATELY. Well in the world of the celebrity the its always lights, camera, action and sometimes that can lead to a moment that will live on forever, and ever, and ever…

Check out the following pages for some hilarious and embarrassing dirty deeds.

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    • http://diaryofarionataylor.com Ariona Taylor

      What about the picture of me and Rhianna giving lap dances to Eddie Long?


    • kalifa

      some of you all dig your a$$ like there are hidden jewels inside so stop pretending to be disgusted…. 😦

      ps: the dirtiest person on this list is KATY PERRY for allowing that russell brand to mount her daily….he looks like he hates bathing…..

  • It's Me

    nothing to be ashamed about white people dig in their azz and nose all the time. So gross as they will continue eating after pulling that cheese or taken out that booger!!!

  • Toni

    Some how I don’t think this smelly looking man cares who sees him digging in his butt thats what they do.

  • JayJay Growlings

    russel n kourtney were the worst offenders… never shakin their hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clarissa

    That’s what you get for worshipping them. In the federal workplace they planned to make employees share computers until OSHA test revealed that they tested positive for urine and feces lol especially the males work stations.

  • stinky

    I’ll do it for you Queen Bee.LoL

  • purplerose

    Follow me on twitter@ purplerose2121

  • Loli

    am sorry but Venus’s body looks like the body of of a hipo…..its like wierd looking…like she can step on it and crush the living hell out of you. She don’t need a man….she needs gotzilla!!!!

    • Effervesantly Me

      Do you know what a hippo even looks like

  • LatinaSabrosa1

    I would hate to be a celebrity alll eyesss on me!! No Bueno.

  • huh what ?!?!?!

    kfed and jwow arent celebrities. nice try though

  • utyy

    who is #10

    • BO CRUSH

      yea that is wat I want to know. It looks like Obama.

    • Allie

      My guess was janet jackson, but i could be wrong

    • superdevil

      I’m going with Janet too, its the short hair and the mole that gave it away.

    • Curious1

      # 10 being Janet Jackson..GTFOH…that doesn’t look anythng like JJ..

      Katy Perry’s Hubby has no Male Parts in the front…wow..just empty…nothing there…

  • Angee

    Cosign. That crap is gross

  • 7lady

    Why can’t I post anymore

  • Harvey

    Russel was too much! I can understand taking a wedge out but he’s digging inside for gold. Disgusting.

  • http://flameviewer.blogspot.com FIREFLAME

    flameviewer .blogspot. com

  • STAR


  • sweet_lies

    ok britney walking barefoot into the bathroom is THE WORST.

  • sweet_lies

    *public bathroom!

  • Ryda4life

    There are a lot of folks that like to fish & dont even know it!!

  • marii

    quit playin yall. every one picks their nose and digs for for booty gold from time to time and spits out icky stuff.
    smh at some of you guys…

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