Doing It Real B.I.G.: Large Men That Still Get Tons Of Love

- By Bossip Staff

This weekend marked the birthday of the Notorious B.I.G., one of the most legendary and beloved big men ever. In celebrating his b-day by listening to his classic albums, we remembered how fly he always was. This made us think about some other big men that kept their swag on even while they were packing on the pounds.

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  • BlackBeautyWeb

    From C.O. to rap superstar. Rick Ross is a genius!!

    • lola_uk

      just spotted another guy in the background with a bottle too! is this a new trend?

    • auto

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    • Salina

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  • It's Me

    Tupac baby…

  • Boondock Saint

    Large men with large bank accounts that get tons of love.


    • 92114

      Truer words haven’t been spoken. Rick RAWSS gets girls because he appears to have money. Same with Biggie — you think he would have pulled Faith Evans if he were just janitor Christopher Wallace?

  • huh

    UM…where the HECK is Heavy D??
    you have ‘the fat boys’ and not the overweight lover MC?

    Cuz for real, Hev was the ONLY big dude Ive ever seen who could get it. Bump an Officer Ricky.
    I saw Heavy D’s reggae vid, and homeboy still looks good.

    • tommykimon

      I know duh he’s the original overweight lover.

  • 0_o

    Scared of large men, they might suffocate me by accident.

  • genius

    how is B.I.G not on here? and how is forest whitaker considered fat?

  • christielove1468

    Rick Ross better be careful with his weight; remember Christopher”Big Pun”Rios? His demise was unfortunate and sad.

  • Skoop

    Dont know you was dreaming up a new trend, but f*&k it. These guys are unattractive. They are a hell to the no!

  • JaZzIe91

    Yea Rick Ross has confidence out of this world. But at the end of the day, he’s still fat… so… NEXT

  • tg

    @huh – you right. Heavy D definitely deserves a place in that category. He definitely received a lot of love from his fans because he did things for his fans, etc. to show his love BACK. And people appreciated that in him.

  • Nasi

    I remember how a lot of my girlfriends LOOOOVED Heavy D back in the day. Yeah, that overweight lover syndrome has some merit, especially if the dude has the swag and confidence to pull it off. I’m not a chubby chaser myself, but there’s some big boys who have that certain aura about them.


      Truth be told its not about size,Women are attracted to Fame and Money,pure and simple. That is why any dude,no matter fat or skinny,young or old,ugly or not can get smashed if he’s famous. Female celebrities on the other hand,are not afforded this luxury. There are not an army of dudes,lining up to smash unattractive femle celebrities,Real talk!

  • Atl_Finest

    I would never allow some obese sweaty azz nicca on me. They sweat on GP. I can’t even imagine how they must smell. Only niccas be in the gym are the gay ones. Women don’t care who they puck but gays like it toned when they bone.

  • Dre

    yeah the only thing these men really have in common is money..I don’t care how fat your wallet and bank account are, I’m not sexually attracted to your money, its all about the body. I’ll make my own money thank you, however mad props to girls that can do it.. I’de puke before they’de ever get to touch me, then it would be game over!!

  • BigSkYn

    Uhhhhm i think that shirt fab had on n tha pic wit ross is suppose to be a womens shirt!!!! lol…. idk could be wrong..

  • phatkat


  • Kenedy

    That picture of Fabolous is horrible….he needs some sense beaten into him…Emily, come get ur man!! I hope she’s not the one who styled him…smh

  • SoKali

    As a fan of big men I am dissappointed in the selection. Who is drooling over the Fat Boyz or Chris Farley. Eew!

  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    These guys are not attractive at all money will have some b**ches feenin like a mutha over a dude their money is their confidence just like that gremlin lil wayne that dude gets hoes because he has money my sister says ugly dudes with money be winning lol

  • Hmm...

    Fat Joe can get it!! Where is he?

  • Uh, Seriously???

    Who came up wit this nerdy @zz, whackalicious fat boy list? c’mon son!

  • http://google no thanks

    I don’t want no man wit tatas an big belly an a little peter, who slowly killing his self being obese

  • Booger Bear

    If men were judged by the same harsh physical standards as women, none of these guys would be famous.

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